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"Legend of the Seeker" Unbroken (2010)

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Darken Rahl takes Cara, Dahlia, and some Sisters of the Dark to a rift, presuming to throw the Stone in to seal the Keeper's victory. But this is actually a ruse, and Rahl and the Mord-Sith throw the Sisters in instead. Darken Rahl plans to keep the Stone for himself, and sends Cara and the Mord-Sith to stop the Seeker. Richard, as Cara predicted, cannot kill Cara. However, Kahlan kills Dahlia by confession, and this distracts Cara and allows Richard to knock her out. Zedd suggests the ancient and unpredictable Spell of Undoing to remove the dark magic holding Cara and to learn where the Stone is. The spell not only removes the magic, but changes history. Zedd awakens at the wedding altar of Richard and Kahlan, who are being married by Darken Rahl. He learns that Cara is not a Mord-Sith here, but a mother of two and school teacher. She was not there to use her Agiel on Richard when he was joining the Boxes of Orden. Therefore, the plan worked as the Book of Counted Shadows said; Kahlan's confession kept the Boxes from controlling him, and the Boxes' power allows him to be with Kahlan. They are married, and the next morning Richard learns Kahlan is pregnant. The Keeper, existing outside of history, knows things have changed. He commands Marianna to kill Richard's sister, Jennsen. They capture her and do so, and three of them drink her blood to become ungifted. Richard comes to rescue her with Darken Rahl and some Mord-Sith, and confronts the other Sisters in the cave. But just as he takes control of them with the power of Orden, the three Sisters take the boxes. Richard loses his power and is defeated by Rahl. He takes the Sword of Truth from Richard and eventually takes and puts together the Boxes of Orden. He then takes control of Richard, avenging Richard having control over him. Zedd and Kahlan decide their only option is to try the Undoing spell again. They find Cara and begin to cast it on her. But Darken Rahl learns of the plan from Richard, and Dahlia kills Cara. Dahlia tells Zedd and Kahlan they will serve Lord Rahl when they come under the power of Orden.


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