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High-octane trash, but you will go "Ohhhhhh!"
Like a proper action sequel, it's bigger, louder, and sillier than its predecessors, but it's more streamlined, too, smartly dumping the tired underground racing angle in favor of a crisp, hugely satisfying "Ocean's Eleven"-style heist movie.
Boxoffice Magazine
Features some of the most exhilarating action sequences the screen has seen in years.
Big crashes, lithe women and roiling testosterone, not to mention the addition of The Rock as a fire-and-brimstone federal agent – there's plenty to pull in the (mostly) young male audience.
Fast Five is brawny dumb fun, nothing more but that's enough.
It's either genius or madness to put Diesel and Johnson in the same movie, or the same scene. They're both enormously appealing performers.
Blissfully, brainlessly satisfying.
Orlando Sentinel
Absurdly long, absurdly over the top and absurdly absurd, Five Five - still manages to be more fun than any movie with its outrageous carbon footprint has any right to be.
Fast Five will push all your action buttons, and some you haven't thought of. So what if you hate yourself in the morning.
Tough on nuance, tough on the causes of nuance, this episode has the highest velocity and lowest IQ yet. See it on the biggest, loudest, dumbest screen you can find.

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