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Pretty much get what you expect
Robosharp11 March 2012
Any body that rents this movie, will not be looking for Oscar winning performances, clever plot twist, or a harrowing or moving narrative. - No, those that rent this movie want to see Trish Status looking hot and kicking butt, thats what the poster suggests and thats exactly what you get.

It would have to be noted though, that the acting and scripting in this movie are particularly below par (Classic B-Movie stuff here. The two male bounty hunters who accompany miss Stratus through the story, are certainly not in it to advertise their acting talents. One of which is supposed to provide a comic element, but only irritates throughout.

However the acting and the "plot" always feels irrelevant and second fiddle to the movies main agenda - which is to get Trish (ex wwe wrestler), looking fit and fighting fit - and its here where the film does deliver.

Stratus is also not looking for any acting Oscars here, but is looking to show off her fighting talents gained from her wrestling background. It has to be said, the fight sequences are decent, and Stratus does put a lot of energy in to them.

In summary not a good film by any means, but Trish does squeeze a guy unconscious with her thighs, which is probably why I give this film a generous 5 out of 10.
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Philip V12 March 2012
It took me several attempts to get through this movie; with the title and the star I figured it would not be high brow, but how low brow could you get.

You would think there would be good action shots, there was not, Made be a script that had some sense, not good sense just some, nope nothing there, Maybe some credible acting in the film, well I admit I missed that scene. That just leaves having beautiful people posing about, sorry not even that...

Please somebody tell me why I slugged my way through this? Am I going insane? Even if you are very very bored, watching paint dry is far more entertaining than this movie. I only registered with this site to save others the pain of this film!
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Wrestling promo dressed as a movie
swedish_chef_dave31 October 2011
I sometimes enjoy B Movies as they can be entertaining, this was in this line but the wooden acting and horribly staged fight scenes just killed any interest in the movie. The plot itself was believable but the way every scene was directed at the female wrestling star getting into a fight and kicking some ass, but it all got too much and boring, the wrestler had a great physique but not much in the way of acting talent. The funny guy was just plain stupid and not much of an actor or even a wrestler. The lead actor was restricted by the poor script and pregnant pauses where they would concoct some scenario to get into a giant fight, where any gang killers would have shot everyone dead within seconds, which should have happened to all actors, directors, producers and anyone else involved with this creation.
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Trish Stratus Rocks!
timmaher9431 March 2012
I went into this movie to see Trish Stratus kick some major ass. That's exactly what you get here. I don't want to give anything away that would ruin this movie for others. I am a WWE fan so I had to see how she did in her film debut. I liked the jokes and the action throughout the movie. This was better than most action movies I have seen in a while. I like to watch an independent film every now and again because to be truthful most indie movies are better than most of the films that come out in theaters. I really enjoyed this movie and the characters. If you had put to many clichés into this movie than I wouldn't have liked it so much. That's why this movie works. Again, I will say see this movie see it for the action and Trish Stratus.
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Trish Brings It
kholt99 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This one is definitely a B-movie that would come on late night cable. It stars WWE Hall of Fame diva Trish Stratus in a non-WWE studio production. Which by the language you can tell early in the movie wouldn't fit into the WWE PG product image. Trish plays Jules bounty hunter who also a bartender at a strip club on the side. She is a single mother trying to get ahead. She is a member of team of three bounty hunters. The bounty hunter crew is led by Ridley played by Frank Zupancic whom Jules also has some romantic tension with. The crew is rounded out by Chase who is played by Boomer Phillips.

