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Zitek Biosystems Facility, Los Corrados, California.

In a big, white, shiny, expensive-looking lab, a hot doc with red hair wearing a lab coat passes through two eye scan security systems and goes into a sealed room with special gloves on. She takes a case out of a nitrogen tank and opens it up. It's labeled biohazard. She opens the case but is startled to find five vials of something instead of six.

She finds it on the floor and goes ashen. This is bad news. She warns her colleagues not to come in.

Back at CBI, Jane tries to cheer up Lisbon, who's been sad "ever since..." (we assume he means since Bosco was killed), but she fends off his attempts. He's interrupted by an urgent phone call, from the doc in the biohazard, Alicia Seberg. She's calling him because a brief search of the Internet tells her he's the best detective in her area. "Please come see me," she tells him, "I've been murdered."

A CHP helicopter flies Jane and Lisbon to the lab where they meet Dean Harken, from the California Disease Control Authority. He barks at them that he's in charge and that they have a code red emergency that could potentially kill thousands of people. He thinks the situation was caused by Dr. Seberg. He tells them there's no "criminality" so they're not needed, but he'll let them stay.

Dr. Cliff Edmunds (George Newbern) welcomes them in and tells them they pretty much deal in death - biowarfare, black plague, all the greatest hits, making ways to counterattack them.

They visit Seberg in her glassed-in soon-to-be-tomb. She coolly tells them through the wall how she'll soon die of a heart attack from all of her red blood cells being killed off by the super virus.

She thinks it was deliberate, everybody knows she has the first shift.

Jane guesses that Seberg and Edmunds are married (no great deduction there, she called him "darling" and they have wedding bands on -- they can't all be piercing insights).

Seberg explains that whoever opened the vial could have inoculated themself before opening it - but that won't work for her now.

Only four other people are allowed in the lab and they have high security - so Jane announces that one of them is the killer. Or will be.

Lisbon gets the team doing background checks. "One of them released a lethal super virus that could kill half the state of California so I guess we're looking for someone with a prior background as an evil super villain."

Jane and Lisbon visit the other three doctors, Griffin, Lillith and Florian: Jane runs a one-man interrogation and catches one of them implying Seberg was having an affair with Dr. Kaseem, and her husband Edmunds knew about it.

Jane and Lisbon go back to the glass house and ask Seberg in front of her husband and her lover why she didn't tell them she was having an affair. She doesn't flinch and says because it's not relevant. All three say the couple had an open marriage and it was OK.

Seberg gets a call from her daughter on her computer and web chats her final good-byes. She tells her teenage daughter not to waste time being sad after she's gone, and to be happy.

She gets up and says good-bye to her husband then falls to the ground. Jane listens to the whole thing from around the corner.

Harken comes to conduct the decontamination and Lisbon tells him she's declaring it a murder. He says he'll do the interviewing per guidelines.

Harken interviews one of the other doctors, Florian, and checks off terrorist-related questions on a sheet. Jane thinks the proceedings are ridiculous. He interrupts the interview and tells Harken they're wasting their time. He boasts that he can solve the case after 10 minutes with each suspect. Lisbon hustles him out and he tells her he's working the case.

Northern California Technical Institute. Cho and Rigsby visit the school where Seberg and her husband used to teach with Florian and Lillith, but left abruptly.

A professor they meet with tells them Edmunds had a lot of affairs. He gives them a name: Greta Skye.

Back at the lab, Jane waits for the decontamination to finish and pokes around the biohazards. He offers the guy conducting it a candy bar and then goes to talk to Seberg's daughter Isabelle via web chat. She wants to be near her mother. Jane talks to her about chocolate and grief and encourages her to go tell a friend what's happened.

Jane walks over to the sealed room and sticks his face in the eye scanner, joking "open sesame." The doors slide open.

Oops. (Apparently the virus has been neutralized by now.)

Jane realizes they have to expand their suspect pool. He shows Harken the doors. They talk to Scott Price (the head of security). They all agree he's acting fishy, but when Harken and Lisbon start bickering over who gets to arrest him, he runs.

After a car chase that ends with a parking lot crash, they take him back to HQ. Harken threatens him until Price confesses there were glitches with the software and it essentially didn't work at all for the past two months.

Outside, Jane tries to talk Harken out of Price as a suspect. They're about to pull out tape measures when Jane insinuates that Harken could have done it.

Then it's off to open the container with the super virus - since irradiated from the air. Five flasks remain. They're put back into deep freeze.

On campus, Cho and Rigsby talk to Greta, Edmunds' former lover. She says he's not jealous and she was really cool. Still, once someone left a note under her door calling her a "whore."

Alicia wasn't in the country then and describes a squirrelly lab assistant, Lillith.

Van Pelt calls Lisbon about Lillith, who had a restraining order against her in Canada and spent four months in a mental institute. Jane wants Rigsby and Cho at the lab. He doesn't like Lillith as a suspect, but goes through the motions of objecting to Lisbon telling Harken. Then when she does, he pulls Lillith aside for a chat in a darkened office.

He asks her where the back way out of the lab is. She admits to changing her name and spending time in the mental institution and having a possessive crush on Edmunds, but says she didn't kill Alicia. He tells her they'll find a way to blame her. She runs.

Jane tells Harken and Lisbon not to worry about her, she's not guilty.

Some one comes to tell Harken they have a code red - they find a vial of the super virus opened next to a note that says "I'm sorry." They're all dead.

Harken doesn't understand how the flask got out of the safe. They check the case. Jane's palming something as Lisbon, Edmunds and Harken open the case. He throws something across the room with a crash and when everyone turns to look he swipes one of the vials from the case.

Lisbon begs him to tell her this is a trick, but he asks her why he'd do such a thing.

Edmunds tells everyone it's not a drill. Harken tells everyone that no one can leave and the Air Force will bomb it later. He tells everyone to make their phone calls.

Lisbon calls Cho and tells them it's been an honor working with them. She asks him to call her brother and tell him her last dying wish is for him to make peace with her brothers. She finishes then asks Jane if he wants to call anyone.

He tells her if he were dying, he'd want to call her. She realizes he said "if."

He calls Cho and tells him to disregard Lisbon's message and to wait for people coming out the back way. He explains that he pulled the trick because whoever dosed Alicia would have taken the antidote and had to make a run for it to avoid the bombs later.

And he asks her if it feels good to be alive. She's mainly just angry. But he promises Harken will soon be coming around the corner because someone has run off. They wait. Nothing happens.

Lisbon punches Jane in the nose.

Then Harken runs around the corner.

With Lilith already in the SUV, Cho and Rgisby pick up Griffin coming out the back way.

To placate Harken, Jane gives him the real virus back and runs.

Back at HQ, Griffin admits he was siphoning small amounts of the virus and selling it for $300,000 a gram, which worked fine until Harken came by to do his spot check and he had to spill a vial to cover up for the missing amounts. He didn't care that Alicia would be exposed.

Jane finds Lisbon still treating him coolly, but she's faking. She's feeling much better, mostly from punching him in the nose.


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