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1 Jun. 2010
Art of the Deal
This time on American Pickers... While picking in North Carolina, Mike falls for a 1950 Studebaker, but can he negotiate a good deal? Mike becomes obsessed with a pre-Airstream trailer. The guys sift through a packrat's massive collection. And, hoping to sell a choice vintage sign, they pay a visit to friend and NASCAR champion Ryan Newman.
14 Jun. 2010
Buddy's Booby Trap
This time on American Pickers... While in North Carolina, the guys take a chance on an item they've never seen before. But what is it? And how much is it worth? Frank goes into turbo picking mode when they happen upon a goldmine of signs. A mother-daughter team challenges the guys as they dig through their family's outbuildings together. And, Mike and Frank turn up the charm to strike a deal on some high-ticket items at a Christmas tree farm.
21 Jun. 2010
Gordon's Gold Mine
This time on American Pickers... In aptly named Pickens, South Carolina, the guys scour the sprawling inventory of a father-and-son picking duo. They meet Mary who has a 300-acre property, home to a huge untouched collection. And, Danielle leads the guys to an inconspicuous cement factory. It's the Holy Grail of picking - a multi-building collection of unbelievable retro treasures.
28 Jun. 2010
Smooth Operators
This time on American Pickers... Danielle sends the guys to a South Carolina warehouse packed with new vintage Harley stock. But can they convince their sentimental owner to sell? Mike and Frank make an incredible discovery guaranteed to impress NASCAR champion Ryan Newman. Michelle is overwhelmed by her late father's extraordinary Hollywood film collection. And, back in Iowa, the guys scour the incredible collection of one of their decorator clients.
5 Jul. 2010
Getting the Boot
This time on American Pickers... The guys are down on their luck in Kansas until they stumble upon demolition expert Johnny Walker's staggering collection. Will he agree to sell Mike a giant 300-pound boot? The next day, Johnny refers the guys to two of his collector neighbors. And although Junior's prices are through the roof, Morris proves to be in a wheeling and dealing mood.
26 Jul. 2010
Easy Riders
This time on American Pickers... The guys are in Missouri, and after picking an inherited old farm with plenty of promise, they follow up on the ultimate lead. Danielle has tracked down a prolific collector of 'mantiques' with a rare 1937 Harley Knucklehead motorbike. Can they manage the high-roller negotiations to land the prize of a lifetime? And finally, in spite of the unwelcoming sign on her sprawling property, Darlene is anything but.
2 Aug. 2010
Psychic Pickings
This time on American Pickers... The guys visit a Missouri steel yard where they get a high-speed golf cart tour of a father-and-son's sprawling collection. But can they find anything worth buying? While out freestyling the boys come across a family who badly need their help.The guys tour a self-proclaimed psychic picker's mammoth former prison home filled to the rafters with cultural artifacts. But is anything for sale? And, Danielle takes on a made-to-measure challenge.
9 Aug. 2010
One Pony Town
This time on American Pickers... Known in his neighborhood as the 'spooky collector', lifelong picker Lester has a series of jam-packed buildings filled with weird and wonderful curios. But is the poker-faced pro ready to cut the guys a deal on his treasures? A hard-core Illinois collector says he wants to downsize but doesn't seem willing to part with anything. And, feeling a little lonely, the guys revisit their 'picking mamma' Judy and have a great time, do great business, and get a little surprise as well.
16 Aug. 2010
Hobo Jack
This time on American Pickers... Concerned about slow sales and high expenses, Danielle tells the guys to step up their game. They uncover lots of great stuff in Tony's sprawling Illinois collection. And Ken's small-town collection features room after room of unusual items, including an early bicycle and rare Victorian-era erotica. But then their luck changes when Danielle calls with a lead about Hobo Jack's amazing property. Beneath all the tarps are mountains of great stuff. But will they find the mother lode they've been looking for?
