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One of my favorite faith-based movies
laurenbeatty317 September 2011
Soul Surfer is in the top 10 of my favorite faith-based movies. It really is a tremendous uplifting film that leaves you in tears from the very beginning to the very end. And it's all attributed to God. Kudos to Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt for being in the film and giving terrific performances! I give Soul Surfer a 10 out of 10

My top 10 faith-based movies of all time are: 1) Ben-Hur; 2) The Genius Club; 3) Soul Surfer; 4) Facing the Giants; 5) Chariots of Fire; 6) End of the Spear; 7) The Climb; 8) Gospel of John; 9) Time Changer; 10) Book of Matthew

You're missing out if you haven't seen these films!
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Absolutely incredible!
xxelizadxx12 April 2011
I'm not often compelled to write movie reviews online, but after seeing some of the bad reviews this film got, I decided I would. This film is well worth your time and money. Granted, some of the scenes may feel cheap and I think my brother could create a better CGI shark. That's not the point. AnnaSophia Robb does a spectacular job of playing Bethany Hamilton, a 13 year-old girl determined to continue doing what she loves after losing an arm to a shark. Helen Hunt and Dennis Quaid do an excellent job of portraying her supporting parents. The raw display of emotion from herself and the rest of the cast is mesmerizing. The character chemistry and development could not work better here. The film includes great cinematography and well-done surf scenes which add to the overall effect. If this movie does not inspire you, I don't know what will. The target audience is teenage girls, but the whole family can enjoy Soul Surfer. You will leave the theater feeling uplifted after viewing this great film. SEE THIS MOVIE! You will not be disappointed.
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A triumph as a family movie
NormanKaufman16 April 2011
I went to support a family-valued film. But, I was touched and moved by the honesty and the reality of the events as they occurred.

Some of the special effects with the surf were awesome, wish there had been more.

Anna Sophia Robb stole every scene she was in. Her performance was understated and real.

Soul Surfer is a tear jerker, with an upbeat message, and ultimately makes you feel triumphant. For the Christians, there is a hymn in an outdoor church and a few references to scripture and God.

Some short documentary clips before the end credits were a highlight. Like Bethany surfing, appearances on Late Night talk, and reporters interviews. Makes me think that a biographical documentary about the real heroine, Bethany Hamilton, would be terrific.
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Truly inspirational!
sheriesuter9 April 2011
This film touched my heart in a way few ever have it was well done in every aspect. The acting was excellent, everyone in this very strong cast turned in excellent performances's but Annasophia Robb was a stand out, absolutely genuine in her performance, your heart breaks for her and soars with her. The cinematography was beautiful and the under water shots were very creative. The special effects are convincing. But the true star of this film is the story itself. It tells the remarkable story of Bethany Hamilton which can not help but challenge and inspire the viewer. I can not recommend it highly enough. Don't miss this one! It is family safe we went with 7 people ages 12 to 70 and everyone loved it. It inspired us all!
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Inspirational film and amazing story
Warning: Spoilers
(Synopsis) This is the true story of Bethany Hamilton, a 13-year-old female surfer who lost her left arm to a 14-foot tiger shark. Instead of giving up surfing over the loss of her arm, Bethany was determined to get back on her board several weeks later and prove that she is truly a soul surfer.

(My Comments) Soul Surfer is an inspirational film for the whole family and an amazing story about a young girl who overcomes overwhelming obstacles and turns a traumatic tragedy into an achievement and triumph. The movie presents Bethany's family and their Christian faith that caries them through this life altering event. Bethany has become a positive role model for others that have a disability and have lost their faith. AnnaSophia Robb delivers a powerful and riveting performance as Bethany that is sure to win your hearts. Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt's performances were very believable and real. You will actually begin to care for each of these characters, and the reason may be that you know that the story is based on real life events. You don't have to worry about the shark attack, because the scene was done quickly and not drawn out. Stay for the credits to see actual pictures. You will leave the movie feeling very good and upbeat. (Sony Pictures, Run Time 1:46, PG-13)(8/10)
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An Uplifting and Inspirational tale about turning Tragedy into Triumph.
OneWayFilms20005 March 2011
Based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton, a 13 year old competitive surfer with big dreams and a courageous spirit. Coming from a family of surfers, riding the waves is all Bethany can dream about. But her dreams turn into a nightmare after a sudden shark attack takes her left arm and her hopes of ever surfing again.

