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Good Storyline, if incredibly pro-Christian and unrealistic

Author: sukhoi-pakfa from Hong Kong
29 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The absence of other faiths in the series has lead me and other viewers of the show to wonder where are the mythical creatures, and naturally the gods of other major religions. Granted ones like Kali, Ganesha, Mercury, Odin etc etc.

In this episode there is a meeting of the gods, and there is a realistic problem that threatens the world that they all share. Which is not really very realistic. Where in Christianity, Earth is the main "playing field" of the religion, in Hinduism and other religions, the entire universe is part of the religion. The episode is unrealistic.

However, even as a Christian, I find this episode uncouth as Lucifer so easily kills of Odin, Kali, Ganesha and the others. According to other religions, Kali is death.. she is the destroyer of worlds. Compared to her, Lucifer is merely a child having a tantrum, and yet Lucifer brushes them away with a mere whoosh of his hand. Odin himself is just another word for THE God. The leader of Gods, while all other gods are subordinate, Odin is the God, like Bhrama in Hinduism or God in Christianity.

Lucifer should have had demons and still have had it difficult to merely banish the gods. It would have made a better episode if he had banished Kali and the other gods fled in fear.

However, all in all aside from the evident imperialism and colonialism and the fact that Kali should have been right all along, it was a good episode.. with EXCELLENT acting from Gabriel and Lucifer was genuinely HATABLE where he had been relatively sympathetic throughout the rest. I know loads of people who were liking Lucifer as a character in the series whose opinions of him were turned around in this one episode

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the worst episode so far

Author: sohamm from Germany
1 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really love Supernatural, and I was yet very happy with the story lines and ideas, but this episode is totally crappy. I'm an atheist myself but where does the idea come from that all other but Christian figures are primitive cannibals? Why does one Asian-looking god speak in an Asian language, but Thor, the Nordic god is a biker from the US? Why doesn't he speak Norwegian? Why would all other gods be primitive morons, and only the Christian angels and demons are the real thing? And if you would assume it to be so, why would those oh so powerful angels and demons let those primitive worm-gods stay alive for so long, if they have the power to snip them away in a second? This episode was such a disappointment really. Totally pro-Christian and arrogant towards anything else. The way the other gods were displayed showed that the writers seem to be those kind of ignorant and uninformed writers/producers I really don't like. Ganesh is not a halfwit cannibal, he is the god of wisdom, poetry and science, ( just to mention one example) so why on earth should he be aggressive and spent all his day waiting for his next dead human body dinner? Please, you writers, do some more research and don't ruin this really good series with such crap!

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Disrespectful and a wasted opportunity.

Author: Tricia Nguyen
24 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As an atheist, I found this episode somewhat offensive. Sure, Lucifer is a powerful figure when it comes to Christianity, but not always among other religions. The death of some of the pagan gods he killed was understandable, especially if they were part of dying religions. However, it doesn't really make sense how none of the gods stood the slightest chance against Lucifer. Obviously, Christianity is a huge theme of the show, but I felt like the writers were saying that it's the best religion or something by making other religions' gods seem weaker. I'm glad they included the pagan gods at all, but this episode could've been better.

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As we say in the UK, are you having a laugh?

Author: Nilesh Korea from London
28 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love Supernatural. Generally it is well written, witty and dark in equal measures. However, what were they thinking when they released this god awful episode? To portray Gods from other major beliefs as pagan, uncivilised cannibals, is not only ignorant, but deeply insulting to those other religions and the viewer. As someone mentioned earlier, Kali is the destroyer of worlds. She could cough and Lucifer would become a pile of dust. Ganesh is a Hindu god. Couldn't they at least find an Indian guy to play him? Probably not, some people respect their religions too much. The same goes for the Buddha who was Indian not Asian. Also where were Zeus, Mars, Hades, and Shiva. If Loki was meant to be there, where was Thor? Kali said there are a billion of them. What she meant is that Hinduism has a billion gods (representing all the aspects of being). A billion plus gods against Lucifer, I'll take those odds. I understand that there are no images of the Islamic god, but could you imagine what would happen to the studio if they dare insult Islam in anyway? I see they just picked on the religions that are the most accepting. Obviously it is just a show at the end of the day but the writers do need to realise that they just encourage further ignorance. Can we stop insulting each other's beliefs for ratings please?

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''Time to grow up " - A loyalty lesson from Gabriel

Author: Andix CastielFX from Romania
11 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Dad loved you best. More than Michael. More than me. And then he brought the new baby home and you couldn't handle it."

Greatest acting performance of all the Supernatural episodes was in this one . What can i say ,Gabriel's speech was awesome .He wasn't a demon , but he read Lucifer's mind since he disobeyed .He didn't want to kill his brother , even if he could .

