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Reviews & Ratings for
Abduction More at IMDbPro »

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6 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

Wow, in a bad way.

Author: mayuhito from Oklahoma
30 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay let me start off. I'm not a huge fan of any of the actors in this movie. Never really got into the whole Twilight think but I have no prejudice against a movie he plays in. I watched this movie because the commercials had looked interesting enough to me. But boy was I wrong. First off this movie was very high speed. To fast in fact that I could care less for anything that happened to the main character. First he finds his picture on a false lost and found site, then explosions everything blows up literally. He watches his fake parents die before his eyes,and he only shields two tears when he wakes from a dream,after that he pretty much disowns them calling them by first name and appearing emotionless. Then a character that should have died lives some how. This was just so unrealistic and bland that even the fighting couldn't save it. This seemed like an entire show was made just so you could catch sight of muscles. At the end all I could do was face palm and shake my head in disgust.

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6 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

Messy, non-sense making "movie"

Author: hthbrr2 from United States
27 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


I wanted to watch this movie just out of sheer boredom. I thought to myself; "How bad could it be?" It was so bad that after I was done watching it my head was spinning with confusion.

The reason I was so confused was because I did not know what I had just watched. I had hoped it would be a fun movie AT LEAST; comedy, action, romance. But it was instead a mishmash of nonsense. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING made sense in this movie; the setup, the character motivations, the characters themselves, the time frame, the "plot" "twists", the ending.

So the setup is that this guy is not sure if his parents are his real parents. Is this guy stupid!? He looks NOTHING like EITHER of them! Wow! His skin is darker than them too! And what a cheap way for him to happen upon this website that shows him he was adopted. It was a class assignment! Wow!

Now to the character motivations. So these two adoptive parents spent THEIR WHOLE LIVES to kept this kid secret so that some list would not get out? They died for that? And this guy who was adopted what does he care? His fake parents are loving, and he is living a great life!

Now the characters themselves. How in the HELL can this adopted guy NOT have the CONFIDENCE to talk to this uni-browed girl? He is beyond in- shape, happy, social, on teams, etc... But he is "awkward" with the ladies? Huh? And what's so special about this girl? Also when they killed his adoptive parents how did no one come to help? This seems like a wealthy neighborhood. They have NO security!? NO ONE cares? You'd think that TWO CIA agents would invest in SOME kind of security. They raised this kid! They have had just about TWO DECADES to prepare for this. But did they? No. None of these people make sense.

Time frame: this movie, after the adoptive parents are killed, seems to take place in two days. They sleep near some river then the rest of the movie takes place in daylight. During the credits we see the guy and the girl limping off into the sunset. OK... so, they ran away to a hospital, then went to some house, then on a train - going where? It's never really explained. Then it's like noon in the stadium, they run around and suddenly a couple of HOURS have passed. Can't be more than an hour. Not much occurs as the whole thing was a chase then a small convo, so it's fast.

Now to the so called "plot" "twists." I put them in quotations since there really is no plot for this movie. Check the summary on IMDb it just DESCRIBES the first half of the movie! All that happens in this movie is that it jumps from one insane thing to another. First we think this guy is a daredevil. Next we see he is a drunk. Next we are told he can't talk to girls. Now we are led to believe he is a nice guy. Then he becomes a target for a worldwide conspiracy. He could not even defeat his adoptive father but now we must believe he can kick @$$ and take names. Earlier in the movie the girl tells the guy that she is not doing all the work for the group project. Meaning he is a stupid slacker, but we are next to believe that he is a master of mind games and ruffing it. We are to believe that he can outwit and outrun: the CIA, the police, professional hit men, and a group of hackers. Throughout the movie we are led to believe that the world is against this boy. Yet the end wraps up so nicely that you are left saying WTF!? So this ONE guy is the only corruption? Umm, what? So they just take him away at the end? No handcuffs even?

It really seems as if the writers wrote the movie AS they were shooting it. In this age of twitter, exclusives, scoops, gossip mags, leaks, and paparazzi were the creators worried that the plot might leak so they wrote it as they went!? Or were they just lazy? Because if you were to watch the movie again NONE of what happened will make sense. I would like to re-watch the movie to make sure. But the acting was so HORRIBLE that it's not even worth it!

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Eye-poppingly terrible

Author: Leofwine_draca from United Kingdom
17 January 2014

Conceived as an action vehicle for TWILIGHT star Taylor Lautner, ABDUCTION is an absolutely terrible film from start to finish; I mean, this goes beyond mere bad to become eye-poppingly, gratuitously awful. It's truly one of the worst films I've seen recently and the worst Hollywood picture of 2011.

