The Woman in Black (2012) Poster

Plot Keywords

village house
lawyer marsh
ghost inn
death lost
secret estate
solicitor train
eccentric children
revenge slow motion scene
mental breakdown adoption
crypt bereavement
bird's nest burned to death
fictional village channeling the dead
grave search
engraving rope around one's waist
forest headstone
woman in black blood
reunion opening a window
crow specter
death of boy pulling with a car
rural setting headless doll
voice over letter high chair
death certificate haunting
boy house on fire
terrier briefcase
trance character says thank you
suicide by hanging monkey no see monkey no hear monkey no speak toy
tears drowning
sand castle mother son relationship
covered in mud looking out a window
reunited family tragic event
running into each other's arms stabbing a knife into a tabletop
little girl stepping on a tea cup
rocking chair writing on a wall
father and son running into each other's arms mother daughter relationship
grief horse and carriage
drink driving
family photograph horse drawn wagon
father son relationship last will and testament
food footprint
clock toy
tidal island betrayal
suspicion carrying a dead body in a bedsheet
beach painting
toy cat self immolation
dead son search for a dead body
face at a window black dress
passenger train death of girl
axe suicide by jumping out a window
afterlife accident
drawing journey
thunder wash basin
child suicide causeway
eyes scratched out in a photograph london england
drinking human roadblock
flashback death of wife
crucifix basement
suicide by drowning bird
dead body chihuahua
pacing the floor graveyard
hanged by the neck fear
dog haunted house
apparition hearing voices
caged bird pocket watch
spitting blood genuflecting
loss of child talking to the dead
eating female ghost
raven scream off camera
hatchet distorted voice
seagull horror movie remake
nightmare reference to god
husband wife relationship locked door
birthday card stuck in mud
dead daughter letter
handwritten letter mansion
lantern mirror
fog screaming
broken doll child's tea party
swimming under mud color in title
hearing noises widow
suicide madness
dog eating at a table soaking hands
mud tide
bird nest reunited in death
tomb woods
sleeping on a train rattling a doorknob
stairway nanny
drinking lye fire
law firm shilling
hit by a train parrot
oil lamp locket
peephole murder of a child
bird in a cage sister sister relationship
corpse constable
lye threat of job loss
coughing blood father daughter relationship
rescue loss of wife
toy bear water faucet
blood vomiting single father
friendship monkey cymbal toy
running into a burning bulding water brigade
hanging fireplace
heavy fog murder
thunderstorm wizard
broken tea cup baby boy
reflection in a window superstition
telegram manor house
hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil newspaper
child's drawing traveling with a dog
running disinterment
wind up toy loss
car supernatural power
zoetrope english countryside
sleeping portrait in locket
dilapidated house doll
carriage accident loss of son
vengeance writing under wallpaper
boy on train tracks salt marshes
dead children train station
loss of mother footsteps
person on fire forgiveness
dead wife candle
waving goodbye reading a newspaper
toy monkey wallpaper
stripping wallpaper nursery
spiritualism coffin
portrait painting decaying body
little boy handprint
innkeeper boy ghost
smoke toy rabbit
crying cross
attic girl
music box photograph
drawing on a tomb bathtub
dead child chloroform
rain jumping out a window
suspense old dark house
looking at self in mirror prologue
baby bird single parent
break door in barking dog
widower coach driver
death of daughter flash forward
death in childbirth mausoleum
knocking on a door killed by a train
gothic horror england
walking on train tracks key
violence friend
horse and wagon overhead shot
door key four year old
curse tearing wallpaper off a wall
telephone skeleton
belief in heaven death of child
death of son based on novel

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