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The best faith-based film ever made, an uplifting, entertaining and wonderfully-acted account of surfer Bethany Hamilton's life before and after a shark bit her arm off in the waters off her favorite Hawaiian beach.
Soul Surfer, while formulaic in design, is an authentic and heartfelt movie.
It's a good, solid family film.
Thus ends one of the most understated shark-attack sequences, ever; it's almost Bressonian, except it's not boring.
I feel something is missing. There had to be dark nights of the soul. Times of grief and rage. The temptation of nihilism. The lure of despair. Can a 13-year-old girl lose an arm and keep right on smiling?
The best moments come when Robb's all-purpose toughness experiences vulnerable doubt. These moments are flickers, but they're bright and human.
A true story of courage, determination and guts that deserves a more exciting approach.
The script is weak, but everyone on the technical side of "Soul Surfer" is a pro. The scenes in the water flow together nicely, and the action is always coherent. Robb's scenes without an arm look seamless throughout the movie.
The inspiring story of surfer and shark attack victim Bethany Hamilton deserves a better dramatization.
Dennis Quaid lends some needed saltiness as Hamilton's supportive dad.
The aquatic and surf scenes are spectacular. The story, a clichéed climb to inspiration. Soul Surfer is more parable than plot.

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