Soul Surfer is an inspirational film for the entire family about overcoming obstacles and turning tragedy into triumph.

Filmed entirely in Hawaii, it offers some gorgeous cinematography and wonderful surf-action shots and features an all-star cast including Helen Hunt, Denis Quaid, Craig T Nelson and AnnaSophia Robb as Bethany, the teen titan with a heart of gold.

Soul Surfer is a well produced film, that leans heavily on it's soul-lifting story, stellar acting and a rocking soundtrack on a moderate budget. It's encouraging to see such big Hollywood names doing such inspirational family fare without the inflated-sized salary demands.

Helen Hunt and Dennis Quaid actually seem to be enjoying themselves alongside the rising talents of the young cast members, most notably AnnaSophia Robb, best remembered for her role in Bridge to Terabithia, Jumper and Because of Winn Dixie. AnnaSophia delivers a powerful and gripping performance that is sure to win your heart and leave you breathless as she struggles to overcome all odds. Carrie Underwood seems a bit misplaced as the youth pastor who comforts and encourages Bethany, but while her screen time is short, she proves that singing may not be her only talent.

For a film based on a true story, I got caught up in the action and well paced story-telling. I found myself entranced by and caring for each of the characters. When the shark attack scene unfolded, I found myself holding my breath and completely taken in by the film. A rare victory few films can achieve.

I admired the way the film presented Bethany's family and their Christian faith, being faithful to church and being such positive role models. But I was disappointed in the failed opportunity to present more biblical truth to a secular audience. Like many recent films being marketed to a Christian audience, the presented faith in Soul Surfer was played a bit too safe and generic to arouse any converts since it lacked in any gospel message, but if viewed with a Christan who knows how to use the film as a topic starter, it can be a great tool or ice breaker.

Another refreshing bonus was the lack of any profanity or sexuality, making it completely suitable and safe for viewing in a church or youth group setting.

I highly recommend this entertaining and uplifting film for the entire family.
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Soul Surfer is Absolutely Incredible!
jennanoah1 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is such an amazing story that it's really hard to believe it actually happened! It's nearly unfathomable to think of any 13-year-old girl getting attacked by one of the largest and fiercest wild animals on the planet, having a limb ripped off, losing over 60% of her blood and being moments from death . . . and then having the fearless faith and determination to get back on the board less than a month later . . . going on to compete with power, grace, and dignity to accomplish more than anyone ever dreamed she would. She learned some of the most valuable lessons in life through this tragedy, and now her courage, her confidence, her smile, and her kindness has inspired countless people around the world who have disabilities, who have gone through equally traumatic tragedies, who have given up, and who have lost their faith. The truth is, Bethany Hamilton inspires us all to fight through the temptation to let our unfortunate circumstances bring us down to a place where we stop pursuing our dreams. Through her heart and her life story we see that God is good. Everyone, young and old and in between, in all walks of life, should see this movie and be moved to believe that they can do all things . . . and make their dreams come true.
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Terrific Movie
lkl641110 April 2011
I wanted to see Soul Surfer for many reasons, primarily because I recently learned about Bethany Hamilton and wanted to see her courageous story. I also heard it advertised on our local radio station and thought it sounded like a good movie.

The movie clearly portrays the Hamilton family as a close group who walked through an extremely difficult tragedy with grace and courage.