6 Sep. 2010
Laurel and Hardy
This time on American Pickers... Danielle has asked for a raise, but the guys think it's more fun to torture her instead of giving her an answer. They uncover a few choice items while visiting a Kentucky biker couple. And visit a serious collector who is definitely in the mood to sell. They also explore a former honky-tonk turned home complete with a stage and sprawling toy collection. Their eventual haul includes a vintage steam-powered corn popper and massive Laurel and Hardy heads. Now the only thing left for the guys is to meet and discuss the raise.
13 Sep. 2010
Frank Flips
This time on American Pickers... The guys are in Kentucky, and they're driving Danielle crazy. Whenever she comes up with a new lead, they toss a coin to decide whether or not they'll go. They visit a fellow picker who's got a hot tub set up in his storage unit, and a woman hoping to clear out some of her late father's collection. They also visit the Wisconsin farm of a guy they call Hippie Tom. There they find themselves in one of the oddest haggling sessions of their lives. At the end of the day, Danielle plots revenge for the guys' coin toss antics.
4 Oct. 2010
Mike's Breakdown
This time on American Pickers... Mike dives into an amazing Michigan collection but Frank seems to have lost his picking mojo. The guys visit an incredible Wisconsin property that features a reconstituted vintage town. And, the only thing better than Ted's quirky small town gas station is his one-of-a-kind home where everything is for sale. Also in this episode... Frank senses engine trouble with the van while Mike ignores the signs and ends up on his hands and knees.
11 Oct. 2010
Pint-Sized Picker
This time on American Pickers... Danielle is jealous when the guys take Mike's young nephew on his first pick instead of her. But 12-year-old Rhesa is thrilled, and with expert tips from Mike and Frank, he dives into Danny Bean's sprawling property to prove his mettle. Later, after a ferry ride across Lake Michigan, the guys visit packrat Tim and comb through 10,000 square feet of junk. And finally, Mike and Frank scour a 14-bedroom 1890s home and barn that used to belong to a famous opera singer.
6 Dec. 2010
A Banner Pick
This time on American Pickers... While picking in Pennsylvania, Danielle sends the guys to Bushkill Park, a century-old amusement park where Mike spies a couple of rare vintage sideshow banners - just like the ones he's been dreaming of! The guys scour the sprawling collection of a retired New York couple where they try to negotiate a good deal. On their first-ever visit to the Big Apple, the guys meet an expert with shocking news about Mike's new circus posters. And finally, a cavernous abandoned storage unit yields plenty of carnival keepsakes.
13 Dec. 2010
Danielle Goes Picking
This time on American Pickers... After years of begging the guys to let her go on a pick, Danielle finally gets her chance, and the three head off to visit a major collector with a barn full of hidden treasures. Later, while Frank mans the shop alone for a week, Danielle and Mike hit the road in Pennsylvania where they pick the oddball home of two eccentric artists, and where Danielle tracks down a century-old hotel that's been vacant for years but where the rooms are still full of furniture!
20 Dec. 2010
What's in the Box
Mike and Frank visit a New York collector who's filled a train station with vintage cars, and although the cars are hot, the prices cool their engines. But the pick isn't as good as it looks until Mike finds a mysterious Italian trunk that hasn't been opened in 50 years...and though it's driving him crazy, he waits until he gets home to open it. The guys stop in at a New Hampshire home with a weathervane on the roof constructed from a real Harley motorbike. Inside, the couple's sprawling collection includes a room full of retro arcade games. And finally, auctioneer ...
27 Dec. 2010
Fairlane Fever
This time on American Pickers... Mike and Frank challenge Danielle to sell a vintage carnival ride. Meanwhile, they visit a carnival collector with amazing pieces but with crazy prices. It's a three-ring picking circus when they stop in at the International Clown Hall of Fame. And finally, a retired mechanic opens his garage to show them a smoking hot, 1967 Ford Fairlane muscle car. It's love at first sight for Mike, but will his emotions get in the way of getting a great deal?
