Contagion (2011) Poster


Plot Keywords

virus hong kong
infection doctor
vaccine disease
contagion scientist
world health organization airport
panic race against time
quarantine outbreak
contagion spread syringe
plague dvd
reference to godzilla fema
reference to king kong fiance
marital infidelity reference to frankenstein
pork chinese food
adulteress laundromat
military nurse
funeral home chef
riot protest
deception hotel
thanksgiving admiral
press conference fire
parking garage national guard
helicopter soldier
ambulance janitor
blockade internet
no title at beginning no opening credits
gas mask hazmat suit
supermarket news report
cure media coverage
father son relationship mother daughter relationship
mother son relationship extramarital affair
airplane bar
apartment investigation
boyfriend girlfriend relationship family relationships
stepfather stepson relationship held at gunpoint
hostage pistol
rifle snow
baseball stadium train
train station shopping mall
restaurant government agent
undercover wearing a sound wire
australian blog
conspiracy theorist text messaging
cell phone ferry
bus dead woman with eyes open
death of expectant mother hospital
coughing map
husband wife relationship paranoia
manipulation body bag
pharmacy mass grave
lottery blindfolded
laboratory father daughter relationship
prom camera
masked man murder
pig bat
london england geneva switzerland
character repeating someone else's dialogue news conference
injection village
kidnapping subtitled scene
minneapolis minnesota reference to twitter
reference to facebook biohazard
blogger journalist
american abroad san francisco california
death of pregnant woman corpse
autopsy dread
fear home invasion
looting double barreled shotgun
immunity casino
flashback surveillance footage
character's point of view camera shot hit by a truck
death of loved one death of stepson
death seizure
foaming at the mouth u.s. department of homeland security
atlanta georgia chicago illinois
infidelity ensemble cast
nonlinear timeline terminal illness
searching for cure saving the world
pandemic one word title
mutation medical research
infectious disease humanity in peril
epidemic disaster film
death of wife center for disease control
death of child

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