The scene when Bethany is attacked by the whale is brief but the aftermath is bloody and somewhat difficult to watch so I would encourage parents to be mindful of this. I took my almost-10-year old daughter to see it with me, but I discussed ahead of time what the movie was about. I didn't know what to expect with the actual shark but I did remind her that shark attacks are very rare, that this young woman spent much of her time in the ocean, etc. I think my daughter was still a little haunted by the images, so please be mindful that younger kids could be traumatized.

Still, the movie is worth seeing, especially by teens and adults. This courageous young woman took a personal tragedy and made it something meaningful and positive. Bless her! The acting is solid, the action is quick, the script is realistic and keeps moving well. I liked everything about it and hope the movie does really well. We need more inspiring, uplifting messages today.

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Terrific Film with Terrific Surfing
I have watched a lot of surfing movies over the years but nothing as captivating as Soul Surfer. The acting is terrific but the locales make you want to move to Hawaii. In most sports based movies you expect the star of the film to win. It is sort of a given. However, this movie expertly sets the viewer up for another kind of win. Not just a trophy or a magazine cover but a win that takes the viewer done the road in his or her personal struggles. There is a lot of talk about faith based film but this film isn't really about faith it is about how to get up when you are down and make a difference. I have always been a big fan of Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt especially her performance in Castaway with Tom Hanks but she plays the mom in this film with perfection and although I never though of Dennis as a surfer like Patrick Swayze he does his part as the girls father and couch perfectly. I went to the film expecting something good but I came away from the film having experienced something great.
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A very uplifting story about a girl's faith in God
summerdaisies_840910 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This film is based on a true story about a young girl named Bethany Hamilton. One day she is out surfing with her family friends. As she is lying on her board a shark attacks her leaving her with her left arm bitten off. Her close friend Alana and her family attempt to pull her to shore. She is then rushed to hospital for serious medical attention.

Less then one month later she is determined to get back in the water and learn to surf again with only one arm. With the support of her friends and family she is surfing again in no time. Bethany is a strong believer in God and thinks that he is always by her side trying to encourage her in order to reach her goals. This film proves to you that with the help of your family and friends you can get through anything that life throws at you. With great surfing scenes and lovable characters you should definitely go see it, 9/10.
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A wonderful story for the whole family
Bruce Jones9 April 2011
When a film is based upon such a widely known story it's a real challenge for film makers to do justice to both the original story and to an audience who expect to be entertained. I feel they delivered on both counts. So, thank you.

Of course, the core of the story is the terrible shark attack that happened to Bethany Hamilton. That kind of thing is universally thought to be so horrific that merely surviving at all would be a triumph of human will. But Bethany Hamilton transcended that by leaps and bounds to become an international icon for what it means to be courageous in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds. Her courage, strength, perseverance, dedication, work ethic, professionalism and just plain bare faith have become a model for success to a large number of people all over the world. She has justly earned every accolade, every compliment and every success that I feel sure she feels privileged to have received. Oh, and she's gorgeous too.

With that incredible young woman's story as the fodder for the film it was a walk in the park for the film makers. All they had to do was tell the truth and let the facts speak for themselves. But that is something Hollywood has a lot of trouble doing. But this simple formula seems to be what they did, and did masterfully. The setting for the film is one of the most breathtaking on earth, so that was easy to enjoy. The cinematography was excellent as was, of course, the special CGI effects. Makeup and costuming didn't have much of a stretch, letting the beauty of the islands, its people and the athleticism, beauty and youth of the principal actors deliver what artificiality never could.

The cast was well chosen with the petite AnnaSophia Robb as Bethany Hamilton and Lorraine Nicholson as Bethany's lifelong friend Alana Blanchard. Much of the story centered on these two girls so it was a lot for them to carry. I can imagine how it must have been difficult for Robb to try to give credence to a part depicting someone who is so genuinely bigger than life - even legendary. I think she did a terrific job. I was taken in by watching her nuances of emotion throughout the film. She's no rookie but this was a real challenge that she met with talent and grace.

