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"Nurse Jackie" Sleeping Dogs (2010)

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Jackie calls O'Hara, asking for a minute when work starts. Coop watches forlornly as his face of the hospital campaign posters are covered over.

Jackie shows O'Hara her MRI, which is apparently really, really bad. She tells O'Hara that Eddie used to give her some oxy. O'Hara pauses and then offers to do the same.

Eddie interviews with Mrs. Akalitis for his old job. He think she's going to jerk him around, but she cuts it short and tells him he's hired. "I'm going to rock this s---," Eddie says. "I would you wouldn't," Mrs. A says.

Cooper excitedly congratulates him then goes to Mrs. A to ask why they're taking his posters down. She tells him his six weeks of ad space are up. He's willing to pay for it himself.

Lenny wheels in a 30 year old man who was found naked and disoriented. He's not agitated or resisting, but very out of it. His wallet says he's Marco. He's very polite. Cooper recognizes him as a former star linebacker. "Florida Gators, I know," says Thor. "I'm gay, I'm not a girl."

Zoey comes in asking to tend to a 49 year old woman with pain in her "swimsuit area." She asks the woman if she's "sexually active." "No, I pretty much just lie there," she jokes. O'Hara agrees with Zoey that her appendix had ruptured but wants to run a pregnancy test first.

Marco's wife comes for him. He doesn't remember anything. She tells him it's OK, but he feels bad she had to leave work. Mrs. Akalitis also recognize him and comes over to congratulate him for his blindside sack on the Tennessee quarterback.

O'Hara and Zoey go to buy candy at the same time. Zoey muses that she could never live abroad because she'd miss the candy. O'Hara suggests she'd actually miss her people, like Lenny. Zoey delights in O'Hara buying her candy.

Jackie updates Marco's wife on the tests they're going to run on him, but she asks her to cancel it. Their insurance won't cover it and they know it's early on-set dementia from his playing days.

Cooper asks Eddie to get lunch but he's got plans. Lenny asks Zoey, but she makes up plans with Jackie. Then Lenny tries O'Hara but she says she has "far too much respect for Zoey to try to horn in on her territory."

Cooper, standing there, offers to go with him. "No thanks," Lenny says. Marco tells Jackie it's scary to have a broken brain and he doesn't have anyone to look in on him anymore. "I have a beautiful wife, a beautiful life and every day it's slipping off my plate a little more," he says.

Jackie goes to the pharmacy, where Eddie is waiting as the Pill-o-Matix is taken away. She tells him it's going to be different now. Zoey joins them and reminds them of the time she walked in on them.

Jackie sits through Zoey asking her if she should hook up with Lenny or not. Jackie cautions her about fooling around with coworkers. Zoey thinks Jackie knows what she's talking about because of Eddie. And that's about enough for Jackie.

Cooper has lunch with Sam the nurse. Sam invites him out with his friends later. "What should I wear?" Coop asks.

O'Hara goes back to the 49 year old woman, who reels from the news she's pregnant. She tells O'Hara she never thought about having kids and asks O'Hara if she has. "All my life," she says.

Marco's wife meets with Mrs. Akalitis, who is suggesting they get divorced for financial reasons. He could qualify for Medicaid without her income. Jackie tells her to listen to Mrs. A because she's been "f----- the system for 30 years." Today's visit without the MRI would cost them $11,000, but Mrs. A says the hospital will cover it and give him a clean bill of health so they're not liable for future expenses.

As she's leaving, Jackie tells Mrs. A "I don't care what they say, you are not a grinchy little f----."

Jackie takes her oxy prescription from O'Hara and changes the 0 refill to 10.

Cooper hangs out with Sam and his friends, watching in awe as they beat box. He tells Sam's girlfriend that cool guys never like him.

Jackie tries to get her prescription filled but the pharmacy is closed.

Cooper jumps in for a minute and spits a truly awful rhyme. He offers to walk Sam's very cute girlfriend home while Sam keeps beatboxing.

Back at the hospital, O'Hara looks at Jackie's MRI and goes into the back people and chews them out for not helping her friend.

Jackie calls Grace's shrink and asks her for some insight into her daughter. A woman runs up to her on the street, noticing she's in scrubs and asks her to come help her boyfriend who's having a seizure.

Jackie makes the man comfortable and says they have to wait for EMS to get there. She notices baggies of pills in the man's pockets, shooes the girlfriend away and takes them, saying "god forgive me."

Back at the hospital, the back people tell O'Hara there's no Jackie Peyton in the system.

Jackie tells the EMS people to take the seizure man to Bellevue. His girlfriend sees Jackie's All Saint's name tag, but believes her when Jackie says Bellevue is better. The woman thanks Jackie. "It's what I do," she says, with her pockets full of pills.


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