17 Jan. 2011
Too Hot to Handle
This time on American Pickers... In Upstate New York, the guys stop in at a sprawling treasure-laden farm where the barn doors are wide open, and where 14 jam-packed trailers beckon. Later, an eccentric mother-daughter duo is selling their extraordinary 1856 home and everything in it. And finally, the guys visit an old cheese factory that's been boarded up for years, and it takes the local fire department to break down the doors to get to the hot items.
24 Jan. 2011
Trading Up
This time on American Pickers... The guys challenge themselves to trade a vintage cup dispenser they can't sell for an even better prize. And their first stop is a dilapidated century home that's filled with an auctioneer's incredible collection. Later, an Indiana man's meticulous collection contains over 16,000 items. And finally, after a red-hot pick at Tim's VW village, the guys make a major league discovery in the dugout of the St. Louis Cardinals.
31 Jan. 2011
The Emu Chase
This time on American Pickers... The guys pick a Kentucky farm where they end up cornered by a crazy red-eyed emu! Later, when one great pick leads to another, the guys find themselves touring Jerry's awesome collection of eclectic oversized curios where Mike spies a treasure he's spent a lifetime looking for! And finally, the guys surprise an old friend of Mike's - a famous Nashville set decorator named Ruby - and search her amazing hangar-sized warehouse of cool stuff.
7 Feb. 2011
Keep Out!
This time on American Pickers... Driving along the back roads of Tennessee, the guys discover a property that's packed with awesome 'mantiques'. Later, Randy's Smokey Mountain property features four jam-packed barns but getting him to part with anything proves to be a challenge. And, Mike and Frank get a warm welcome from a lifetime picker whose staggering collection spans over 30 buildings.
14 Feb. 2011
They Boldly Go
This time on American Pickers... Entertainment legend William Shatner hires Mike and Frank to find a few showstoppers for his new home! And, while they vow to go where no pickers have gone before, the scope of the design project is daunting! With just one week until the big reveal, they scour the back roads of Tennessee. And, hoping to find a garden showpiece, they visit a millstone collector whose wares are pricey and weigh a ton!
21 Mar. 2011
The Possum Trot
This time on American Pickers... The guys pick a South Carolina hardware store that's filled to the rafters with century-old inventory. With a missile on the lawn, a Georgia collector's property features building after building of awesome stuff, and for the first time ever, he says he's ready to part with some of his treasures! And, in backwoods Alabama, the guys are invited to a down-home country auction called the Possum Trot.
28 Mar. 2011
California Dreamin'
Cruising along the California coastline, the guys know they're in for something big. Mil Blair founded the iconic motorcycle magazine Easyriders and, for the first time ever, the legend is willing to sell some of his rare collections of motorbikes and memorabilia. Later, the guys visit Bird's temple of surfing. Although he doesn't normally sell, the guys convince him to part with a few choice surfboards. Also, the guys visit Alfie in the Malibu Hills. His eclectic collection includes over a half million albums and a real bombshell. And finally, they get their new ...
4 Apr. 2011
Frank's Big Shot
This time on American Pickers... Mike and Frank gain priority access to a California salvage yard piled high with promise. And the staggering yet meticulous collection is like nothing they've ever seen before! Mike eyes a rare brass diving helmet that could help a worthy cause. A great big barn yields a horse worth serious coin. And, when a random lunch leads to a Wild West-style picking opportunity, it's up to Frank the 'free throw king' to seal the deal on the basketball court.
11 Apr. 2011
NASCAR Challenge
This time on American Pickers... Mike and Frank are revved up about a new client: the NASCAR Hall of Fame. And its curators have asked them to scour the country for roadside relics that tell the story of auto racing. Veteran racer Tiger Tom's collection dates back over half a century. The guys track down the former president of the Charlotte Motor Speedway. And, a former pit crew mechanic of a NASCAR champion has a jaw-dropping collection of artifacts

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