Nicholson was a perfect fit as Hamilton's friend; adding a few smiles to the tension we all certainly felt watching the story unfold. Real friendships should never be underplayed and she came across as a solid, loving friend to Bethany. Then Helen Hunt as Bethany's mother Cheri Hamilton and Dennis Quaid as her father Tom Hamilton both did outstanding work, but that's what I've come to expect from them. I think I'd be genuinely shocked if either of them ever did poorly in any role. They were ably backed by Kevin Sorbo as Alana's father Holt Blanchard and Craig T. Nelson as Dr. Rovinksy, Bethany's attending physician. All of them made the film that much better and I enjoyed every minute each was on screen. Perhaps the most interesting to me is watching Quaid. He's become quite a versatile and talented actor.

Last but not least was Carrie Underwood as Sarah Hill. This is the first time I've seen her do any acting and I can say she did a terrific job. I really liked her playing the part of someone who was so important to Bethany's success and she did so with genuine warmth and friendliness.

I was very well entertained as was everyone who attended the screening with me. I left the theater with the thought that I wish much success to the film - it's a masterful character tale for all young people the world over - and ever increasing success to Bethany Hamilton herself. She deserves no less.

By Bruce L. Jones
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Real and Inspirational
critizzle11 April 2011
The film is awesome. In dealing with an event that involves going from one of the best situations on earth to one of the worst, this family's story shows what a true foundation can accomplish in dealing with life. Living on beautiful Kauai and enjoying a cool childhood, surfing, friends and family all cool - then bam. Many people would be crushed by her ordeal, but this story is one we all could learn from. With the right perspective nothing is impossible. Excellent surfing photography, the underwater shots were cool. AnnaSophia Robb, Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt were perfect. The family just all worked together, from the brother's concern to the dad's creativity. Craig T Nelson was a cool example of the vibe of the people there, doing their jobs professionally, and being human. I like how the example of the competitive winner of the surf contests ended up being respected by Hamilton, for not 'going easy' on her. It's a cool lesson in not just being a hater, but looking at the bright side of a situation, and it was the beginning of respect shown later between the two. Bet it makes a lot of people think about what foundation Bethany Hamilton had to be such an example. Young or old, we could all learn from the Hamilton's. Thank you, makers of this film, for doing your fine work. Aloha
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Terrible ...
celticscoobs4 May 2011
Right from the get go I fund it incredibly hard to swallow how perfect Bethany and her family are portrayed . There was Zero realism in the film which I found to be a sickly sweet exercise with nothing new to offer at all . I thought or hoped that they might have been original in the telling but this was nothing more than a Glossy version of a made for TV weepy .

On the plus side The cinematography was great and the action shot enjoyable and well choreographed .

If you love surfing then you'll probably enjoy this for the most part and for a Christian film or at least one with a strong Christian message this is definitely one of the better ones . But this is no '127 hours ' which is a shame given the source

Bethanys true story is an horrific and inspiring one , this was super sickly sweet, patronising, over acted poorly scripted nonsense from start to finish . wait for it to come out on DVD ...
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Wonderful film, Surprisingly well done
scottpollak1 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
First let me say that even as a Christian I always approach any movie that has Christian overtones or a Christian theme with a ton of hesitation. Most are poorly produced, poorly acted and not terribly entertaining.

"Soul Surfer" is NOT a Christian movie per se', but does carry within it the strong thread of the Hamilton family's faith. Fortunately it is tastefully integrated into the storyline and doesn't beat you over the head with it.

The true story is, of course, one of astounding courage. If indeed the real Bethany Hamilton's reaction to her ordeal was anything close to how it is portrayed in this film, then all of us can take a huge lesson in courage and strength from this amazing young lady.

The first thing my wife and I commented on to each other as we watched the sneak preview was the incredible production value. The cinematography is breathtaking. I had trouble grasping how they managed to film a lot of the in-ocean shots. The editing, pacing and use of music is first-rate. While you become immersed in the story, it's never over-wrought or 'shlocky'. The story is just told; deliberately and tastefully. Even the shark attack is quick and not drawn out. The ensuing moments of getting Bethany to the hospital are truly some of the most realistic and dramatic I have ever seen and kept me on the edge of my seat.

