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  • Jackie is mad a husband Kevin when he reveals that he went to the movies with Ginny Flynn and the kids during the children's play date. Jackie decides to sleep on the couch. At the hospital, Gloria Akalitus is still concerned about the seepage in the drug lockup and posts a security guard at the machine, which doesn't seem to do much good. Sam still pursues Dr. O'Hara, who saw it all as a one night stand. O'Hara also reveals to Jackie that she knows a famous international TV news correspondent. Akalitus asks Dr. Cooper if he will be the face of a new promotional campaign directed at patients who have the ability to pay.

  • Jackie overreacts to Kevin's movie date with Ginny Flynn and the girls. Mrs. Akalitus stations a security guard at the Pill-O-Matix, making access harder for Jackie. Mrs. Akalitus asks Dr. Cooper to be the "Face of All Saints," a citywide ad campaign using his image to bring in more insured patients. Dr. O'Hara confesses to Jackie that she's had an on-again, off-again relationship with foreign correspondent Sarah Khouri. Sam ends things with Dr. O'Hara before she can. Still anxious about her possible pregnancy, Zoey throws herself into work. After relentless texts from Eddie, Jackie calls him for the first time in months, and they meet up and go to a movie together.


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  • Jackie gets ready for bed, and finds movie tickets on the dresser. She wakes her husband up and learns he and the girls went to dinner and a movie with Ginny Flynn, her nemesis who has the hots for Kevin.

    He tells her she's nuts. She starts kissing him then stops and announces she's sleeping on the couch.

    He comes down to ask her what just happened. She says she wanted to see that movie and he should have called her.

    She's awakened in the morning by her two daughters, talking about Alice in Wonderland. Grace tells her she shouldn't be sleeping on the couch.

    Jackie vents to O'Hara in the morning, saying the couch kills her back. O'Hara offers her Percocet but Jackie brushes it off.

    They notice a gorgeous woman on the news doing an international report. Jackie's a fan but O'Hara knows her, very well it seems. She knows she's giving up international reporting and moving to DC.

    Sam tries to talk to O'Hara at work and she ignores him "quick and painless." Thor watches Zoey inhale donuts and is wildly jealous, prevented by his diabetes. Mrs. Akalitis announces that Miguel the security guard will be stationed at the Pill-o-Matix to help with the drug stealing issue.

    Jackie tells her she's making the situation worse, then immediately walks near O'Hara and moans about her back, this time taking her up on her Percocet offer.

    Lenny brings in a guy who got hurt on a construction site. Lenny tells Zoey she has a glow, but she knows. Zoey finds a gun on the patient, Jackie deals with it.

    Mrs. A stops by to talk to Cooper and tells them to cuff the unconscious gun toting patient to the bed.

    In her office, Mrs. A opens by telling Cooper that he's a very attractive man. His recent write up might help them fundraise. His ego is appropriately stroked. She wants him to be the face of a citywide ad campaign for the hospital. He debates whether or not to give the money to charity or use it to buy skis. He wants to have his "legal team" look at the contract first.

    Jackie uses the Pill-o-Matix in front of a tuned out security guard. He doesn't notice she uses Thor's pass code.

    Zoey and Sam tend to a dead patient. She notices the plastic wrap they use is smaller than it used to be. She asks Mrs. A about it and she says it's cheaper. Sam takes her hand and performs reflexology, saying something is up with her uterus.

    Cooper calls his legal team -- his mom.

    Paramedics bring in a stinky old woman. O'Hara pulls Jackie aside, begging her to get Sam to quit bothering her.

    Jackie talks to the construction worker who had the gun. He says it was to keep people from robbing him. Jackie gets a text from Eddie, saying he's still sweeping up the vitamins she knocked over, but he loves her anyway.

    The patient tells Jackie he can't call the cops about it, he's not legal.

    Jackie checks on Zoey with the old woman. Zoey tells her the filthy woman found in the hallway has a 24-hour caregiver -- paid for by the state. Jackie hopes she's joking.

    Kevin calls Jackie to tell her the car is out of commission.

    Jackie and Zoey sit with the woman, who enjoyed her lunch. She tells them about Carolyn, who comes for lunch sometimes. Thor wants to talk to her. He recognized her name. She did the hair for Broadway shows.

    Zoey muses to Jackie that having kids might not be the worst thing in the world. Jackie tells her she has two girls. "That's all you're getting."

    Jackie's making a call when O'Hara pulls her away on an emergency. She tells her about her and the news reporter, Sara. Sam interrupts. He's letting O'Hara down gently. He tells her his girlfriend is back. "So's mine," she says.

    Cooper brings his signed contract back to Mrs. A.

    Zoey walks by Lenny the paramedic and he asks what's wrong. She tells him she might be pregnant, and not even by the guy she likes, by his brother. Lenny offers to step up if they don't. She declares that weird, still not noticing he likes her.

    The old woman's care giver comes to pick her up, annoyed. Jackie hears. First, she uncuffs Miguel the day laborer, giving him instructions for what to do about his concussion and to go out the side door because the police are there for him.

    Jackie stops the cop and takes him to the caregiver, saying they can get her on elder abuse and fraud. She assures the cop the guy with the illegal gun isn't going anywhere.

    Outside the hospital, Jackie calls someone, apologizing and saying her back hurts. Cut to her waiting outside Alice in Wonderland. She smiles as she sees Eddie approach. She tells him she hears the movie is good.

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