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Relationships, best friends and work
MakeBelieve6312 November 2017
I truly watched this movie laughing continuously over the antics the men would go through to get a girl, and the problematic thoughts the women create to get the guy. The advise that a married woman would give a single female and the competition between two best friends. The funniest part is the apartment scene: she's so busy dancing and getting ready to watch a movie, she doesn't notice two men in her place. It's just funny. Because we focus on what we want to see I liked this movie.
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A great comedy
Mihai Toma4 November 2017
When two very different federal agents, with a strong friendship between them, try to seduce and eventually fall for the same woman, the make a deal to fight fair for her heart. Obviously, this is not going to happen so, much sooner than imagined, they start to use every mean considered necessary for this sole purpose.

It's a movie which tries to seem serious by providing a good plot with a couple of good actors, but which can only lead to one result. Thus, what it ends up to be is a great comedy which presents multiple situations, bound to make you laugh out loud. The nice part is that it mostly succeeds, really making you laugh, or at least providing a very good time. The not so good part is that it tends to exaggerate in this aspect, focusing way too much on the funny part of things, leaving the story a little bit behind. It's not something that can ruin the experience, but it is worth noting it.

The overall impression it leaves is a very positive one, managing to create an entertaining atmosphere, with a not so predictable course of events which ultimately lead to a quite satisfying finale. It's a very good watch if you're in for a comedy but don't expect something ground-breaking in terms of everything else.
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Silly premise still results in a smart, funny romantic comedy
mrnunleygo6 December 2016
Hey, this isn't Citizen Kane. But it's funny, the actors are all good, and even though the premise is pretty silly--two secret agent types pursuing the same woman--the writers milked the possibilities about as much as they could without getting mindlessly stupid. The principals don't try to assassinate each other, merely to undermine one another's efforts, and the story works. Also, it doesn't hurt in a Rom-Com that Reese Witherspoon looks gorgeous throughout--as I suppose do Chris Pine and Tom Hardy for those more inclined in that direction--and the supporting cast is equally charming, with Chelsea Handler and Abigail Spencer especially deserving of kudos. What's not to like?
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McG made a great movie wow
adonis98-743-18650331 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Two top CIA operatives wage an epic battle against one another after they discover they are dating the same woman. I really don't get the hate for This Means War it's not a bad movie and sure it's not the best Tom Hardy film ever cause i still love The Dark Knight Rises and The Warrior more but this could come somewhere as 3rd and he even said that he will never make another comedy and i really don't understand why he won't make another one of those kind of films he isn't the first actor that made a comedy that bombed or that critics hated i mean common Al Pacino starred alongside Adam Sandler are you kidding me? There's plenty of actions and laughs especially that paintball scene was awesome and even the fight scene between Pine and Hardy was directed pretty well done and there's also a pretty good chemistry between the 2 men and Witherspoon i think that this is a misunderstood a film it won't turn into a Classic but it's not a bad film too i mean it's from the director of Terminator Salvation and it's actually a pretty movie 10/10.
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OK not great
v-ley10 July 2016
It wasn't as bad as most of the people writing reviews have said. I found it entertaining, to a certain point. After "tuck" has his date, there was no need for the other one to jump right in, it doesn't happen in real life up to a point, I'm guessing. I'm not giving anything away, it's all in the bio. The actors, at least Tom, was way above the silliness, and you can tell he wasn't enjoying this movie as much as his more serious roles. He is too good of an Actor for this movie and his talent is wasted. Chris comes off as this creepy- older- smooth- operator and that just doesn't go away, a normal woman would have picked that up in a heartbeat. I didn't pause or fast forward, which is a plus, but I really wouldn't recommend the movie if you are truly wanting a feel-good Rom-Com. I agree that Reese wasn't her best, or if she is, she's NOT my kind of actor. Again, I have to go with it being just too silly. It would have made a better movie if one of the guys had had to choose, and not the other way around. She wasn't believable, and quite frankly, Tom was too good for this movie.
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tickles in your bones..
Saurabh Mishra21 June 2016
at least the initial part. But the ending was screwed up and unimaginative, leaving a sour after taste for a movie which gave quite a few funny moments in the first half. Maybe it's tough to pull off a nice ending with such movie but still as a viewed i would have liked to stop watching the movie halfway through when the funny bits ended. And yeah those were some funny bits, situational comedy and lame jokes but overall package made it interesting. Would definitely recommend this movie for one viewing (but only the first half), not enough juice to deserve a round 2 though. Oh and Reese looks really nice in that red dress.
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Basically unwatchable - more exciting to watch paint dry
jerome-e17 April 2016
I don't even know where to begin. Here we have two guys who are top CIA agents behaving like high school football jocks. I'm making the rash assumption that the CIA wouldn't ouch 'em with mile-long pole. But okay. They wind up actually fighting over a complete ditz. that's it folks: a plot thinner than a sheet of paper. Dialogue: eh..predictable? Witticism come mostly probably from some online guide to dating written by someone who actually hasn't dated. I was sad to see Tom Hardy appear in this, as he certainly doesn't need to be in this kind of drivel. I'm unable to see how this got a 6.something rating. Glad I didn't pay for a ticket to the movie theater,
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Hardy anyone will be pine'ing over this flop
MrUnimpressed22 February 2016
Initially when I saw the poster i thought it would be worth watching, after all look at the big 3 cast members; Reese Witherspoon has won an Oscar and Tom Hardy is the man that portrayed the bane character better than I could have thought possible.