In mentioning production values, I am still astounded by what can be accomplished by greenscreens and digital painting nowdays. Not for one single instant did I NOT believe that Anna Sophia Robb hadn't actually lost an arm. It's truly amazing what special effects can accomplish today.

It was a delight to see Dennis Quaid back on screen and he and Helen Hunt had a believable chemistry not only between them, but with their on-screen family. Carrie Underwood did a surprisingly good job portraying Bethany's church mentor, Sarah Hill. Her performance was understated, low-key and she seemed quite at ease in her role.

My only real qualm with "Soul Surfer" is the character portrayed by the striking Sonya Balmores Chung, Malina Burch. I'm not certain if in real life Bethany had a prototypical nemesis such as Malina, but it did seem a bit contrived, predictable and cliché', especially in the closing competition where Malina shares the trophy with Bethany. Thus my "9" rating instead of a "10".

I left the theater exhausted from holding my breath and fighting back tears. I also left uplifted with a profound sense of admiration for Bethany Hamilton AND her family. I immediately wanted to see this movie again and urge every one I know to see it. Filled with stunning photography and vistas, terrific acting, great music and production values and a true story that is timeless, this movie is - to me - a must see, and probably a 'must own'. Kudos to the producers, cast, and crew, but mostly to Bethany.
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439th Review: Good inspirational sports movie especially for teens
intelearts13 July 2011
Soul Surfer is a good inspirational true story sports movie with some faith elements (Nothing too serious there, just emphasizing it was important) that hits all the right targets. As with any true story it is slightly linear, but that minor gripe aside, it is moving, and fun, and inspiring and that surely is the point.

At its best in the surf the story of Bethany Hamilton who lost her arm in a shark attack but by sheer determination went on to become a professional surfer is made to inspire and the film doesn't disappoint.

All in all, this is a good family movie with solid acting and some terrific surf scenes that should inspire everyone.
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Complete garbage
conrode3-669-630678 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This was one of the worst movies i have ever seen (i know that's a stretch) It was religious propaganda through and through. My biggest problem was the bad story telling and lack of any good performances. While the actual story of this girl is an interesting one the movie was not. it lacked realism (it was one of the worst shark attack effects i have ever seen. I watched this movie as part of a leadership class and by the end i wish i had of stayed home sick instead. This movie reminded me a lot of Patch Adams. everything was super happy and perfect. Every character felt so fake. Let me not forget Kevin Sorbo whom i have always loathed. This movie is not even so bad it's funny status. There is no redeeming qualities on display in this dreadful cinematic dive bomb. all and all bad movie, 1 star.
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Jaws: The Aftermath
p-stepien9 July 2012
Pretty stringently based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton (played here by a charming up-and-comer AnnaSophia Robb) focuses on an ageless plot of courage and will despite adversities. Raised by loving parents surf aficionado Tom (Dennis Quaid) and wave sliding Cheri (Helen Hunt) Bethany is privy to a happy laid-back childhood, more akin to that of a dolphin, than that of a scrawny land-lover. Cutting the waves is second nature and Bethany claims to be one of the top young surfers on Kauai, Hawaii. Additional purpose and love is found in religion, where Sarah Hill (Carrie Underwood) acts as her mentor and role-model. This world, perfect beyond reality, comes to a close due to a random shark attack, which deprives Bethany of one arm and seemingly ends all hopes to fulfilling her surfer dreams...

Reminiscent of a cheap TV move with soap opera overdose "Soul Surfer" hold true to exaggerated clichés, unable to let go of its comfort area. Clumsily laid out from the word go with Bethany's sugarcoated queasily perfect life, the movie does admittedly seem to start to catch an emotional engagement with the audience after the ordeal. Nonetheless after these brief scenes dominated by Quaid and Hunt (who nonetheless churn out a relatively weak performance) the overall amateurish drive is reinstated. Largely to blame is an atrocious display of wooden lollipop acting by Underwoord, who remains uneasy, distant and without presence throughout her thankfully limited screen time. Her major input does however coincide with a key cheesy sequence in typhoon-stricken Thailand, which smile-inducingly is presented as Bethany's turning point (as in 'Gee... These poor little infantile third-rate people on the other side of the world have it worse than I do... Oh boy! I'd better start surfing again! That will sure as hell help them!').

