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Selleck is back in a great TV Show, as the patriarch of a New York cop family!
fred-kolb10 October 2010
The new shows this fall have almost all been hugely disappointing, starting with the new "Law and Order: LA" which proves that the concept of the show is starting to get old, "The Event" is yet another bunch of twists and turns that will end in the middle of nowhere sooner or later and the hugely anticipated "Hawaii-Five-O" started out strong, but has now taken a turn for the worse, although it's still among the better new shows, which frankly isn't saying much.

"Blue Bloods", on the other hand, really stands out as a gritty and quite realistic police drama, made by the producers of the hugely successful and dearly missed "The Sopranos". Now, we get to see inside the daily lives of a family whose job is to solve crimes, instead of committing them, and thanks to an ensemble of gifted actors, it's quite interesting to see their interactions, both personally and professionally.

Frank Reagan is the chief of police in New York City, a man deeply respected by his family and the people he works with. His oldest son Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) is a homicide detective with a reputation for not doing things by the book, and in the first episode already he sticks someones head in a toilet to get the location of a missing girl out of him. While people admire as someone who gets the job done, he has alienated several people over the years through his views and methods, including his sister Erin (Bridget Moynahan). She is a district attorney, and since Danny often uses unorthodox and even illegal methods to arrest criminals, she has a hard time with convicting them, causing them to argue quite frequently. Jamie (Will Estes) is their youngest brother, and after finishing law school, suddenly decides to become a police officer, much to the dismay of his fiancé. Although still a rookie, he is approached by a secret society called the Blue Templars, who wish to hire him to investigate the death of his brother, who was a cop himself and was shot while investigating a case.

The show comes up with an interesting concept,showing us the interaction of these four family members while investigating crimes and how they often clash in their believes and principles. Donnie Wahlberg's character Danny is probably the most interesting one of the bunch, mainly because it's hinted at that he was in Iraq, and that his tendency to loose patience with the people he arrests is rooted in something he experienced there. It's good to have Tom Selleck back on TV, who is a better actor now than ever, and since I already liked him in the Jesse Stones movies, it's great that I get to see him every week now.

You can watch Blue Bloods every Friday at 10 on CBS, and since it's one of the most successful shows that have ever aired in the time slot, it looks like it stands a very high chance of surviving for more than a season, which will be an achievement not shared by too many of the new shows, I'm sure.
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What a great show!
bazzak1423 October 2010
I'll be honest at the outset and say I've given this show a very solid 8 out of ten. Now I'm not sure if you're thinking that that doesn't jive with the heading on this review, if you are please remember two things 1)If I could give half points I would have given 8 and a half and 2)I'm very hard to please when it comes to movies and TV.

First I'll start with Donnie (oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh! {nkotb reference}). I absolutely loved him in Boomtown and was very disappointed when it got cancelled because the show as a whole was brilliant and original and I tuned in every week without fail (RIP Boomtown). Wahlberg does not disappoint in this show either as the thoroughly committed to doing the right thing detective, brilliant and first class as usual.

Selleck as the (nearly) patriarch of the family and the definite patriarch of the police department cannot put a foot wrong for my money either.

Someone mentioned it already, but the whole debating of decisions over the Sunday roast is a brilliant show device with which the audience is exposed not only to the logic employed by the cops but also to the points that can be made by the devils advocate. Thoughly entertaining, and not visited nearly enough in other shows.

One of the strongest selling points of this show is the lack of formulaic clap trap that you find on other shows (granted there is some form to the show as in a crime has to happen in order to be investigated) and the originality in which the show goes about bringing its stories to the audience.

Last but not least is the emotions and feelings in the show. It's much more effective than most cop shows I've watched at tugging at the heart strings and it really is worth watching for all the above reasons.

I hope you enjoy this show!
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Top notch, all the way
leighstitcher-750-97893719 November 2014
I've always been a Tom Selleck fan, from his earliest TV performances. He brings class, sophistication and integrity to his performances. The rest of the cast for Blue Bloods meshes well with the high standards set here. It is refreshing to see characters who are not afraid to admit they make mistakes, who often question what is done and why. It is also very refreshing to see an ensemble with a strong sense of faith and goodness.

Please continue the practice of saying a blessing before meals - this helps to set the tone of the characters and helps viewers to understand the strength that a strong Irish Catholic family has - all of the members of the Reagan family are strong and they have the courage and faith to stand up for what is right. This comes from their traditions and their beliefs.