What a disappointment, that's all I could piece together after watching this flop of a romantic comedy trying and failing to be an action.

The story follows two elite CIA agents FDR (Chris Pine) and Tuck (Tom Hardy) after they are grounded for failing a mission in Hong Kong. Back on US soil the two fall for the same girl, Enter Lauren (Reese Witherspoon). They enter a gentleman's agreement to see who can steal Laurens heart. However the rules go out the window and the last thing on the men's mind is being gentlemanly. They implore their CIA skills on one another in a 'whatever it takes to get the girl' mentality.

In her defence Reese played the role rather well however the two lead males left much wanting. The storyline is predictable with few laughs along the way which is why they have tried to shove obscenely designed action scenes down your throat to make you forget about the comedy you were promised but are still waiting for.

It was a very bland, predictable film which has you checking your watch hoping, praying that it will end soon.

I recommend next time you're at the video store just keep on walking and don't look back when you see this title.

Mr Unimpressed remains very much unimpressed.
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Good cast and a very fun film
Davis P7 February 2016
This means war starring Reese Witherspoon, chris pine and Tom Hardy is a really fun movie overall. The cast is great in their roles and the script is funny, romantic and had its moments of action. Witherspoon was a great choice for the lead role, she's a lovable and tough confident woman. Chris Pine is one of my favorites, for both his acting and his sinful good looks. He plays the guy who is sensitive underneath but has an outer look of a playboy. Tom hardy is the sexy English guy who is very sweet but isn't quite as "fun" as chris pine. I really liked the chemistry between both her and Pine and her and hardy. Of course I won't reveal who ends up together at the end but I was satisfied. Also, another very funny part of the film is Reese's best friend Chelsea handler. I absolutely loved her character!! She has hilarious lines and it works so well because she's a natural comedian. The action is fun and pretty over the top at times, which worked. Overall it's one of my favorites just because of how much fun I have while watching it. 8/10 for This Means War! Very much recommended.
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This Means War had it's moments, but overall it was a very weak movie.
Jack Munson7 October 2015
The story follows two agents that are trying to go after one girl. In stereotypical fashion this causes conflict and so on. The story became very repetitive and dull throughout. The funniest part was that there was an antagonist in the movie. AN ANTAGONIST IN A ROM COME! There is this guy that the two agents try and get at the beginning of the movie and he causes problems randomly.

The acting was borderline bad. Chris Pine was his normal pretty boy character that he does in a lot of movies. Don't get me wrong, he is good when he wants to be, but often times he plays the same character. Tom Hardy is still his great self, being the biased guy that I am, he did another great job, except this movie isn't good. Reese didn't have her spoon in this one either. She was just there to be pretty and say things, she didn't really develop at all. She is the same girl throughout the entire movie.