Reeking with soap with mild dramatic pull "Soul Surfer" somehow manages to subjugate a decent cast and a terrific story into an annoying teen flick, which aggravates a serious viewer to indifference. Any emotional involvement has more to do with the authenticity of the inspiration, than to actual portrayals on-screen.

3 stars for the true-life Bethany. The movie itself deserves a 1.
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Great Family Movie!
thompsoncd13 April 2011
Great actors and acting, great story, inspirational and true! A bit of a tear jerker in places, but ultimately positive and hopeful because of the strength of family and the human spirit.

I also appreciated a movie that God is a part of, not in a preachy or awkward way, just a part of this family's life.

And no swearing, no sex, no rude innuendos and yet still a great movie.

The surfing really catches the kids interest too, most kids love the idea of living the surfing life. My kids loved the movie.

I found nothing to criticize in this movie. I always love the "true story" and the actual home videos after the credits showed how closely the movie followed the true story.

A wonderful story that leaves you inspired and feeling good!
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All in all a great must see movie about courage and determination. With a strong family anything is possible.
rlatch2 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
As I decided if I wanted to rent this movie or not, I realized I knew nothing about the storyline, with the exception, it was about a young surfer that had been attacked by a shark. I was hesitant for I was not looking forward to a surfer movie with drinking, cursing and the typical plot of yet another movie focused on the teenage party life. I was extremely shocked to find the focus of the storyline was on the strengths and bonds the family shares along with their strong Christian faith. How with the love of a strong family and their beliefs anything is achievable. This movie is a must see for those that seek a realistic view of a family that puts GOD first. Annasophia Robb gives a believable performance as Bethany Hamilton, a dedicated surfer that belongs in the water. Her portrayal of this young girl is amazing with her dedication, love and strength she receives from her faith as well as her work ethics. With all of the obstacles she faces with her injury most would have blamed GOD as well as being angry at all of those around her. The makeup and camera work is amazing. The Scenes are breath taking with all of the beauty and natural resources Hawaii has to offer. When Bethany is about to quit due to challenges, she then takes a trip to the tsunami stricken Thailand which provides a true insight to the most important thing. Our love for one another and the importance of helping others is the most important factors or our lives. From the beginning to the end the storyline is one filled with faith in GOD as well as the courage we possess with the support of a strong family. The surfing scenes are breathtaking as well as filled with the sense of true competition. Bethany focuses on what it takes to win and is filled with the determination to do whatever it takes to accomplish this. This is truly a young woman that focuses on I CAN instead of I CANNOT. Dennis Quaid as well as Helen Hunt gives outstanding performances as the dedicated parents of this young girl. Their dedication to GOD and the values and strengths they share with their children should be an example all parents should follow. Quaid and Hunt portray Tom and Cheri Hamilton, avid surfers with a strong sense of competition shared with all of their children. Tom is one that stresses strength through faith as well as a determination to be the best father and person he can be. Cheri is a dedicated mother which is totally dedicated to her family. She seems to struggle a little more with the injury and feels as Bethany should take her time with healing and returning to surfing, if returning at all. Quaid and Hunt give outstanding performances and the chemistry of the entire family is fantastic. Bethany's Brothers are a strong influence on her character and strength. Both actors portray brothers that are truly dedicated to their family. All in all the family unit is one to be envied by the American family and the chemistry among the Hamilton family is outstanding. This is a must see for the Family as well as a testament to those that believe a great movie can be made without nudity, violence, filthy language and filled with Christian Faith. I truly enjoyed every minute of this movie.
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A movie about a girl with a dream for surfing
kykyred10 April 2011
The movie was directed fairly well and all he actors were very good at their roles, however i thought the ending was a twist and wasn't easily expected because of how the movie was going. Most of the movie was predictable but it's the kind of predictable that you want to keep watching because of how the movie flows and brings you into it. I think this movie is great for emotional people. like i said it brings you into the story and the ending credits are pretty cool also. I heard a few people cry at parts of this movies and many people clapped.