In my humble opinion, this is one of the best dramas on television today and I would not be embarrassed to have my grandchildren watch it with me. Can't say that for most of the programming on prime time these days.
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Top notch cast
Sean Morrow18 October 2010
The cast is first rate and the best thing about the show so far. Tom Selleck is maturing so well you almost forget about the youthful, carefree version of the actor. Today he carries a world weary, solid presence that makes him totally believable as Frank Reagan, the top cop of New York. The interactions between the younger Reagans are spot on and believable. Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan in particular are interesting and move the stories along. The rest of the cast is fine with only Len Cariou's role giving a slightly false note, not because of the excellent veteran actor, but because someone thought it would be cool to give him a limp and a cane... hmmmm, a retired older Irish cop with a bum leg and a cane, sounds slightly familiar -- I keep expecting Daphne to appear saying it's time for his therapy.

So far the stories have been solid one offs letting us get to know the lay of the land and the main characters personalities. The show is set in New York and the city is taking an important role. Thank goodness the producers didn't go with the Toronto as stand in for major US city route. I love Toronto, but it always messes with my suspension of disbelief when a car cruises pass a major landmark like the Empire State Building and ends up on Yonge street.

We've been given heavy handed hints of the season's over arching story line -- the youngest Reagan is asked to infiltrate an inner circle of dirty cops called the Blue Templars. I've got a bad feeling about this one. Every time the story goes there it's just lame and brings reality crashing down with a discordant cacophony which jar this viewer out of the story line and makes him cringe.

All and all, however, the series looks very good and if they build on the strengths of the great cast and compelling characters they should have a fine run (once they get the Blue Templars out of the way).
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Best New Cop Show in Years
irisames16 October 2010
Other than being on Friday when I'm never home, which means I have to wait a day or 2 to see the show online, this is the best new cop show show since NYPD Bue, and it rivals my favorite show The Good Wife for great TV.

Donnie is great and what can you say about Magnum PI, excuse me Tom Selleck.

The entire cast is A+, and the writing and stories are great.

The only problem is any really great new show I fall in love with that is well done and not a reality show gets taken off the air.

So suits at ABC here this - Blue Bloods is a keeper.
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Tom Selleck, what're you doing? You're better than this..
arguy201326244 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm gonna start off by saying I'm a fan of Tom Selleck. But this show has got to be the rock bottom of his acting career. Him, Donnie Wahlberg (brother of Mark Wahlberg), and everyone else who portrays a NYPD officer in the show is pretty much making police men and women out as a joke. I come from a police/fire/military family and it's insulting.

*Spoiler* In one episode, Wahlberg and his crew slowly piece a missing girl crime. And lucky for them the abductor uses a doll that only three people have to lure girls into his car. I'd say about half of the show was them running around angry trying to find this "mastermind" <---their words

*Spoiler* In another episode, Wahlberg's little son (8 years old I'm guessing) was riding bikes around NYC and didn't see another biker so he fell off. Everyone falls off their bike in their life. This kid doesn't wake up though, goes into some state also like a coma. So at the hospital the doctor says, "He's fine. But we can't explain why he's not waking up..." Wahlberg and his wife go nuts, yelling at the doctor, "Tell me why he's not waking up! How don't you know?!?" They start to somehow piece together that their son is gonna die. And not to be rude but this child actor is absolutely terrible. Horrible. You can see him closing his eyes even tighter repeatedly throughout the episode. You're in a coma! JUST DON'T MOVE! Matter of fact all the child actors are bad. So Wahlberg, to not think about his injured son, goes back to work. And he just goes psycho! He's yelling at everybody. Starts smacking around suspects in his case. Pretty much jeopardizing the whole case. But at the end of the day, they get the criminal. So he goes to the hospital hoping his son will snap out of this unknown-fake coma. Praise the Lord, his son wakes up and whispers, "Dad". Wahlberg is the only one in the room at the time but apparently the hospital is so quiet that the whole family can hear the whispering little boy and comes racing in. THE END*

In all honesty, I continue to watch the show just because the actors/actresses are so bad that its funny. So I recommend watching "Blue Bloods" if you're into those types of shows.
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My favorite
jdonalds-518 December 2014
Blue Bloods is currently my favorite TV program. The casting is great, story lines are very interesting, but what I really enjoy is every episode presents a dilemma where both sides are presented and mulled over.

Direction makes a movie or TV show. It can make or break a story line and Blue Bloods continues to please. It astounds me that a series of rotating directors are tied to these episodes, including actors such as Donnie Wahlberg, with rarely a low point in the episode list.