The camera was OK, there was a couple good shots, but nothing to recommend the movie to someone for.

The soundtrack was pretty good, it was filled with some popular songs that made some cool moments (I'm talking about the opening scene). The soundtrack didn't effect the movie as a whole though, it was just there.

This Means War was entertaining for one viewing, I would only watch it again if my parents, SO, or friends wanted to watch it. The movie was story, acting, and everything weak. It was fun, but I don't see it being fun again.

This Means War does do one thing. Prove that Tom Hardy could play a bad ass Sam Fisher.
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Action comedy spot on!!!
Garvit Nangia27 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
There is hard to see an action comedy so well directed and written that you not only get involved with the action, but also enjoy the comedy. Though the makers of the film McG, Director and Timothy Dowling & Simon Kinberg, writers have decreased the action rate, but the comedy is spot on. The incident which allows the two most hard hitting agents to fight for love is amazing. The story can be predicted but it has certain ends which makes you laugh and enjoy the moment. Even if the story is predictable at times, it doesn't bore you, instead you move with the story ahead and enjoy it even more. Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy gives great performances and Chelsea Handler as Trish is equally supporting and funny at times. There are certain movies in which the actor shines with his or her performance, but this movie is all about the makers who have given a beautiful script the perfect directorial edge which makes it look much better. Just Chillax!!!!! And enjoy the movie with a popcorn and soft drink.
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Not men too!
jayneyhere1 June 2015
It was bad enough looking at Hollywood women with upper lip enhancement that makes them look like they were hit in the mouth (not to mention it's so phony looking), but this movie now indicates men are getting this stupid upper lip enhancement too. It just looks completely stupid and obvious, and it's so distracting that it makes getting "into" the movie, a lot harder. I can understand (maybe) why Hollywood thinks women should have plump sexy lips (but they don't pull it off) but men should look natural, that's what gives them character. Otherwise they're just another face in the crowd of hundreds of other pretty boys trying to make it in the movies now. Please stop this uglification of the human face, who started this anyway?
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This Means War on Witherspoon!
Python Hyena4 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This Means War (2012): Dir: McG / Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, Tom Hardy, Chelsea Handler, Til Schweiger: The title should be the attitude of anyone who has the misfortune of seeing this film. It is a romantic comedy about relationships and fighting for what matters. Unfortunately producers fought too hard to get this contrived tripe into release. Chris Pine and Tom Hardy play best friends who happen to be secret agents, and they both happen to be connected to the same woman. When they learn this, they decide to compete for her, which leads to them upstaging each other through deceit and using sabotage. The plot is preposterous and constantly jerks viewers around. McG is notorious for crazy action scenes. It worked in Terminator: Salvation but the two Charlie's Angels films are pathetic. This is formula driven crap that leads to a massive fight in a restaurant over a woman whose intelligence is limited to the very worst of blonde jokes. Witherspoon is a fetching actress who has done better films than this. Here she is torn between two males and will decide to sleep with both in order to make up her mind. That just render her the biggest dumb ass in the film, but Pine and Hardy are only a couple steps behind with their willingness to shell out their friendship over this. Chelsea Handler plays Witherspoon's vulgar mouthed advice giving friend who really should hear herself. Til Schweiger plays a villain that is about as threatening as the Cookie Monster. Well made film that addresses these dating sites, however it also means war on the intelligence of anyone with any good sense. Score: 4 / 10
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This Means War
Troy Putland13 April 2015
Male viewers want to watch the latest action movie. Female audiences would rather see a romantic comedy (as the stereotypes go). How do you keep both genders happily entertained with one film? By mixing the genres together, and with This Means war, it pays off. Reese Witherspoon's Lauren is the centre of attention. She's blissfully unaware that the two men she's dating happen to be best friends. She carefully juggles woman down-on-her-luck with the strong woman to aspire to (for the women, only). Pals and partners FDR (Chris Pine) and Tuck (Tom Hardy) bring the action, but their initial mission takes a back seat as they wage war against each other for her affection. FDR is the confident, often cocky type and Tuck is the silent, kind hearted British type. They eavesdrop on Lauren's conversations to win her over. This opens up an intelligent scene that sees Witherspoon dancing around her apartment making popcorn whilst Pine and Hardy expertly place cameras when she's not looking. As highly entertaining as their squabble is, it's foolish that they're allowed to use the CIA's resources to spy on each other. Blah blah's villain is wasted, Chelsea Handler is hilarious as Witherspoon's mad friend and potential competition between the agents could be used elsewhere, but This Means War is still an entertaining, funny watch thanks to its dogmatic love triangle.