The extraordinarily wooden Lautner - an actor who fails to invest his character with any humour, charisma, or intelligence - plays a kid who's wanted by the government for some reason or another. Pretty soon (but not soon enough), assassins show up on his tail, but unfortunately for the viewer they don't kill him. Instead, we have to put up with an endless chase format, with faceless and uninteresting bad guys chasing an equally uninteresting hero and his vapid girlfriend.

It's hard to choose the worst thing about this film; whether it's the stultifying dialogue (the script was written by a kid and for some unfathomable reason had no rewrites), the terrible acting or the insipid direction. It's quite a surprise to see some of the famous faces turning up at the trough for their paycheques; Alfred Molina should know better, but at least Jason Isaacs and Mario Bello have the grace to give the only semi-decent performances in the entire thing. Michael Nydvist plays yet ANOTHER stock villain (after MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL), but most disappointing of the lot is Sigourney Weaver. How far she has fallen!

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Tries to be mind-boggling and exciting, but fails on all fronts.

Author: Alex G
20 October 2013

To start this review right, I've got to tell you-- I hated this movie. Surprisingly, it wasn't Taylor Lautner that ruined it, but of course he was a part of it.

Let's start by talking about Lautner. He's definitely a good stuntman, but beyond that... he's just boring. The only thing he can do is overact, or not act at all. He's either stoic and unfeeling, or crying for no reason. His character is a blank slate, that remains a black slate. Within the first 5 minutes he resorts to being shirtless.

The lines aren't badly delivered, they're just bad.

Cliché count:

"How do you know my name" 3 times

"Trust has to be earned" 2 times "Kids.../Teenagers..." 3 times

The rest of the non-cliché dialogs is just bad, kind of like The Room, but with a larger budget. Lines like "Can I take a shower" or "Your baby shirt!" are always a laugh. The camera work is atrocious, I'd argue it's worse than the Hunger Games camera. In action scenes, the camera continuously cuts and takes shots from random angles. No shot can stay in the same spot for more than 3 seconds. It just pulls you out of the moment. When the scene is slow, the camera has to zoom in and out for no reason whatsoever.

The characters, like a said, are just awful. They take no time to develop them, because they movie is too busy trying to explain its stupidly overly complex plot to a group of preteens who likely just want to see Lautner fight ninjas shirtless. The main characters share no chemistry, and everyone else acts like more of a robot than Taylor does. Many things remain unexplored, and the main characters never seem to react to the fact that their lives have been torn apart. We get to the end, and they expect us to believe that non of these characters have been changed or scarred.

It's all just BS. People may say the action is good, but in reality, it isn't the movie doesn't try and does all it can to pull viewers in with nothing more than Taylor Laughter and guns.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Off to a good start

Author: kosmasp
10 March 2012

I did like how the movie started off. With the "rascal" Lautner (his character) and the mystery surrounding him. You get the wildest ideas (especially if you haven't heard about the story) where this might go. But as you may already know it gets pretty bog-standard after that. Lautner does his action-shtick and Singleton seems to do a for hire job after all.

The clichés keep mounting up and the action scenes keep on coming (not that it makes much sense). Someone like Jason Isaacs might have been able to ground the whole thing, if they'd let him (but they got other ideas for him). Mostly for Lautner fans and people who like simple action entertainment

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Loved it

Author: truehimself-471-468782
13 January 2013

Well, if are like most people, you're not going to like this movie. Obviously, I am different from most people. I had a blast. Do I have lower standards? Hell no! I find 9 out of every 10 American films too boring to watch.

The only hook I that can actually make me watch a movie is superb acting or great action, preferably both. I rarely find a movie thrilling, but for me this one was all the way. I love the edge-of-your-seat drama-action type movies or shows like 24, The Event, Nikita and this was an endless thrill ride. No, there were no Oscar winning performances, but the performances given wee just fine, thank you very much.

I saw many of those high budget that were rated higher than 8, including The Avengers, and enjoyed this one so much more. Story line was elaborate, unpredictable, plenty of initial mystery and the action was non stop. If you are looking for heart felt performances go elsewhere. If you want to have a 2 hour adrenaline pumping experience in a well done action flick, look no further. It totally did it for me (as a comparison I almost fell asleep at The Avengers)

One more thing, some people do not enjoy fast paced sequences, or intense action and this kind of people will naturally evaluate a movie based on the acting or other things, and I don't blame them for it.