I do so much appreciate a movie or TV show where the good guys are really good guys and they win as often as possible.

The Sunday dinners are a high point of the show.

It would please me if this series goes on for 15 seasons. I would be truly bummed if this series was cut short. I'm sure there are enough story lines in New York City to keep this show alive and interesting for a very long time.
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I am bowing out
rowdy_top14 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Well I watched my last episode tonight as I am getting nowhere with this series. Detective Danny has a gut feeling, how good for him he hasn't shown any common sense yet so he must have something. What did it for me was Danny putting his family in harms way, never realizing he has done so with his action. If this is the cop that has to keep us safe, we can do without him. If he puts his family in danger like that not much hope for the rest of us. Episode I saw last with the dead woman in the shower and her daughter unmasking her STEPfather as the killer. Fairy tale stuff guys but not a cop drama/procedural worthy. Bad writing and uninspired. As for Tom......I'll wait for the next Jesse Stone. Bluebloods is not worth my time.
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One of The worst
John Smithee19 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Even Tom Selleck can't save this disaster. It's a string of cliché's held together by dull plot lines and the smarmiest family on TV. We get the multi-general Irish cop family where every single member is a paragon of absolute virtue. (Mark Wahlberg constant brutalizing and intimidating witnesses is viewed as good policing, not thuggery and violation of the law, since its always in a good cause!) Conversely, everyone is not in law enforcement an out-and-out villain. Perhaps this really is how the police see the world, us and against everyone else. If it is, it's very disturbing and bordering on sickening.

Even if the general viewpoint isn't enough of a turn-off, there's the dreadful plots. Every mystery is solved and every problem overcome within a few minutes of screen time without anyone breaking a sweat, even if it takes extraordinary coincidence and a total suspension of belief in rationality And logic. See spoiler below, for example.

The low point of every episode, however, has to be the family Sunday dinner where patriarch Selleck dispenses his profound pap, supposedly wisdom on the meaning of life and on being a cop (same thing to these people), to the younger generation. It's stuff that would make the Walton's gag.

The only character that I like is Len Cariou's the retired old grandfather cop. You can just see in his eye and catch the hint in his words that he longs wistfully for the day when cops could just take anyone they didn't like out behind the station and beat the crap out of him. It's the only glimmer of reality in the whole mess.


The season finale was perhaps the most mind numbing episode off all. Find and eliminate the evil Blue Templar group within the police force? No problem. 1) get an informant to tell you who they are, 2) get the dozens of them them all to assemble in the same place so you can bag them all simply by surrounding the building, 3) find out which of them who killed your son simply by asking in a loud voice and he will confess for no good reason and then shoot himself to so that the matter can be closed by the end of the episode.
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BB Good Show
CryptoGuy30 September 2010
Well, I have to say, I really enjoyed the pilot episode of Blue Bloods. It has a great cast, some good writing, and the cinematography is wonderful. Blue Bloods is definitely the best of all the new cop shows premiered this season.

I will have to agree with the originality gripe I read on another review. The show would do well without it. Making it about the family more than the crimes is the key winner here. No need to muck it up with conspiracies. However, it has been introduced and we'll have to ride it out.

If you are looking for a new show to watch, I highly recommend Blue Bloods. Nice job.
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Are New York detectives really this stupid? No, nobody's that stupid.
Marcus30 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler for episode 1 A young girl gets dragged into a van and kidnapped while walking home from school. The police find a doll at the scene of the abduction and find out from the parents that it doesn't belong to the girl.

A couple of hours pass and the "Detectives"(I use that term very loosely) suddenly realise that the doll might have been used to lure the girl into the van, seriously? 2 or more hours to think of something that any idiot would have realised immediately. Then in a surreal moment they both look smug like they'd just thought of something really profound. To make matters worse they have already put the doll into evidence and have to get it out again to find if they might be able to find out who bought it and give them a lead to the kidnappers. They then find out (beyond all possible credibility) that only 3 people had access to this doll in the whole of America.

I turned this heap of drivel off at this point as I wasn't going to have my intelligence insulted any further.
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Good show but what the heck happened to Linda?
onetrekmind7 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I really like the show but Linda is dead?! Did I miss an episode?Why did they kill her off?If they start knocking off people without a reason It's history for me.Like I said I must have missed something. They have had lots of little bloopers I overlook and just enjoy the show. But hey you can't just "Oh she's dead".
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Finally a Excellent Cop show, articulate and entertaining
martin-867-41921722 October 2010
When it comes to being entertained by a television whodunit show that grasps your interest for more than one episode is not an easy task in todays full ocean of police dramas; Yet Blue bloods managed to pull it off and is well worth your time, it is not a fleeting infatuation.