The story revolves around the crew getting a hot tip on a bounty from a person they captured. He informs them about a bigger bounty worth one thousand dollars. The team decides to take on the task on going after the big money and it becomes way more then what they bargained for. This movie has some solid action and Trish get to kick some ass. The story is not the best written but the movie still is able to keep your attention for the 80 minutes.
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Trish's debut
maxbrand7723 June 2012
I used to see Trish Strastus on WWE television and she was with them for several years before she decided to pursue other things and in 2011 she manage to do a film which she did some good acting even though the story in some area's were weak. I'll give Stratus kudos of acting in this film which was pretty much a indie production that had low budget but it's these kind of films that keep me watching to bide sometime like I am right now to watch CPAC on television. Hopefully Stratus will do another film hopefully a much more better film. She has good talents due to her background as a former professional wrestler who certainly had a great run being a WWE diva before leaving the company.
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An awful movie with very bad acting & dialog in between seeing Trish Stratus fighting in a tiny outfit which is OK. I say C
Tony Heck16 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"This guy is a mobster who probably did 100 things in his life he deserves to die for, why are we sticking up for him?" Jules (Stratus) is a Bail enforcer who along with her partner are the best in town. When they go after a dangerous mobster his "boss" finds out. He offers the hunters a deal to deliver the prisoner to him instead of the cops for $1,000,000. They must then decide what is the right thing to do. So...this is in on way a good or even OK movie on the surface. The plot (I use that term loosely) is overused and the acting is almost as bad as reality show acting. The fight scenes are so bad that even the WWE would say it's fake. All that said though the writers and the director are banking on the fact that putting Trish Stratus in a little school girl outfit while she fights will keep you watching. I am ashamed to admit that it worked. That is the only reason I kept watching. Overall, a horrible movie that is fun to watch. I give it a C.
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You're suppose watch it for the hot wrestler and action shots
KimTwoTheKiko25 December 2011
You're suppose to watch it for the hot wrestler who showed off her house on MTV Cribs and the action shots. I watched till the end so I guess it's watchable. I'm a female whose been watching these kinds of movies since I was five years old. The action shots were a 3/10 for me and the storyline was another 3/10. That's why I gave it a 6/10. There was a lot of swearing which would've been fine if I watched it at my home but I ended up watching it on Christmas Day at the relatives' place. But it was fun to watch while playing on the Playbook. I wish there was more details about each of the bounty hunters' history. The reason why I chose this movie was because I've been reading the Stephanie Plum Bounty Hunter series but there's nothing to compare between the stories.
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An Honest Review
generationofswine24 June 2017
You know what...I am pretty sure it's getting low reviews because audiences think its a T&A film.

Aaaaaaannnnd it kind of is.

And then, you know, the wrestler thing, I can see people deducting points for that too.

And the dumb action movie thing and...

Wait, no, that's sort of why I gave it a 7.

Honestly, it can be really funny at times in a low budget all we have is a script indie film dialogue heavy sort of way...only with a lot of action.

Really, this is a movie you watch and laugh with.

And even more honestly, it comes as a shock because you walk in expecting it to be horrible and get a film with enough humor to pull you through from start to finish.

Ultimately it's far from great, but it's a fun watch. It's a great example of how to do a go nowhere film the right way.
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If a 79 minute movie has FILLER, beware.
Comeuppance Reviews24 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Ridley (Zupancic), Chase (Phillips), and Jules (Stratus) are a team of Toronto-based bounty hunters. Bounty Huntering apparently isn't paying the bills enough for Jules, who has a young daughter, so she has a side job as a strip club waitress part-time. A potential opportunity arises for our trio of 'tracers when, after picking up a bad guy for a $100,000 bounty, mob boss Hal Lambino (Rafla) intervenes and offers them a million dollars if they turn the guy over to him, so he won't spill the beans in court. Wary of this criminal proposition, the Bounty Hunters refuse, and now they have to fight off many baddies in the Canadian underworld. This includes some disgruntled Asian massage parlor ladies, including one especially tough chick, Ruby (Lui), who has a knock-down, drag-out fight with Jules. Will justice prevail in the great white north? Will the maple leaf of freedom fly proudly once again? Will it be, as she has so often claimed, Stratusfaction guaranteed?....Ya HOSER! While it shouldn't be confused with the Michael Dudikoff outings Bounty Hunters (1996) and Bounty Hunters 2: Hardball (1997), THIS Bounty Hunters does share the silly, humorous, tongue-in-cheek vibe of those 90's offerings. For those keeping track, there's also the Robert Ginty vehicle Bounty Hunter (1990) and of course the Lorenzo Lamas/Matthias Hues team-up Bounty Tracker (1993). Seeing as how this movie is called Bail Enforcers in Canada, and there are so many other similarly-titled movies in the U.S., why change it at all? Is "Bail Enforcers" SO different from "Bounty Hunters"? Enough to make any kind of difference? Besides, this movie is so Canadian, we're surprised it wasn't originally called "Boonty Hunters, Eh?" - we kid our neighbors to the north, but at least they're not trying to hide the fact that they're Canadian, like so many others. These filmmakers are true patriots, letting the Canadianness of their movie really shine through, like maple syrup in the sun.

