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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When Toretto is fighting with Hobbs they both break out of a window. When Mia calls Toretto the first time her mouth isn't moving.

Character error 

Roman claims his car is 1 of only 4 in the world and Tej claims to own the 2nd, Roman's car is a Koenigsegg CCXR SPECIAL EDITION (1-of-2) and Tej's car is a Koenigsegg CCXR (1-of-many). For Roman and Tej to be correct they wold both need to own the Koenigsegg CCXR EDITION (1-of-4).
Among the places Mia suggests fleeing to to avoid extradition are Japan and Hong Kong. In fact, both governments have extradition treaties with the U.S.
When the team receives a copy of the safe in the police station, Tej asks how did they get it, Han answers "We had a life before you met us", A reference to what Tej said in the van while controlling the remote control vehicle in the police station. However only Brian and Roman were in the van with Tej.
While Mia, Brian, and Dom explore Reyes' GPS data, they select the option "Ultima Lugares" as the most recent places registered by the gadget. In Portuguese, adjectives have their endings modified according to the noun gender and number. Since "lugares" (places) is plural and male in Portuguese, the correct phrase should be "Últimos lugares". "Última," as used in the movie, means "last." For example, a singular and feminine noun such as "Supper" would be translated to "Última Ceia" or Last Supper.


For opening the safe, Reyes' right hand print is needed, but it is his left hand on Gisele's bikini bottom that is used.
Dom and Brian were dragging the vault out of the Police Station behind their cars, on their first turn to right, the vault rolled over three or four times hence causing the attached strings to entangle. However in the next scene the strings were not entangled but straightly connected to the cars. The same mistake was made repeatedly during the pursuit.
When Han and Gisele are at a beachside table thinking of how to get a print of Reyes' hand, the same two guys (in swimsuits) pass by just behind Han and Gisele three times.
When Toretto sees Elena wearing his cross, the chain is short, holding the necklace at the hollow of her throat, so he can see it at the opening of her collar. When she returns home, the chain is long, causing to cause the cross to sit below the neckline of her tank top, which would have been well out of sight.
On the bridge, when Agent Hobbs and Elena come out of their vehicle, both slam their respective doors, but in the subsequent scene, one of the doors is open.
When Dom drives the Corvette Grand Sport off the train car it lands on its driver's side front corner and the fascia crushes and the outside light breaks. A second later as he drives away there is no damage to that corner of the car.
In the final chase scene, we see Paul Walker's windshield get shot, then a person crashes into it. However, both the gunshot holes and cracks disappear and reappear throughout rest of the scene
When Dom retrieves his necklace it is dark when Elena enters the house, but minutes later it is light as Dom leaves.
When Hobbs is fighting Dom he is wearing a black spandex shirt. After the fight, there is a logo on his chest, on the right. The next scene it disappears, only to reappear a few scenes later.
When the vault is being dragged through the streets, it is shown several times that the two cars are Dodge. At around the 1:49:41 mark, one of the cars is clearly a Volkswagen.
All of the cuts and blood on Hobbs and Dom disappear immediately after their fight.
When Reyes uses the paperweight to kill the cash house boss, before he picks it up you can see that it is primarily made of gold, however after he puts it back down, it appears to be marble with no gold shown.
Both of the Volkswagen Touareg SUVs owned by Reyes are pre-facelifted 2002 version. However, the Touareg crashed down the bridge by the safe is facelifted 2007 version.
When Hobbs first steps out of the plane his goatee is long, when he chases Dom it is short. Then when he is in Dom's garage back to long again.
In the ending scene, as Dom parks his Dodge Challenger, the wheel isn't tilted and the tire is covered with sand. In the following scene, the wheel is tilted to the right and it is clean.
In the opening scene, the rear of the NSX is shown with the antenna fully extended. In the next shot, the antenna is down.

Crew or equipment visible 

When the police chief enters the evidence room after the vault is stolen, Hobbs punches him in the face from outside the frame on the right, knocking him to the ground. When this occurs, the viewer can easily see a boxing glove on the right side of the frame before it cuts to Neves telling him to stay down.

Errors in geography 

Most of the actors that spoke Brazilian Portuguese, in fact they have a Spanish accent and they don't speak a natural Brazilian accent
During the final chase, you can see three kinds of police cars: Civilian Police (black and white), Military Police (blue and white) and Federal Highway Police (yellow and blue). You will not find Federal Highway Police cars inside the cities, they only patrol the interstate highways.

Factual errors 

When raiding Toretto's hideaway, Hobbs claims that he found it by tracing the tracker's receiver. A mere receiver is a passive device that sends no signals and therefore would be impossible to trace.
With 18 inch thick steel plates and a copper core, the safe would weight well over 10 tons, impossible for two mid-weight class cars to pull. The safe used for filming weighed less than a ton.
In the casino scene, the roulette wheel is shown as having two zeroes, but roulette wheels in Monaco have only one zero.

Revealing mistakes 

Nearly the whole time that Elena is wearing Dom/Letty's cross necklace, it is very short around her neck. If it were this short in reality, Dom could never wear it; it would practically choke him if he could get it on at all. But when Elena returns to her home right after she and the others try to arrest Dom and Brian, it is much longer, hanging at breast length. But even that would be too short for her to have doubled around her neck before.
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The goof items below may give away important plot points.


The team steals four 2011 Dodge Chargers from a police lot, but when two of them are repainted and used to drag the stolen safe through the city, the Chargers are of a previous model year as identified by the tail lights.

Errors in geography 

At the end Han Lue is driving towards Berlin. But German highways or Autobahn do not have yellow border lines but thicker white lines.

Errors in geography 

When Gisele and Han drive on the German autobahn, there is a street sign at the side. It consists of three different parts which don't appear this way in real life due to strict regulations. The first sign for Berlin would have the number of the Autobahn next to it. In addition, it would not show Berlin at all, since the next sign identifies the location as near the Rhein-Neckar-Zentrum near Viernheim in Hesse. Since Berlin is on the other side of Germany, the sign would show a city much nearer (like Darmstadt, Mannheim or Frankfurt/Main). The last sign shows the distance to the next commercial area as "3-4". However, it must read "3-4 km".

Revealing mistakes 

The photo of Letty in Hobb's file handed to him by Fuentes is apparently captured from Berlin. However the same picture is used in Fast & Furious on the FBI screen

Revealing mistakes 

The safe being towed by the cars crashes through concrete pillars and the first floor of a bank; but bounces off a palm tree.

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