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I love the boys and set aside Wednesdays to turn on the TV especially.
Cheryl M Brown10 February 2014
From reading other reviews here, there seems to be a trend to judge the show not on it's merits, but rather because of the History Channel affiliation. We don't have that problem in Australia. This shows on normal free TV, just like all other shows. I hadn't even realised it was a History Channel show.

I should say in advance that I enjoy shows like Bargain Hunt (UK)and I really enjoy American Pickers.

So, to the show. Obviously these are setups. But the people who appear seem to be real people, and Mike and Frank put them at ease as much as possible. The boys are funny, entertaining and the show is educational. It is an interesting look at different parts of America and the real people who live there. Usually all we see here in Oz are the cities, and often it's not a very flattering view.

I don't think of this as "reality TV" - I think of it as a fun way of learning a bit more about America, it's people and it's history.

We don't watch much TV, but I do turn it on for this one.
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American History
abeard5214 April 2010
Two men "Frank and Mike" travel around the country looking for pieces of American history. From reading other reviews it would sound as if these two men are monsters but that is not the case. They are simply bartering for items that an individual has been storing on his property for years. These collectors live in rural areas and have preserved many items that no longer exist. Yes many of them have long beards, own guns and own large tracks of land that they have stored cars, bikes and who know what else for many years. That is no reason to automatically judge them as being idiots, and bigots. Many of these men know exactly what they have and know exactly what they are worth. Also many of these men are in there 60's and 70's, some older and many feel they have to start selling there collections before they die. Many times when the guys show up to "pick" and they end up buying items from the widow who has know clue and just wants to get rid of her husbands collection.

Frank and Mikey or a strange brew but I think its kinda of funny and entertaining. I often find myself impressed of there knowledge and how polite and respectful they our to the folks they are buying from. Many of the collectors they buy from have very deep feelings about there collection and letting go with there items. I think they do a good job of not insulting the collectors and in a way its kinda like a little bit of therapy. They talk the men into selling some of there possessions and most likely they hadn't sold anything off there property in a long time. In all this is a very good show and it is surprising because you never know what they will find.
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Good TV on 3 levels
doujoe2 July 2012
Let's separate the vitriol and resentment of History channel's programming shift as presented by other reviewers to acknowledge this fact: History has clearly shifted it's initial charter. While I share many of the forlorn opinions of disappointed viewers in History's departure from educational programming, I say to those who resent this change to donate to PBS. History needs to pay the bills and meet viewer demand, so alas we're subject to 75% 'reality shows' that are on the thinnest thread tangentially related to history.

So I evaluate American Pickers as a show in its singularity, and not in the context of the network's namesake. And as far as 'reality' TV goes (a content matter in which I generally avoid), I find this show as wholly engrossing television. My review assumes the reader is familiar with the show's premise.

The appeal has layers for many viewers, perhaps accidentally. It appeals to the human element, the business element, and the joy of discovery. Not necessarily in that order.

The human element shows the primary hosts are affable and enjoyable, and they treat their prospective sellers with respect. The dynamics between the Mike, Frank, and Danielle are enjoyable to watch and relatable to anyone who has worked in a front office/field environment.

The business element is fascinating in the negotiations, valuation, and reward (or loss). For those who have suggested that Mike and Frank are "vultures" looking to "rip people off," I counter by saying these two are forthright businessmen, and they do the work of what any middle party does—that is to maximize profit. If the negative reviewers want to cry injustice, I'd suggest a study in how much it cost to manufacture any iDevice.

The third element, and perhaps most inclusive, is the joy of discovery. Whether it's an old oil can or a rusty old gear shift, it's fascinating to see the collection of odds and ends that would otherwise be discarded, forgotten, or simply erode with time spark with new life by those who can assign value. And superficially, they discover some really interesting items.

So this program has as much to do with history as "Ice Road Truckers" or "Tracking Bigfoot" or any other sensational program on History. Let's face and embrace reality viewers—History has mostly abandoned history some time ago. So whether this show is on History, Discovery, NBC, or Comedy Central, it matters not. This show is good TV regardless of the network.
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Great show, great characters and it is a learning experience.
sheer6427 September 2011
I love this show. American Pickers is one of the best reality TV shows to come out of America and even rivals my favorite reality show, Bargain Hunt from the UK. Mike and Frank whilst they seem a little over the top for us Aussies, simply love their job and their passion shows. In a strange way it is a bit Abbott and Costello-ish but that is the beauty of the partnership. Add Danielle who is holding the fort whilst Mike and Frank are away and the team is complete. The characters they meet in their day to day travels picking are the heart and soul of America and every nation. Some of the collections they unearth are to be envied by us all. But the true gem is the fact we learn about the history of the items they pick and the companies that made them. If you read this and have never watched the show I hope this inspires you to have a peek.
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Like the guys and the items
SnoopyStyle4 September 2014
Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe are business partners buying (mostly) and selling old junk. They travel the country and even the world to find interesting items. The boys are helped by Danielle Colby-Cushman.

