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6 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

Truly Awful

Author: mcleodmackenzie from London
4 November 2011

Without question the worst movie I've seen this year. I'm actually angry that i wasted an hour of my life before switching off. I didn't think much of Taylor as an actor before this film and nothing has changed in that respect. However he was not the worst aspect of this movie. That award would go jointly to the script writers and director, who frankly should be rounded up and shot. (Actually that would be too quick, they should be forced to sit down and watch this film on loop until they want to kill themselves, doubt any would make it past the 3 hour mark before tearing out their own eyes!) A special mention should also go to the producers, who have managed to spend $35000000 on a film with all the production value of a hallmark TV movie, good effort guys!!!


(Or buy as Christmas present on DVD for the person you hate most in the world)

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6 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

Awful, just awful

Author: kram_mirjana3 from Sweden
4 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is truly an awful movie. I haven't even seen it all but I just had to write about this crappy movie. What a shame that some of the actors in this movie who's actually good actors otherwise, even considered being in this awful, awful movie.

This text may contatin spoiler!

It is truly anticipated that Taylor has to take of his shirt and show his abs in every movie. What is this? It's not like we're Mormons, we actually see abs once in a while and don't have to see THIS godforsaken boy's abs in EVERY movie he's in.

Before Taylor laid in the grass shirtless, he was at a party and runs in to Lily/Karen and then we see the most awful scene in the movie, Lily start's to whisper something in her boyfriend ears.

I'm like, who does THAT? Starts to whisper something to someone at a party right in front of someone. After that scene, the writers/producers set the bar pretty low for this movie.

Taylor/Nathan took his "parents" death pretty good considering that his goal seems to be doing Lily/Karen on the train and lay with her in the woods, Just like R-Pats in Twilight with "his Karen".

That is just one reason among ten of thousands of others that this movie should be annulled.

If all the hormonal teenagers would stop adoring Taylor, R-pats, Justin Beiber and many more, we'd actually had good actors in movies like this and people winning awards for their talent, and not because teenagers start to dry hump a chair as soon as they hear their name.

The only thing that has been abducted was the 106 minutes of your life, after watching this movie.

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6 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

A terrible film

Author: laffnj from Australia
5 October 2011

Abduction, the new Taylor Lautner thriller does absolutely nothing to impress. the 'hunky' Taylor does nothing to lift this film from where it is, this film gives you the feeling that Taylor had been chosen for the lead (Nathan) because of his looks rather then his acting skills. it is probably his worst performance yet. At first, the film seems like a rip off from the Bourne identity but as it goes on and the twists are uncovered, that this high school kid, is suddenly on the run and is told that he cant trust anybody, not even the CIA in which he is in contact with. The story moves way to fast and doesn't give enough information to really enjoy this so called thriller. This movie is without question a letdown in all aspects. Terrible script, even worse acting. It is an all round bust.

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7 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

A very poor film, don't know why I watched it..

Author: user3742 from United Kingdom
2 January 2012

This is a film in the mold of Paycheck - it is as if the writers, directors, actors, in fact everyone involved had never seen anything in real life. It is full of cliché, Americana and pointless macho jingoistic rubbish. Some of the more famous members of the cast must have really had nothing better to do and just taken the money and tried not to worry about being involved.

I think there must be an emerging genre for this kind of film although I don't know what it is, yet. At least with most genuinely bad films at some point someone thought they were making something good. This film feels like it has been made from money, committees, focus groups, product placement and famous names - no actual care or value in it at all.

Really don't bother watching this film, definitely don't pay any money to see it, and as one other reviewer urges don't waste your bandwidth on it.

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7 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

Expecting and getting is far away from each other

Author: sputnik29 from Zürich
2 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The trailer awakes expectations which were definitely not satisfied.

The story is assumable, simple "constructed" and far from reality or authentic...

Bourne Identity I-III has similar background, that the main character discovers his true past combined with a story, which most people would believe and it feels real.

This movie presents nothing.

