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"American Pickers," TV reality series which came on to the History Network in 2010 gradually climbing to success even farther than Mike Wolfe the creator and reality star had anticipated to be three years at best. The show along with costars Frank Fritz and Danielle Colby- Cushman is still going strong with new and fun weekly picking episodes.

Only "Antique Roadshow" where appraisers of antiques travel with the show to various cities is a similar series. With that said there is a huge difference between the two top shows. American Pickers does the opposite of Antique Roadshow and travels into the neighborhoods of America in a white cargo van (originally a Mercedes and now a Ford) and seek out great items to select, appraise and buy.

What makes American Pickers so successful is seeing what real actual American people collect and why. Never before or since has a television crew been able to go out weekly and search out collectors, hoarders and honestly junk collectors been so successful. Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz travel into their homes and peoples psyche and share with their audiences these eclectic collections people have and see how they display and store them. Some of the collections are impressive, organized, well shown and very expensive. However, "most" are average Americans and really have allot of clutter with a few gems and their collections fill barns, warehouses, open fields and even their homes. These are the most fun to watch as both Wolfe and Fritz navigate on top of, thru, around, and dig out their finds.The great rewards are locating the hidden gems among the mazes of clutter.

Danielle Colby- Cushman is the third costar of this series and is very unique lady. She is a great addition to the show and adds humor, class, and fun. Her duties include locating many of the destinations Wolfe and Fritz go too. She also manages the two stores the one in LeClaire and the other in Nashville. There is a great tongue and cheek relationship with all three reality stars and keeps everyone entertained as they chat about their pics. Her look is very original and many find her attractive and sexy. She has many tattoos and has a burlesque fashion about her that gets allot of positive attention. She's an energetic power house and a great part of the show.

This show is a success because Wolfe's inexhaustible fair dealing passion for what he does. He looks for treasures, rusty gold and for amazing things buried in people's garages and barns. But it is so much more than that; all the costars care about people! They all sincerely care about whom they buy from and who they sell too and each other. This shows strongly in each and every episode. This is why American Pickers is cherished by their viewers and is here to stay.


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