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"Legend of the Seeker" Walter (2010)

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Darken Rahl orders Sister Marianna to deliver the scroll to the Mord-Sith temple in Jandrilyn. Meanwhile, Richard's group stops at a tavern where a former D'Haran soldier, Malray, spins a lengthy tale of Walter, a village beggar and Darken Rahl doppelganger who was captured and trained at the People's Palace at a request from the D'Haran. Malray details all of his and Walter's exploits following Rahl's death. In the present time, Richard and the others head towards the Mord'Sith temple where Marianna has the scroll. Walter is revealed to be trapped in the dungeon of this temple, but escapes with a servant girl, only to be chased by a group of D'Haran soldiers. Walter runs into the Seeker who holds him at sword point as Walter explains his story. The real Rahl appears and makes a deal with Richard to exchange the scroll for Walter's body. Richard and the group send Walter's soul into one of the bodies of the dead D'Harans and resurrect Rahl in Walter's body. Rahl, now back among the living is attacked with a dacra by the confessed Sister of the Dark, Sister Tyra. Richard tells his brother that the dacra will be removed once he retrieves the scroll. Rahl convinces General Egremont and the Mord'Sith that he is real and obtains the scroll and gives it to Richard just as they are attacked by Rahl's men. As the group fights, Walter and the servant girl escape with Rahl's gold. Darken Rahl escapes, but knowing that Richard's group must find a night wisp to reveal the scroll's secrets.


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