The starting was surprising, the mother fought like Bruce Lee :) Then - after short time - it became hard to follow the story because the main plot is diffuse. Many scenes with acting but without a message. Some examples of scenes perfect for cut:

in a hospital, were they prevent showing faces into the cameras by balloons...when they reach the car, they show themselves in a provoking way and "funny" statement - unnecessary scene;

the lady was supposed to be dead, OK she appears later again;

the friend who organizes tickets, stuff and so on by receiving order via mobile, didn't they (CIA) check it like in other parts (cemetery, even camera everywhere)?

the scene in the train: one bad guy was watching behind the in Halloween one of the worst scenes was (also in the train), how he broke the glasses of a bad guy and also threw him out of the train...I think a bad idol for kids, who believe that Nathan is/should be the hero

the end: real daddy helped suddenly, the lady appeared and became new mama of Nathan ;)

my conclusion is: a movie which is not necessary

I just remember some stupid scenes and kept almost nothing, because I was not fascinated - disappointed instead

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7 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

Don't Even Bother Waiting For The DVD

Author: Ram Rengachari from Singapore
29 September 2011

We've heard comparisons between Taylor Lautner and Matt Damon, which is frankly an insult to the latter.

Lautner may be a staple in the action genre in years to come but right now, the comparisons are premature. His performance is stoic at times, which is a problem that permeates through the rest of the cast. None of them except Lily Colins provide a convincing performance, which says a lot because the young actress isn't any good herself.

I won't even bother typing a synopsis here because you probably won't understand the film even after the end credits start rolling. The storyline is all over the place. The directing is terrible. The camera angles confuse you on many occasions.

The movie is riddled with scenes and sequences that seem to be ripped off other well known films like Death Proof, Disturbia and maybe even the Bourne series.

I felt like the movie came across unintentionally as a satire but I assure you the movie is a serious action flick that just fails to be... serious.

I really don't know what else to say apart from "this movie sucks!"

Yes, I used a cliché line to review a movie. But Abduction doesn't merit any further analysis. How it even got shown on the big screen is beyond me.

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9 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

Abduction should be kidnapped from cinematic distribution...

Author: the_rattlesnake25 from Sheffield, UK
8 October 2011

Two decades ago John Singleton wrote and directed the Oscar nominated 'Boys n the Hood,' and a mere six years after his last feature was released, he has returned with what can only described as a terribly generic action thriller. 'Abduction' brings together deplorable acting, a terrible script and an unoriginal idea which is executed poorly. Viewing this film is the cinematic equivalent of watching a car crash in slow-motion, the audience observes the disaster and devastation unfold on-screen, but the only way for them to avoid this horrifying event is to simply vacate their theatre seat and approach the box office for a welcome refund on the admission price of their ticket.

Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner) is your typical teenage boy, but when he is paired with his long-time crush Karen (Lily Collins) on a sociology project, his life begins to unravel as they find his picture on a missing children's website. Nathan and Karen are left to fend for themselves as they find themselves in the cross-hairs of a major Eastern European criminal, whilst they must also decide whether or not to trust the CIA operative Frank Burton (Alfred Molina) who insists that he is there to help the young couple. What follows is an hour and a half of action sequences involving a teenage boy who not only manages to outsmart many experienced villains, but also the Central Intelligence Agency.

Generic, conventionalised, and unoriginal, are just a few words to describe the narrative of 'Abduction,' it's incredibly surprising that Shawn Christensen's script was sold to Lionsgate for an estimated one million dollars due to its preposterous and unintentionally hilarious nature. One particularly terrible scene takes place just after Nathan's 'parents' (Jason Isaacs, Maria Bello) have been murdered, as an injured henchman tells the young couple; "I'm not going to die here…there's a bomb in the oven." Seconds later, they reach the oven which contains the stereotypical bomb with visible timer before the house is blown into smithereens. While this is just one of many examples, to give Mr Christensen his dues, it is not always the script that sends the film into an infinite hallway of absurdity. Lautner's performance also readily helps this aspect along.