Ever since the CSI whodunit franchise, there have been numerous shows that have germinated and diluted the "waters". This new and intellectual drama shows great promise.

The characters are well rounded, the scripted dialogue is thought out well and seems more authentic than a reality shows alleged discourse.

In Summary, Blue bloods brings back good acting, drama and story lines that are intertwined very well with the characters family and professional lives that appeals to any difficult audience. The acting is that of a big budget Hollywood movie, and Tom Selleck gives us an excellent performance and quite possibly his best to date.

After being hooked on this series just after the first episodes, my addiction grows stronger by the week. I give this show a definite 10 stars and recommend you allocate 60 minutes of your time for this superb production.
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Boring. Cliché. Unoriginal. Trite. Why bother?
mleighs-8826914 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, seriously? This is just a cop show portraying all the cliché nonsense from every other cop show. It's a parody of itself. It is superficial at best, you watch waiting for anything unexpected to happen -still waiting. Just started watching the series from the beginning online.... and don't love it. Not even a little.

Plus Lou Cariou is a fabulous actor who is 7 years older than Tom Selleck - who is believing him to be his father? I will only credit the show with this - the actors all play their roles very well, but they are not given much to work with.

I'm not convinced the brother Joe was murdered. I think he committed suicide to get away from this family.

The only people who might like this show are those who've never watched TV ever - otherwise this is like anything else you might see on network TV.

Conversely, I recently streamed "Southland" and didn't expect to like that one at all - but it is leaps and bounds better than this garbage. Too bad it didn't last..

If you're bored and stuck inside due to incessant, inclement weather, you can pass the time with this stuff - I'm surprised it isn't aired on Fox network - they have a built in audience of people who despise creativity and new ideas. This show is perfect for them!
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Doing what America does best
soupster15 December 2010
I enjoyed the first few episodes of this series, and settled down to follow the ever more complicated story lines that must surely follow.

Then it happened. The capacity for American values to transcend reality.

What was first presented as a 'Godfather' like family gathering at the dinner table, (a useful narrative mechanism) was turned into a moral debate for the entire American nation. This is not an entirely bad thing if delivered with a balanced approach, but with the introduction of terrorism... the series plummeted into maudlin self absorption.

On a historical note... the death toll on 911 was horrific, but it was minor compared to other catastrophes around the world. From Bhopal back to the blitz visited on Britain during ww2, atrocities exceed the human cost of 911 with numbing regularity. I could go on! Therein lays the problem with this series, and indeed several other expressions of American culture. The capacity for American values to transcend reality comes with the mawkish display of citizens freely expressing their violent tendencies in the name of 'natural justice', while at the same time weeping into their cup of powerless victims.

I understand that this may work in the home market... but outside of the world of 'Mom' and apple pie... the fake manipulation is hard to take.

This is a major disappointment to me, since the programme is well made and well cast. It is also well written... I just wish it had been better conceived, and not so driven to be self serving towards a powerful country, playing victim in a world of people more entitled to that unwelcome description.
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it's just really bad
orange_bicycle16 November 2010
i'm a little surprised at the high rating for this show. i too wanted to like it. i'm sick of cop shows generally (dead horse pummeled) but i like most of the actors in blue bloods and thought this might be a little different.

this show has every cliché about cops, men and women, and new york. inside the family, the men are all on the conservative side, the women defend the ACLU pov (i haven't heard an ACLU dig since the 90s). there is a shocking lack of people of color in this show. i don't know what new york these people live in. there's the sort of PC version of racial diversity here...but it's a really lame attempt. black kids are thugs (but there's always the nice misguided one). you get where i'm going here....very boiled down ideas without complexity and character. the show all revolves around a white cop family (every guy is a cop/detective/commissioner and the daughter is a DA). this is a completely unbelievable premise. i won't even go into these crimes the episodes have revolved around. it's just really bad.