But, straight to the point, if there was no Trish Stratus, there'd be no movie. She brightens most of the scenes she's in, but at one point in the movie she "goes to the hospital" (was she doing WWE stuff at the same time?) and isn't seen for a while, and the movie suffers terribly. Bounty Hunters gets off to a great start, but at the 35 minute mark it loses steam and doesn't recover. The Tony Soprano-like Lambino character goes off on this long monologue and that puts the brakes on. THAT's when we sink down and realize, hey, this whole thing is low-budget, junky, and cheap-feeling. The dialogue goes from ridiculous to ridiculously stupid, and it all goes from "entertaining" to "meh...." What the filmmakers absolutely should have done is kept their foot on the gas, and kept the absurd situations coming fast and furious, not seemingly change the vibe.

At 79 minutes, you think you can't lose, but as we always say, beware the short movies. They're that way for a reason - because they FEEL much longer. Even the Trish Stratus fight scenes start to become repetitive and boring after a while, and those are the movie highlights! If a 79 minute movie has FILLER, beware. It tries to be sordid, with scenes in strip clubs and "massage parlors", but Canada is so clean it never comes off as gritty. The Bail Enforcement Agents have jackets that say "BEA" on the back (is this a real thing in Canada or made up for the movie?) which seem like a little old lady's personal protection force. Or Bea Arthur is really running the show. She should have done action movies. She could've have been the Trish Stratus of her day.

The first third or so of Bounty Hunters is stupidly, reasonably entertaining, but then falls off fast. Only fans with their heads in the StratusPhere are likely to truly appreciate the wanton silliness herein.
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Decent, its a low budget so well...
Destroyer Wod6 April 2012
Honestly when i saw that on the xbox live market place i was like "woaaa... Trish Stratus in a movie?" and i immediately wanted to see it especially since the trailer seem pretty good(lots of action). I got myself a french version of it(I'm from quebec) and this is what i tough of it... I guess if you saw Trish on WWE for over a decade it will be hard to see her being dubbed, but thats just an effect as i had no problem seeing the other dudes dubbed. Trish was a good acting wrestlers back then... but this movie is sure not an acting showcase... its a small budget and even for a dubbed version i could see the acting was not that good. Then the fighting? Decent, some over the top stuff but again i salute the director for trying a mix of classic fighting mixed with more recent MMA.

Well this movie is not produced in any way by WWE or any major studio, its just a very low budget movie with Trish looking super hot even as she get older, with some very decent fighting scene and thats it... I had that in mind when i watched it and i had fun. Now i could totally see Trish as Sonya Blade in the long awaited third Mortal Kombat movie... Her fighting was better than Bridgette Wilson... and her acting on par with her in the first movie... so why not? But sure Trish will never star in any drama... but its not what we ask for her anyway...
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Crime Thriller About Female Empowerment
zardoz-1318 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Former WWE Diva Trish Stratus is partners with two male skip tracers in "Bounty Hunters" who battle trigger-happy mobsters in the asphalt jungle for a high ticket criminal on the lam. This mediocre comedy drama resembles the TV show "The Fall Guy," except Stratus is a bounty hunter who moonlights as a barmaid at a strip joint. Indeed, she knows how to handle herself as an early scene shows her bringing down a guy twice her size at a gym. Of course, the clown who works with her is so incompetent that he cannot protect her; he serves as a source of comic relief. "Psycho Ward" director Patrick McBrearty and scenarist Reese Eveneshen struggle to make the action appear spontaneous in this bounty hunters on the road opus. Literally, one thing leads to another, and the film takes place over the course of day, mostly after dark. Our heroic trio collar one bounty jumper and learn from him about the whereabouts of a bigger ticket. The small fry bounty jumper wants desperately to secure his freedom and tips them off about a major league criminal that organized crime wants to silence at any cost. They mean to kill Mario Antonio with extreme prejudice. Trish stars as Julie Taylor, Bail Enforcement Agent, who works with a young wannabe cop, Chase Thomson (Boomer Phillips) and Ridley (sad-eyed Frank J. Zupancic of "Sweet Karma"), an older fellow with romantic ties to our heroine.