Check out my other reviews on
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But of course you know This Mean War
Terryfan22 March 2015
I'm just one of those fans of movies who try to look past the junk and see the treasure while I didn't find any with This Mean Wars.

I actually found This Means War quite entertaining.

The plot centers around Foster (Played by Chris Pine) and Tuck (Played by Tom Hardy) who are best friends while working for the CIA however they begin dating the same girl Lauren (Played by Reese Witherspoon).

Which leads us to a series of events where both men try to get the girl.

Now the plot is not something we haven't seen before but it is worth while to watch.

Chris and Tom and Reese play off well with their characters that they play and given us quite some comedy moments which when I watch I got some good kicks out of it. So yeah I went into this film without knowing or even seen a trailer for it

Sure the film isn't perfect but considering what I have seen in the last few years this one is actually worth my time because I found it funny and entertaining.

Plus I like Reese, Tom and Chris' performances in the film.

Overall if you're looking for a film that is a comedy and something different then could be your film.

I give This Mean Wars an 7 out of 10

Of Course You Know This Means War!
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Good enough
phoenix 220 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
FDR and Tuck are two agents and best friends, who seem inseparable. But when they start dating the same girl, their friendship gets in the way. Okay, so the dialogs were awful and the action scenes terrible, not to mansion the story about their enemy who wants them dead. But other than that, this means war is not so bad. It's funny at some points, and corny romantic at others, but it is entertaining. You can really enjoy it if you don't expect much of it and you don't prepare yourself for an action movie. This means war its a romantic comedy first and foremost, with some bits of action, that don't really blend in with the rest of the story. So, for a romantic comedy about two guys fighting for a girl is really good, and there for I give this movie a five out of ten.
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Worthless, valueless, hopeless
Adam Peters26 February 2015
(9%) Three big name stars take more than a couple of steps back in terms of respect as human beings to earn their pay-cheques in this lousy, everything wrong with mainstream Hollywood garbage. I remember this being out in cinemas at a time when my local multiplex had a hugely discounted offer meaning it was actually cheaper to see a new film such as this on the big screen than it was to rent a 4-9 month old one for the small screen at home. And to be honest I'm glad I paid a visit to Blockbuster (R.I.P) and walked out with less change in my pocket than pay a little less to sit through this trash. Chris Pine's character could have been played by almost anyone, Tom Hardy has the look of a man who knows without doubt that he's wasting his time, and Reese Witherspoon's lines largely amount to "oh my god!" over and over again. It's all a bit like watching clearly talented people all huddled around a dirty side-street giggling to themselves as they poke at road kill with a stick, only McG's there too dribbling onto himself while standing next to a sack of rotting dog corpses with his penis hanging out. This is a terrible, head thumpingly bad movie, with an awful half-arsed script, phoned-in performances, overblown and very fake looking action, and one of the worst unfunny bum note endings ever to land on a movie producer's desk.
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Well done, well casted, a good film.
ammabee-956-92704331 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Underrated in my opinion. When it started, the first 2 minutes, I thought it'd be AWFUL. Unfunny, a bit boring, I thought it'd be a boring, love triangle, with some shoot outs. But then Chelsea Handler and Reese Witherspoon had their first scene together and I realized it was gonna be good. Reese Witherspoon is in my top 3 favorite actresses EVER. Wild was amazing. Walk the Line was a phenomenal film. She is a great actress. The men are good as well. The plot as I said before is lacking. I thought it'd just be a dumb action film with a love triangle. But, everything else is almost perfect. I did not like the end very much. I believe FDR was a huge mistake. Also, a few attempts of comedy failed. But, overall a satisfactory film. OFFICIAL REVIEW : Cast - 9/10 Plot - 7/10 Script - 9/10 Overall - 8/10
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cynical accounting book.
kylepaterson118 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The two times I laughed at this movie are overrided by just how cynical, incoherent and sloppy This Means War actually is. The script comes across like it was written by an 8 year old boy who is dying to prove to the world that he's more grown up and mature than he actually is. Along with McG's inability to direct action sequences with his fast paced yet sloppy camera-work, he also shows real skill in making high profile actors Tom Hardy, Chris Pine and Reese Witherspoon look like they don't give a s**t and are only there to pick up the check at the end of the shoot, topped by the annoying bitchy performance of Chelsea Handler. Probably all because the actors knew their characters were stupid and unlikeable (Tom Hardy's character the only slightly likable one). it gets to the point where you do wish that the bad guy in the film shows up sooner n stops these sleezy, creepy and cynical attempts of the guys to win the hand and heart of reese witherspoon.

