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Season 1

13 Feb. 2010
Dead Man's Drop/Stumped
Kick and Gunther attempt to find a golden key inside cans of energy drink which will allow Kick to ride co-pilot with his idol, stuntman Billy Stumps, at a monster truck jump stunt.
13 Feb. 2010
If Books Could Kill/There Will Be Nachos
Kick and Gunther attempt to crash Brad's house party.
20 Feb. 2010
Kicked Out/Kick the Habit
Kick must go 24 hours without attempting any stunts or else he ends up in Military School for a year.
27 Feb. 2010
Knocked Out/Not Without My Cereal
It's all out war when Kick's fun-haven, The Gully, gets taken over by Brad.
6 Mar. 2010
Kickasaurus Wrecks/Battle for the 'Snax
A local football team owner asks Kick to be the half time entertainment.
13 Mar. 2010
Obsession: For Kick/Flush and Release
The new girl is becoming much more than just Kick's biggest fan.
20 Mar. 2010
Snowpocalypse/According to Chimp
Kick causes the bus to get trapped on a massive snow day.
27 Mar. 2010
Runaway Recital/Trike X-5
Kick is forced to practice piano when everyone's outside.
1 May 2010
Drop Kick/Box Office Blitz
Kick trains to become a wrestler to defeat his big brother's bullying.
8 May 2010
Those Who Camp, Do/Dog Gone
Kick vows to spend a night in the untamed wilderness.
15 May 2010
Dad's Car/The Treasure of Dead Man Dave
Dad's Car: Kick and Brad are watching their dad's prized car, "Monique." While playing around, Kick sees a scratch on the passenger side door, Brad immediately puts blame on Kick. Desperate to stay out of trouble, Kick along with Wade tries to fix it themselves, while Gunther keeps Dad and Brad occupied. The Treasure of Dead Man Dave: In a class report, Kick chooses one of his heroes, Dead Man Dave, as the subject. The wild and crazy tales of seeking a treasured lost skateboard, are not believed by his classmates or the teacher. Kick and Gunther set out on a funny ...
22 May 2010
For the Love of Gunther/Father from the Truth
In "For the Love of Gunther," Gunther falls in love with Kick's biggest fan Wacky Jackie just as Kick is preparing a jump at Widowmaker's Peak. To distract Jackie's affections from him, Kick tries to make Gunther act just like him, which proves to be more successful than he expects when Gunther vows to replace Kick at the stunt. In "Father from the Truth," Kick fears his father might embarrass when he brings him to his school's "Bring Your Dad to School Day," so he tries to bring a substitute that he thinks will meet his standards of "extreme."
21 Jun. 2010
Exposed!/Wade Against the Machine
Kick loses his helmet and fears he's lost his identity with it.
21 Jun. 2010
Mellowbrook Drift/The Gift of Wacky
Kick challenges a rival street racing crew in a winner-takes-all race.
9 Aug. 2010
Things That Make You Go Boom!/Kyle Be Back
Kick battles Brad to win a radio station scavenger hunt.
2 Oct. 2010
Rank of Awesome/A Very Buttowski Mother's Day
Kick strives to reach the #1 spot on a website that ranks awesome videos.
23 Oct. 2010
Abandon Friendship!/Braking the Grade
Kick and Gunther must find new best friends.
30 Oct. 2010
Dancing with the Enemy/Tattler's Tale
Kick is paired with his nemesis in a school dancing competition.
6 Nov. 2010
Morning Rush/A Fistful of Ice Cream
Kick must complete two months of homework assignments on the way to school.
25 Nov. 2010
Frame Story/And... Action!
Kick is blamed for a crime he didn't commit.

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