I'm sure that there is some scripting going on but it doesn't really matter. I don't think anybody actually believe they make their money doing this. The reality is that they probably barely cover their gas money. That's not why I like this show. It's about interesting items and their history as well as the chemistry between the guys. One can't help but like the guys. It's fun to see some of these items and the prices isn't even that important.
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Best nonfiction show since DIRTY JOBS
ctomvelu124 October 2010
For those not familiar with the show, two antiques proprietors from Iowa travel the country in search of sellable junk. The often end up scouring through miles of old stuff on farms and in junkyards throughout the nation. The show, like DIRTY JOBS and that new pawn shop show, is a perfect mix of entertainment, education and history. The boys have their personal favorites -- one loves old bikes, the other, old signs -- but they will buy anything they think they can sell, to collectors, retail establishments and auction houses. They try to double their money on an item, if they're lucky. The duo is vaguely reminiscent of Tim the Toolman Taylor and his sidekick, Al. Many of the people they meet are elderly gents, often with tons of historical information to go along with each piece of rusty treasure. Back at the office, they employ a busty brunette who runs the business and directs their searches. The show's producers are smart to frequently cut back to this gal, as she is stunning eye candy and the perfect foil for the boys' antics. While she is married, I wonder how many marriage proposals she has received since the show started -- and what she makes of all this newfound fame. The show is laced with humor and good-natured fun. I hope it runs for many years.
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Great show. Anyone who has bought or sold in this type of business can relate.
jforem1-122 January 2011
American Pickers represents a strong niche of society, the buyers, sellers, and collectors of treasures that most people wouldn't regard as treasures. Having worked in a similar type of store growing up, I can relate to their plight.

'Pickers' can take different forms. Some are pure pickers who will go place to place, yard sale to yard sale, buying select items like Mike and Frank do. Others will buy entire estates for a flat fee: trashing the trash and selling the good stuff at different rates. There are multiple variations in the middle.

What makes Mike special is that within picker ranks there are invariably people who are looking for the buck, more than the adventure. There are very few people like Mike who will say something like "its worth more than that" and offer someone a better price on an item when the owner of the item gives him a low price offer. Commenters who think Mike and Frank are "rip-off" artists are incredibly misinformed.

1) Selling items requires knowing the market to sell in. If you place an item for auction you pay a fee on top of placing the item up, and it may not go for what you want. 2) Even selling on Ebay you may not get the price you want. When the show gives the "price" of items, that doesn't mean thats what Mike and Frank will get for the item. But people sell items to them because Mike and Frank have developed a customer base who the individual seller may never be able to find.

American Pickers is a show that does what it advertises to do: tell the history of America piece by piece. The little "historical quips" are NOT what tells the history, as the idiotic review before me noted. Rather the history of America is told through the items, their materials, and the people who hold on to them. American Pickers is a highly recommended show for anyone who wants to deviate from the path of the history books and see American history as it exists today.
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One of the better "Reality Shows" on TV
lbcharlie052 April 2013
With the overflow of reality shows on TV today, I find this show refreshing. The three characters do not belittle each other or the people they meet on the road. I know Daniele has only been on one road trip. This may be one of the few reality shows that does not have to be bleeped for language. Mike and Frank truly love antiques or junk, take your pick. They are respectful to all of the sellers and even over pay sometimes when they do not have to. I have friends and relatives that enjoy this show for the history aspect as well as the pure entertainment value. I watch this show and actually learn something almost every time.
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Great Show...
Tomorrow43727 February 2012
I think this show serves a real purpose and does a great job of providing a great view of what this kind of life is all about... Who are we to judge if it is completely "genuine" or not? We see them every week going out there and finding unique items to try and make a profit off of... Some jerks like jokingkong this that it is fake and make themselves feel better by talking crap about the show and even worse about the looks of Danielle... I will say that Danielle is the kind of girl that I always liked. She is a Beautiful girl that has some great tattoos that has a great personality... Although I would watch the show if she wasn't on it she really does add a nice element to the show and adds something special to look at... Idiots can say all they want that it's fake or they are just trying to get things in the cheap... But business is all about profit so I do not blame them for any deal they make because web you're in the middle of nowhere you try to get the best price you can... And for the sellers I don't ever ever ever feel bad for them because if they wanted to make full Retail on their items they would pull it out of the mud and piles of crap they have built up and go find a buyer themselves... These two dig through all of the insane built up piles of junk and find things that Anericans may want to display and decorate there house... I say keep it up Mike and Frank, you're doing great and to Danielle... You are a Beautiful person and I wish you the best... And wish I could hang out with you and listen to some old school punk and hardcore with you :-) American Pickers is one of the best shows on TV... Everything in TV land is somewhat scripted... All I know is this show is entertaining and educational and I Love It... Keep it up guys...
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The Real Story Of America
jedimaster001113 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
American Pickers is the true story of America. Small towns and gravel roads. Mike and Frank are digging up America, one piece at a time. The history is evident, the story is true, and the picks are as exciting as it gets. Many people say that there is no history in this show. Well, the history is in the items. Years of Ameican history, be it a local filling station porcelain sign, or a painting of Victorian horse-races. This really depicts small town America, and its ups and downs. Mike and Frank are doing their job, rescuing treasures that would otherwise be rotting in the ground at the expense of the owner. So they are doing all of us a favor by being American Pickers.
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