Viewers who can easily get into high action, will enjoy an action/drama movie provided the acting and storyline were decent. The acting in Abduction was more than reasonable for me. Certainly, good enough for me to enjoy the entire movie. This is not Jackie Chan type acting, but a rather dramatic style acting and VERY believable in my opinion. In fact, Taylor Launter did a fine job portraying exactly the type of character he was supposed to be portraying. I really enjoyed the constant thrill which started in the first few moments and only built up much more as the movie went along.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Actually really nice movie, not enough credit

Author: Eskil Tester from Netherlands
4 January 2013

I have read all reviews here and as usual on IMDb am shocked how negative many people are about many titles. Again about this movie, it is actually a nice decent, action movie, starting out with some pretty nice teen drama.

The problem on IMDb is that many folks have no idea what they are talking about and bash flicks for all the wrong reasons. If you like honest movies, with nice drama, decent action scene's, pretty good story telling, don't miss out on this movie.

acting of lead characters is enjoyable and actually pretty good. Don't miss out on this movie or many others, just because a few people rate it low and bash it. as usual i like a movie which was rated very low, and afterwards thought, damn those critics on IMDb really suck most of the time.

Be your own judge, and enjoy a nice flick like this :)

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Watchable pulp.

Author: The Backseat Director from United Kingdom
9 March 2012

Taylor Lautner goes all out to prove he can carry a movie.

Shrugging off the wooden dialogue, questionable underlying philosophies and the miserable Kristen Stewart is certainly a step in the right direction! One thing he doesn't seem too great at, though, is carrying his rather bulky frame. He hulks where most would walk, and there's actually something about his gait that reminds me of a particular gentleman in my old gym who seemed to spend more time working on his quads than he did walking on them.

Still, what would Taylor be without his hulking bulk…

Nice to see Hollywood still like their identikit female companion to run holding hands, scream at the bad guys, hand Jacob (whoops, Nathan) weapons on cue, kiss-and-hold in the quiet moments, and ask that all important question: "are we going to die, Nathan?"

Surrounding them are the appropriately menacing Russian bad guys, inept and untrustworthy CIA agents and Little Miss "I'll do a small cameo for a big cheque" Weaver. At times, CIA chief Alfred Molina tries his hardest to channel Tommy Lee Jones' Fugitive lawman, but doesn't quite manage to be the put-upon man of experience.

The story is a dippy mish-mash of the action-thriller genre and certainly doesn't give you any of those 'oh hell' moments that these films really need to make your heart beat fast.

Abduction is just about good enough to make sure Taylor will get another crack at leading man; just next time, maybe try a couple more topless shots, son.

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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Not Good

Author: bootucci from Atlanta, Georiga
12 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First off the movie starts with Nathan(Taylor Lautner) is sitting on the front of a car, going at least 80 M.P.H. The police doesn't see them, nope keep driving like you were. They go to a party, get drunk, and fall asleep on their yard, that's fine, sure. Next he has his shirt off laying there, but he's the only one.

Nathan goes to his house, his dad is happily standing there to fight him! So this goes on for at least 20 min. His mom comes out, just standing there while his father beats the crap out of him.

It goes on when he finds his name on a missing person's website. So he has to get away from the bad guys, until the people are gone.

At the end of this horrible film, everyone dies in his family, his fake mom and dad, real mom dies, and doesn't even know his real dad.

I can't wait until some of the other films this year comes out. If I were any of you I recommend you save your money for a better movie.

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5 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Warning - You are about to lose 2 hours of your life...

Author: elliot-barraford from United States
28 September 2012

I can't remember a move this terrible in the entirety of my life. Sometimes there are movies so bad that they're funny - this is not one of them. It's frustratingly bad because they're trying so hard to be serious.

The writing is horrendous, but not because it's bad (which it is, very much so) but because it's a collage. Every scrap of this movie is an idea cut out from another movie, then acted out poorly. Lets go through some of the list:

Contemplative while sitting at a desk scene- Check. Cute girl flirts with unattractive guy to gain access- Check. Mysterious aiding character - Check Nobody can be trusted- Check. Unfulfilled sexual attraction (with non-developed character relationship) - Check

Then you can add insane character decisions due to the unskilled writers. At one point, a character has a gun, pointed at another person holding a gun, and guess what he does? Fire the gun ? Wrong. Instead of pulling a trigger this experienced armsman decides to do a flying tackle over a counter. Good move, looks like all of that target practice paid off. Did I mention he was visibly holding the gun while tackling the 'bad guy'? Be careful, you might accidentally shoot him...

Lautner may become a leading man one day, and this movie may have been good practice, but he's definitely not ready yet.

This goes for both leading actors. Instead of actors trying to be characters, it's as if they are trying to be actors they've seen - play that part of the movie, in that other movie, that one time.

Do NOT watch this movie. I hate myself for making that decision. Don't fall victim.

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