This Means War takes a potentially very good idea for a film and then sucks the life out of it by turning it into a cynical, lazy, money milking accounting book of trash.
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Not a total mess, but
castala14 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
It's impossible to think that this film was made without the writers have asked themselves a simple question. Which is: what will happen when the girl discover these two guys are the best pals in the world? Woman would be furious, outraged and cheated. It's hard to even imagine this meeting between the three main characters will never happen. Sorry to spoil it, but when it does, the rest of the story is so useless it's hard to even care about what's going on in the end. And it's not the worst part of the film. We're in the middle of a buddy movie, an action thriller and a romantic comedy. Neither of these three sides is passing the test. I gave a 4 for four reasons: Pine, Hardy and Whiterspoon are doing their best, and are producing a couple of smiles in some scenes. But the cup is going to Chelsea Handler, the best friend who gave so much bad advices to Lauren that it's getting rather funny in the end. This actress is very good in this supporting role. The movie last 103 minutes, and it's at least 15 minutes too long. Don't pay for this, just watch it on free TV. Doing this probably helped Reese Witherspoon to make a statement for her career: she played in three great movies launched in 2014 (Wild, The Good Lie and Inherent Vice). "This means war" is a mistake in her filmography.
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Terribly Cliché
Matthew Luke Brady26 December 2014
I'm so happy that Tom Hardy and Chris Pine still have a career after this movie, because this almost ruining their acting career's, well to me it did.

This Means War is about these two deadly CIA operatives are inseparable partners and best friends until they fall for the same woman. Having once helped bring down entire enemy nations, they are now employing their incomparable skills and an endless array of high-tech gadgetry against their greatest nemesis ever - each other.

The one thing I always hate about these brain dead action comedy movies, is the fact that the action and comedy itself isn't well done and it feels out of place. Well what am I expecting from the same director who previously bought us Ouija, Terminator Salvation and 3 Days To Kill. If you haven't guess yet I hated this movie.

This Means War unsettle me in so many wrong ways. The all film feels like it was written by a 13 year old boy who loves action films and was a big fan of Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, and also a fan of boobs, explosions and simply turning off you're brain and just take whatever is on the screen. This is the time were my job feels like living torture.

The director of the film "McG" who's the best example to show to young film maskers out there of what not to do or what to avoid making a film, because this guy can't even directed action or even a good movie. Every shot looks cheap, lazy and uninspiring.

The writing in this movie is... AWFUL!. Every time a character says something that suppose to be charming or cool comes off painful and extremely cliché to the point where I wanted to punch my TV screen to end the movie quicker. Dialogue is the most important thing to have in movies, and yeah in silent movies you didn't hear people talking, but you sawed the letters of dialogue on the screen and their lips moving, but when your main problem is the dialogue in you're film, you're movie is going nowhere.

These one scene in this movie where Tom Hardy and Chris Pine meet with Reese Witherspoon character. At one point she couldn't decide who's better in bed, Hardy or Pine. So she has this big drama you know the crying and the running away to cry somewhere else. Now right they you can clearly see that the film wants me to care about her character and I simply don't, she's a freaking whore and deserves lots of pain, because she dated two guys at once, cheating on them and can't decide who's better in bed and she only pick one of them who's good at sex. Do you know why I hate this character and I will pay good money to see Captain Kirk and Bane teaming up to ruining this women life.