and lastly there's absolutely no humor in it despite the fact they have one of the funniest actresses working, jennifer esposito (unless tom selleck's overwrought expressions are funny to you). good writers know the best dramas always have comic relief and vice versa. i'm afraid of what they would do with a toy called humor in the writers room on this one though. it is probably better left untouched by their clumsy paws.
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Another awful American Cop Show
Emil Leblues5 May 2011
I have been watching this show (a few episodes) What era does the writer live in? • The Commissioner of NYPD reads poems to a Pakistani undercover operator in the hospital? • When he wakes up he said I escaped from my country and "America" saved me? • The girl repeats the same words? • A New york family having every Sunday lunch together? This is just a cheesy show where Donnie Wahlberg trying to do all macho but never get into trouble for that. The writers should realize that in this era a cop cannot be like that, Verdict: • Script is really bad • Acting is very bad. New York actually has some real good criminal storied to be told without the emotional / match BS like this show. Remember Law and Order?
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For "Reagans" read "Waltons"
alcol115 March 2011
This programme has been advertised over here in the UK as one of the flag-ship shows of a new channel which opened in February, and so we were really looking forward to it. I thought the USA had stopped making programs like this,it is one long cliché after another. We have been spoilt over here by great series like The Sopranos and The Wire and to say I'm disappointed with this "gushy syrup"is an understatement. The way this family solves crimes its enough to make the rest of the police force redundant! And just to finish it off they all sit round the the dinner table dispensing wisdom and explaining the the difference between right and wrong. All thats missing is the "GOOD-NIGHT JONBOY"..... Hand me the sick-bag!!!!
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Plows5664528 April 2013
Blue Bloods is a succession of trivial morality tales which pretty much did away with any attempt at a seasonal story arc after the first season, however loose and incidental that was anyway. It's overly sentimental, overly sincere, and its belligerently balanced ethical discussions over the bizarrely lauded family dinner sequences are so heavy-handed that they're better suited to a school educational video. The acting is uniformly adequate. Uniformly in the sense that every actor is playing the same constantly sighing humourless bore, and adequate in the sense that you do believe that their characters are supposed to be all of these things.

Donnie Wahlberg is alright, but purely on the basis that there's always the chance he might start singing The Right Stuff. This is about the only tension the show provides.
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Too unrealistic
Mr Wright21 April 2016
There is no way the Danny could get away with being an aggressive, bullying jerk to everyone all the time without some type of consequences from the street. I watch the show and don't know why he hasn't been taken out by some smarter, more testosterone laden person. Be it a "thug" (race notwithstanding), businessman, politician, snitch, or witness, Danny has stepped enough toes to keep the investigative team busy for years in the pursuit of identifying who followed through on their motive.

The techniques of bullying, lying, setting up, and manipulating by the officers and legal team is too much and totally reflects the real life experiences of many. Sad...
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The most hypocritical show out there
SomeBlueDevil13 December 2015
I started watching this on ION a while back simply because there wasn't anything else on. I figured it has Tom Selleck in it, so it might be alright.

Just a few episodes in I had to change the channel. It's a bit like watching FOX News. If that's your channel, you'll LOVE this show and downvote my review. LOL Otherwise, you will find it hypocritical: a show with an emphasis on being overly religious but not having the morals to go along with that mindset.

It's just a sappy, over the top religious right, boring crime procedural.
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Are you over 60? Would you rather die than vote 'Democrat?' Then this is your show!
arcwulf24 December 2014
My mom started to binge-watch this show on Netflix recently and I have had the misfortune of having to sit through many, many episodes. At first, I thought that it was just a boring-as-hell cop show -- the pacing is so slow and the dialog so ham-fisted and poorly written it was an easy mistake, but then I realized who this show is for: Christian Republican Aging Baby-Boomers (or as I like to call them, C.R.A.B.s) This show knows its audience of "the world is going to hell" gun nuts and will shamelessly pander to them at all costs. The family of cops (the Reagans -- see what the writers did there?) are always on the right side of the law, even when they wave their guns in someone's face to force a confession. I should point out that there are no deep mysteries in this show. The brown people all almost invariably always guilty and the show's biggest twist is often that a white red-blooded American person will occasionally commit crimes. Cops on the show flagrantly abusing their power in the pursuit of justice is the flavor of the day, and anyone who doesn't partake is portrayed as a spineless enabler.

The Reagans are practicing Catholics, and that of course means that because they're cops they're skeptical, but this skepticism is quickly washed away by the power of the church. The episode where the girl claims that her stepfather killed her mother because "God" told her to is possibly the most shallow and stupid attempt at placating the bible-belt as I have ever seen in my lifetime. It serves no purpose, is not looked into and is not revisited.

The sad part is, there's a lot of talent here - Donny Wahlberg's Boston-accented NY police officer is by far the most compelling character, but the detective he plays just seems like a bad parody until you realize that *gasp* it's being played straight! Tom Selleck seems so tired that it's just sad to watch. I guess all those years on the (still) awesome set of Magnum, P.I. wore him out (or the twenty years of virtually nothing of note in-between).