McBrearty stages some amusing combat sequences where Stratus triumphs over her adversaries despite tough odds. Of course, "Bounty Hunters" amounts to lowbrow nonsense with a modicum of suspense. The big opening scene consists of a stand-off between the villains and two bounty hunters with Status caught in the middle. The best thing about this introductory scene is the way that the filmmakers establish the tight spot that the heroine is in by having her narrate it. After a few moments, the film flashbacks to ten hours earlier before our heroes had any idea about the predicament that they would land in by trying earn too much dough too quickly. The highlight of "Bounty Hunters" is the no-holds-barred babe-fight between Stratus in a school girl outfit and a female Asian cop in an ambulance that continues in an abandoned warehouse. No great shakes in any department, "Bounty Hunters" qualifies as fair to middling nonsense. Although "Bounty Hunters" boasts an R-rating profane language, violence and some sexuality as well as nudity, Stratus doesn't bare either boobs or bush. She has a lean, mean body and knows how to handle herself in a fight. Most of the humor is post-Tarantino. One of our heroine's cohorts talks to his penis about his appetite for sexy Asian broads. Characterization is confined to an absolute minimum. Chase is a loser type who suffered a hockey injury that keeps him from getting on the force, while Ridley is a community leader. Eveneshen furnishes a surfeit of garrulous dialogue that makes "Bounty Hunters" sound like something on late-night USA cable. Surprisingly enough, the threesome are somewhat charismatic and have decent chemistry. The dialogue among them is often smirk-worthy. Altogether, "Bounty Hunters" is a potboiler without pretensions.
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Good Cheap fun...
JoeB1311 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this and two major releases today. This film was a lot more fun than the big releases, to be sure.

The acting isn't great, but the plot moves along at a good pace, and they aren't hitting you over the head with a message or anything.

The plot is that a team of bounty hunters lets a petty crook go when he gives them a line on a big fish in the Mob. BUt the Mob wants this guy back pretty bad. The plot is to hang the action scenes on. The female lead is easy on the eyes and the cat-fight is worth the rental.

The film is barely Film School Quality, but honestly, I've seen big studios fritter away budgets larger than a small nations GDP and produce utter crap.
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100% Awful.. Guaranteed!
brimcq547722 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Yuck!! Where do i begin? Besides the atrocious acting, the story is pretty weak as well.. Let me mention my "favorite" scenes... OK first off the group of bounty hunters capture a man wanted by the mob where the bounty is $100,000.. not bad, yet mob boss wants the guy dead and is willing to pay $1,000, that? OK so they say no know because they have moral...blah blah..anyway Trish gets hit by a car and sent to hospital.. She then isn't seen in the movie for about 15 minutes! When we do see her again she is in a ambulance which also has the baddies(1 bad-guy driving, 1 bad-girl in back)..Funny thing is she has no broken bones, bruises, cuts, etc...and she is in her hospital gown yet has on bra and big panties(my wife caught this..i swear to god!).. OK she has a fight..pretty vicious punches and kicks to each others faces, somehow neither girl has a scratch..weird..OK bad girl "wins" and is able to give Trish a shot of some sort to make her fall asleep.. when we see her again the baddies have changed her clothes into a school girl outfit(she wore this isn't the same school girl outfit in WWE...not a very sexy outfit here) complete with leggings and knee-high boots! More fighting between all the baddies and bounty blood or scratches of any sort.. the one guy is "beat" so bad they say he may bleed to death... Bleed from where?? His butt hole?? no visible blood, bruises, etc..OK and the finale... Big Spoiler....... shootout time.. bounty hunters let wanted man who they refused to give to mob for $1 million because of ethics get killed(they had given him a gun filled with blanks to defend himself!), they then kill the mob boss and walk away with the million dollars! How messed up is that? This is one of the worst action films i have seen..The action/fight scenes actually weren't horrible but very unrealistic.. If you miss seeing Trish that much watch her WWE DVD "Trish Stratus - 100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed" again and thank me later...
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I would pass on this movie
victoriawingchun21 April 2014
I was surprised how bad the movie was: bad acting, bad martial arts scenes, no good story. I think a very amateurish low budget movie. Perhaps I am spoiled after watching more than 25 award winning movies the past two months. I guess I can't complain too much since the movie was only $5. at Walmart. I started to watch it with my 10 year old but after ten minutes of hearing all the swearing and seeing the poor movie quality, I shut it off and we watched another show. I have seen more movies like this made by wannabee movie makers, actors and actresses. It doesn't work if you are just good at martial arts and then decide to make an action flick. They don't have acting school and film school for nothing. I am sure all the people in the movie tried hard and are a great bunch of people but making a good movie is a real art and very difficult to do. Of course if I tried making a movie like this, it would be even worse for all the same reasons.
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