Overall This Means War is terribly cliché with a weak finale and a awful screenplay. Nobody should waste their time with this film because it's just not worth it.
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AN American MOVIE
Rakibul Islam22 December 2014
This Means War is a 2012 American romantic comedy spy film directed by McG. The film stars Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, and Tom Hardy as victims of a love triangle in which two CIA agents who are best friends discover that they are dating the same woman.The film opened to mostly negative reviews. Based upon 165 reviews, it received a 26% "rotten" score on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average score of 4.3/10 with the consensus saying, "A career lowlight for all three of its likable stars, This Means War is loud, clumsily edited, and neither romantic nor funny." On Metacritic, the film holds a rating of 31 out of 100, based on 36 reviews, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews".

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone found this "action-spiked remix death-sentenced by a lack of humor, heart and a coherent reason for being. I could say more, but do I really need to? Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times considered the film "an incompetent stupid action comedy" that was "so bad it's nothing else but bad" and observed that Witherspoon lacked the "irresistible raw sex appeal" to be "convincing as the woman go to war over. Richard Roeper of ReelzChannel called the film "one of the worst movies of this or any other year" and mocked Handler, who looked old, "lost," and "haggard" while delivering "her lines in a kind of flat monotone.
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The CIA Needs Better Management
dglink18 December 2014
Three attractive leads are wasted in this silly bit of nonsense concocted for non-discriminating date-night viewers. Chris Pine and Tom Hardy are FDR and Tuck, best friends and co-workers, who are involved in a serious bromance that makes Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid seem like casual acquaintances. The script says they work for the CIA and are in pursuit of a bad guy named Heinrich. Evidently, the CIA is in deep trouble, because the cocky pair spend little time doing their assigned jobs. Angela Bassett, in a small unsympathetic role as their superior, is completely unable to manage the dynamic duo. Rather than focus their attention on Heinrich, Pine and Hardy each separately and unwittingly connect with the same young woman on an online dating site, using CIA computers and time, and spend the rest of the film competing with each other for her affections, also using CIA time and resources.

As Lauren, the romantic objective of the pair, Reese Witherspoon is an eyeful and matches the duo in both cockiness and physical appeal. Although the script says Lauren is a consumer advocate, her attire suggests she is advocating something more than outdoor grills. Equally salacious and also advocating something more than mom and apple pie, Chelsea Handler plays Trish, Lauren's close friend and romantic adviser. While Handler may have thought she had an Oscar-worthy role, she comes across as abrasive and annoying. Her crude comments and frank sexual advice to Lauren are often distasteful and not particularly humorous. Even lovely Rosemary Harris, who appears briefly as FDR's grandmother, specializes in revealing embarrassing secrets about bodily functions. The script mistakenly associates crass with genuine humor.

The explosive and exciting opening scene promises an entirely different movie from what actually plays out. The gunfire and explosions disappear, Heinrich seems to be a largely forgotten annoyance, and the film descends into a silly macho oneupmanship in ridiculous and unconvincingly set-up sequences. Eventually, entangled in its own complexity without a clear resolution, the film peters out in a pat, convenient, and unconvincing ending. Evidently, before they signed on, the three stars said "show me the money," because none of their careers was enhanced by this slick, silly, unconvincing film.
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Needs more Shatner
tieman6418 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
An inept film by super-hack McG, "This Means War" stars Chris Pine and Tom Hardy as a pair of CIA agents who discover that they are dating the same woman (Reese Witherspoon). The duo use CIA resources to woo their love interest, whilst periodically battling villains and criminals.

"This Means War" needs a tone and aesthetic in the vein of Hitchcock's "To Catch a Thief" or Donnersmarck's "The Tourist". McG's script and tone, though, are mostly crass. With poorly written roles and arbitrary conflict resolutions, Witherspoon, Pine and Hardy nevertheless work well as photogenic altars to plastic surgery, Hollywood gym routines, diets and stylists.

4/10 - Worth one viewing.
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