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Before Weston arrives at Green Point Stadium the stadium shows no activity. A few seconds later when he arrives there is suddenly a soccer match on and thousands of people around.
When the two senior CIA agents are flying from Langley to South Africa they are shown in a Falcon 900 (Tri-Jet) in the air but they arrive in a Gulfstream.
When Frost tries to escape his pursuers by cutting through the food stall arcade the shirt he's wearing changes colour from grey to blue, then back to grey, then blue, then grey.
When a shot is fired through the windscreen of the Jaguar it leaves a hole and blood stain. A zoomed out view of the car shows an intact windscreen before showing it with the bullet hole again.
At the end of the film an exterior shot of the British House of Commons is followed by an interior of a completely different assembly then another exterior shot of the House.
Frost arrives alone to Langa (to meet Carlos Villar), but two people get out of his car. One on each side.
When Wade and Frost crash after being hit by a black S.U.V. the road that they are pushed into is in full shade. Yet when their pursuers reach the crash site the road is in full sunlight and the positions of all three vehicles have changed.
In the shootout scene amongst the shipping containers, when Matt Weston jumps out of his truck and fires his first shot, the slide locks back on his gun, showing either a malfunction or that it's empty. Yet a moment later, he's shooting again.
Post stadium scene, after a foot chase and shootout, Frost places his gun against Weston's left ear as Weston is slumped in an alley. Frost fires his pistol beside Weston's ear into the brick wall behind him, presumably rupturing his eardrum as Weston slumps over and cusps it. Later in a restroom, Weston is treating his wounds and bleeding eardrum, but it's his right ear.
During the chase with Frost in the boot Weston gets a cut in the face. It starts on his right cheek horizontally and switches to his left cheek vertically and back several times.
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Crew or equipment visible 

During the fight scene outside with Keller and Westin, you can see someone walk past them.

Errors in geography 

The US Consulate is not in the CBD of Cape Town. It is actually in Tokai, 27km by road from where it is shown in the movie.
There is no train station right by the Cape Town Stadium.
Swartkops Air Force Base is not situated in Johannesburg, it is in Pretoria, 50km North of Johannesburg
When CIA agents Catherine Linklater and David Barlow lands in South Africa it says Swartkop Air force base Johannesburg, but Swartkop Air force base is actual in Pretoria East.
During the car chase to the consulate, Linklater says he is on Albert Road in Woodstock. Aerial shots back this up, but seconds later a gunfight ensues around a traffic circle back in the CBD, about 7km away from Albert Road.
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Factual errors 

When Weston enters the safe house for the first time he opens the fridge and there is a stock supply of O positive blood. If this is for transfusion in an emergency then O negative is the universal donor.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.


When Linklater pulls up behind Barlow, the driver's door on Barlow's vehicle is open, and when we see him from the passenger side, it is open. But after he shoots Linklater, we see from the outside again that the door is closed.

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