The young 'Twilight' star has so far unfortunately only developed two facial expressions, one which displays his tight-lipped macho bravado and the other is a wide-eyed smile. This is most evident in the scene briefly after they have avoided the bomb in the oven as CIA operative Frank Burton contacts the young man. Asking how he is feeling after he has just watched his parents being murdered, his expression doesn't change as he nonchalantly mentions that he is OK. Expressions, emotions and acting in general seem to have been excluded from Singleton's reasoning during the direction of this film, because even the experienced Alfred Molina, Maria Bello, and Sigourney Weaver are shown to be seemingly 'phoning-in' performances as they no doubt realised what kind of production they had unfortunately become a part of.

'Abduction' should be a film which is written about and praised alongside the likes of 'Airplane!' and 'Young Frankenstein,' because it is the perfect spoof of the action-thriller genre, encompassing every single cliché together with a laughable script and incredibly dubious acting, yet the sad thing is, this film is not a parody, but it is instead entirely serious motion picture. John Singleton's latest offering does leave the audience pondering one of life's most difficult questions however: why was this film commissioned for theatrical distribution?

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10 out of 19 people found the following review useful:

Was not a good movie, like, at all!

Author: bcrewe-1 from Canada
28 September 2011

I just went to see this film, I was actually excited about this movie at first, and in all honestly, It was a very fun movie. But OMG, Taylor Lautner is one of the wort actors I have ever seen. He (In my opinion) Is no where near ready to Hold up a movie in the position of a leading roll. I get that his recent popularity Is what most people are going to see, but come on...... What 16 year old kid can take down a bunch of CIA People, oh wait, Taylor Lautner can. The story was very unrealistic. Not at all what I had hoped for. I will say that Lily Collins did a pretty good job In the film though, I expect great things out of her. But I just cant get over Taylor Lautner. If you want to go see a film that emphasize on seeing him ripped and many situations where his body is shown off, then this film may be for you. But I expect more out of a film, There are so many good actors out there that could have done a much better job, They may not be the 'Sex Symbol" that comes with Taylor, but at least they can act. He is a Steven Seagal in the making.

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The 80's Did the Teen Spy Flicks Better

Author: J_Brian from United States
7 July 2016

My review will be short and sweet:

Little Nikita (1988), starring 80's heartthrob River Phoenix, did the whole "kid discovers his parents are spies" thing much better. And River didn't see the need to take his shirt off every 5 minutes to distract you from the fact that he can't act... because he actually could.

And for another "teenager gets caught up in spy stuff" movie, check out Gotcha! (1985) with Anthony Edwards from Revenge of the Nerds and ER.

The 80's did spy movies much better. I'm pretty sure that's because we had lots of inspiration due to the Cold War.

Was the above review useful to you?

Missing person

Author: Prismark10 from United Kingdom
7 April 2016

A change of pace from gritty urban director John Singleton who tries to go for a Hitchcock type thriller with a teen audience in mind. Singleton in the past directed a Fast and Furious sequel so he has a previous in this type of movies.

Taylor Lautner is a teenage High school kid who whilst working on an assignment discovers a photo of him as a kid on a missing person's website. He realises that people looking after him are not his real parents and that he is a missing person. When he and his girlfriend, Lily Collins delve into it more, they suddenly find that his supposed parents are attacked and killed by ruthless Russian agents. Lautner and Collins find themselves on the run with few people they can trust.

Lautner discovers that the childhood memories which always haunted him were true and that his real mother was attacked and killed. His real father is a high level secret agent that the bad guys want to smoke out as he has access to a list of rogue agents. The couple raising him were also agents who wanted to protect him. Therefore they raised him to fight and have survival skills in case it were needed one day.

Veteran actors such as Alfred Molina and Sigourney Weaver drop by as people who might help or hinder the runaway pair.

Abduction is an efficient action thriller with a corny script. Lautner does well enough with the action scenes and he seems to be doing a lot of his own stunts. He is let down by his dramatic acting, not helped by being saddled with poor lines. However I have noticed that he seems to come across a lot better in comedy subsequent comedy roles. Collins is there as eye candy only and Singleton handles the action scenes well and keeps the tension going but the movie is never more than average.

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