I think most people will enjoy watching it but only emotional people could really connect to it.

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Religious pandering
U.N. Owen1 August 2011

That's the number (low-ball) of the religious 'reviewers' listed - JUST here, on IMDb who've reviewed this film.

This film is a VERY obvious ode to Christianity.


Other reviewers pandered about saying that, explicitly, but, that IS what this purported 'mainstream' film is.

I don't care WHAT your belief is, but, trying to put across a film, such as this - which is geared to bringing in (unsuspecting) families, is WRONG.

IF it was marketed as what it IS - fine. But, that's NOT the case here.

I find TRICKING - ANYONE - ESPECIALLY youngsters - what IS religious proselytizing dishonest.
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Wonderful movie that every family should watch it together!!
FLY-98 April 2011
I highly recommend this uplifting and inspiring film for the entire family.

The film is based on a true story (Bethany Hamilton), you could google about her to read more about the story of the real girl that lost her arm to a shark in an accident.

Again, I really really hope that Hollywood could come up with more of such uplifting films, which encourage people to have more positive attitude, hope, and uplifting spirit.

I also think that the script writer and the director did a great job transforming this true story to a movie without sacrifice the details and doing it without exaggeration. The acting is top-notch too. Soul Surfer, while formulaic in design, is an authentic and heartfelt movie. The scenery (shot in Hawaii) is really awesome, you should go watch this movie yourself!

I would watch this movie with my entire family again! When the DVD comes out I'm going to buy one too!
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This should have been on Lifetime as movie of the week.
molly wasserman10 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have seen Blue Crush, Open Water, and 127 Hours. All very good movies that involve either surfing, sharks, or a horrible arm losing accident. I generally like movies with either Denis Quaid or Helen Hunt in them.

Alas this is not a good movie. The family is presented as having no problems and everyone is sunny and happy. In all scenes that involve teenagers the actors are all constantly holding forced smiles - the kind that stops at their lips and does not make it to the eyes. There are pretty much no Asians which I find really strange in a story based in Hawaii, and the one girl that is "mean" does not have blonde hair.

This could have been a great story if the writing was not so stilted, the message of faith felt like something other than "if you love Jesus everything will be OK" and there was a bit more realism with the characters.

I am surprised that this made it all the way to the big screen, I would have put this as a Lifetime movie of the week, it has that level of story and acting.
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Life changing story!
marcijimlove9 April 2011
I chose to join IMDb just so that I could write a review about this movie. This movie was amazing! The cast was great and Anna Sophia Robb was phenomenal. The underwater scenes were like watching a professional surfing documentary. This was a movie that EVERYONE should go and see. It is my sincere hope that this movie is so successful that it inspires other producers and film makers to release these high quality movies again and again. I had to review this because did not want to take a chance that not enough reviews would be posted and this movie would disappear from the local theaters too quickly. May it run for a long time! It will change your life.
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Religious propaganda
doctordri27 February 2014
The fact that this movie has so many good votes, when it is really bad, means that there is a huge amount of religious freaks out there trying to convert the world into their fairy.

For some reason every fool who believes in myths must try to convince others that their myth (only that one, and no other myth) is the right one, and that everybody must worship their deity.

This story is the opposite of reality: when in real life religion is a problem that must be overcame in order to fight and success without expecting a magical intervention, they show the drama as if going to a temple will automatically resolve your problems.

Religious propaganda, that's all.

Don't waste your time seeing this pamphlet about how we should adore a magical fairy in the sky.
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