Just my opinion , but i think he could kill Lucifer easy .He could trap him or help Dean and Sam lock him . But no , he rather learn Lucifer an loyalty lesson and die . And he did , but not until he was sure that he can prove to his brother that he's wrong what did he do ? He gave humanity hope . He gave Sam and Dean a test ( gathering the 4 rings ) .

what happened next ? You'll see .

P.S Richard Speight Jr. is a real actor ,he deserves more than 4 episodes on a great series .

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Ignorance is bliss

Author: nirmal-chandramohan from India
14 August 2012

Just because the Aztecs and Incas made human sacrifices for their gods, it doesn't mean every ancient religion did it. To portray , even if it is just a fictitious show, the gods of a mostly vegetarian people as human meat loving beasts was plain rude. Just because we don't go ultra violent and blow up stuff in response to offensive contents like these, doesn't mean we are okay with it. Other than the typical western ignorance and condescension to anything they don't understand, the episode was okay. Jensen (the primary reason to watch this show)was at his witty best as usual and the actor playing Gabriel seems to stand out from the rest of the amateurs. For a show produced by McG they ve got some sucky visual effects, and because of that the combat scenes don't quite come off.

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can't stop hating this episode

Author: Swathi Revankar from India
14 September 2013

Really moronic for you guys to insult Hindu gods and other oriental traditions. It must be known that Maa Kali can blow your Lucifer into the size of an ant's ass if she wishes. This show seemed to prove that how distorted and scared you (scriptwriter) are to really know the eastern wisdom and understanding. Please gather more resources to make the show believable, if not the show will simply seem too comical having no credibility. Hinduism also known as Sanatana Dharma has its origins on this planet 12,000 years ago. More and more excavations happening recently proves this and I ain't bluffing. Christianity and other religions have existed only within 2000 yrs ago. Do not criticize without knowing the fact. The reason you call it Pagan is because you are too immature to understand it. Kindly don't fall below your standards again and portray the eastern traditions in such a poor way.

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Best Episode this season so far....

Author: Mahavir Singh from India
23 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't know if anyone noticed but things were pretty ordinary here in Supernatural, Season 5 up until this episode. The episode starts with Dean and Sam ending up into a hotel in nowhere's land, something too good to be true. And soon, the brothers find themselves caught between a fight between cocky Pagan gods namely, Kali, Ganesha, Baldur etc. and the Devil, Lucifer.

This is one of the episode where Lucifer graces us with his presence. As expected, Lucifer brings down the army of Pagan gods without breaking a sweat, not to mention with style and elegance, killing his brother Archangel Gabriel along the way. All in all, a well written episode.

And then again, the brothers now know a way to trap the Devil. I hope other episode this season will be just as good as this on. Fingers crossed...

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Ignorant of Eurasian myth and folklore

Author: scarycircus from Germany
29 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have to agree with most of the other writers that this episode was just awful and it made me angry and disappointed. Like other episodes of Supernatural, a show I used to love, it was completely ignorant of Eurasian folklore and tradition. This particular episode was the reason for me not to watch this show any further, because it was more than I could stand. It begins with the portrayal of the various gods, especially Odin as some US-American lumberjack guy. I mean, Odin is, like Zeus for the ancient Greek gods, the patriarch of the Nordic pantheon. He is a god of wisdom and knowledge and not some bone gnawing cannibal. Why do all of the portrayed gods have to eat human flesh? It's just ridiculous. And Baldur, another Norse god, is essentially the embodiment of light and hope, so as he dies, Ragnarök (the ending of the world) arrives. Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with Asian gods, but I do know who Kali and Ganesh are, so I have to agree again with the others that the portrayal of the gods in this episode is very insulting, ignorant and badly researched. Of course, Norse and Greek gods are not worshipped any longer, or not in a way that I know of, but these myths are all way older than Christian beliefs, so it is completely absurd that Lucifer just kills the other gods with no great effort. Their tales are still being told, so I see no reason, why they should not stand against the Christian devil. The argument, that nobody knows who Odin or Kali are, seems to be valid for American people only. And that twist, that the trickster is Loki, who really is the archangel Gabriel in disguise, killed it for me. So please, dear American writers, invest a little more time and effort into researching, because one might think you don't care about raping other cultures' myths and folklore.

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The writer of this episode is the most ignorant person of the decade

Author: srikanth-jiit from India
8 March 2015

If there is a biggest ignorant freak in this world, he is the writer of this episode. What a dumb person the writer is. He does not have an iota of information about goddess Kali or Lord Ganesha. He has portrayed them as human eaters??? Its a shame on him to direct an episode without doing any research about other gods from other religions.

Well i pity the ignorance of this writer/director. When the whole season is more about Christianity, i think they should stick to the same concept. Why bring other gods/religions into this. Forget archangels, other religions don't even believe in Christ. My sincere appeal to the writers of the supernatural, you should do some research on a religion/character before portraying them like whatever you want. Shame on you people.

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