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Boxoffice Magazine
A dating fantasy for girls and an action bromance for guys, This Means War wins the Valentine date crowd in swoops and strokes, but does it lead to swoons? Not really.
The gut-whomping, high-concept romantic thriller This Means War is not a distinguished addition to director McG's oeuvre.
Slant Magazine
This Means War seems so concerned with being the best product, it doesn't even know how to be good trash.
If you can get past the gross invasion of privacy issues that would exist if this were real life and not just a frothy confection, what you have is some bittersweet fun peppered by bursts of sharp patter, the best between the boys.
This screwball premise lives or dies by the chemistry between Pine and Hardy, who are too busy trying to out-appeal one another to make the buddy dynamic click.
Village Voice
The cocky presumption of charm that isn't actually there is precisely the problem with action-comedy This Means War.
"War" is depressingly mean-spirited.
Charmless and histrionic, this mean-spirited movie takes place in the toyscape of McG (Charlie's Angels), a monomonikered director who makes Michael Bay seem thoughtful.
The Hollywood Reporter
This perfectly dreadful romantic action comedy manages to embarrass its three eminently attractive leading players in every scene, making this an automatic candidate for whatever raspberries or golden turkeys or other dubious awards may be given in future for the films of 2012.
The result is 98 minutes of moronic stupidity already being labeled on the Internet as "the worst movie of the year."

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