The writing... oh, jeez, the writing...

Early on in the show, an episode involving one of the young female characters at her school left me scratching my head. She gives this three-minute-long speech about how "it's tough being a kid, when your parents don't know what you're going through." This wasn't a soliloquy, and it wasn't put in for sarcastic purposes, it was a conversation with another character, delivered by a 14 year old girl, talking like a 54 year old man. And THAT was the moment I knew who this show was written for - this dialog was made to remind old people of what it was like being a teenager, delivered straightforward in the most precise exposition possible.

At least it looks nice - it looks like a modern version of an 80s cop show, with digital presentation, excellent scene presence and lighting, and that's really the only thing I can say in its favor.

In conclusion, if you're young, love mysteries, and appreciate good writing and acting, run away from this show as fast as you possibly can (and DON'T look back!). On the other hand, if you're old and tired after following up church with a visit to the country club for a quick nine holes, and are more than a little suspicious of those young people of color they have mowing the lawn there, then this show is something to listen to while you fall asleep.
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what started well..
jonmccann14 October 2011
I started watching this from the premiere of the show and actually enjoyed season one. It wasn't the best in terms of storyline and is a little too predictable, but the cast was worthy and overall the story lines are watchable.

We're now in season two and I have stopped watching. I can see where this is heading and it disappoints me. Donnie Wahlberg is not a great actor, he never will be, he just happens to have nepotism on his side. That is not a bad thing, except for blue bloods, because every time he runs into a situation like superman, I cant help but think, what a waste of a storyline. Donnie Wahlberg is fast becoming David Caruso, from his role in CSI Miami, whereby he thinks that a situation, even those worthy of a an SAS/Delta squad, can be resolved by him running in, with one gun and putting the world to rights, by somehow dodging bullets and grenades and firing hundreds of shots from a gun that holds twelve or thirteen. It's silly TV. It takes predictable and watchable to the opposite, whereby it's unwatchable, because you want to shout at the TV!! I like entertainment, I understand how TV has got to the point of large explosions and dramatic sequences in TV, but one man solving the worlds problems by himself is not entertaining, not unless he has superpowers and a cape, it's just not believable. Watch season one of blue bloods, it's OK as a story and you will want to find out what happens. Don't bother with season two, if you do and are still going after the bank job episode, by all means critique me heavily!!!
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alvaxs27 October 2017
It use to be a10 but once you put Whoopi it went down. I'm disappointed because how can u put someone that critiques both the President and our country. This show is about the United States and the people in it should be proud of our country. Whoopi hasn't shown be that since President Trump won the election. She needs to do what she said leave the USA.
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Too much of everything
Gray6230 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Too much sugarcoating of controversial issues, too much self righteousness, too much "family values" brouhaha, too much blind patriotism, too much stereotyping, too much focus on religion, too much Republican ideology, too much machismo, too much unrealistic success (careerwise and at solving crimes) in one family, too much of everything to be remotely realistic. If you like police drama series' that stick reasonably close to reality, like Hillstreet Blues, NYPD Blue and Law & Order, this annoying show, which apparently panders to an uncritical, elderly, conservative audience, is not for you!

Which is sad, because with the budget, the cast and even the general concept, much more could have been possible. But the writers (certainly on orders by the producers) wasted all chances to make this more reality based and created one cheesy, annoying, stupid story after another. All nuance is lost there, they overdo the drama, the coincidences, the characters, simply everything, every single time. To say this is pulp magazine standard would be an insult to great writers like Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler, who started their careers writing for these mass publications. The quality of the "Blue Bloods" episodes is low even for cheap entertainment.

The stupid pomposity starts with the grandstanding title (police aristocracy? Ha!), the family name (Reagan? Omg. Why not make it interesting and call them Croker?), the Irish catholic background without any minority intrusions into the family tree (how stereotypical can it get?) and the fact that not only the patriarch is the commissioner (Tom Selleck can't show his Jesse Stone deepness here), but that his father also held this position before (why couldn't he have been a mere sergeant, early retired because of corruption?). And it doesn't get any better after this "too good to be true" start. This whole series insults the intelligence of every viewer who is reasonably aware of reality.

Of too many examples of totally unbelievable stories to list them up here, just the most mind boggling idiocy of season 1 (the only one I watched, I won't buy another DVD box of these fairy tales): **SPOILER** The son of the commissioner, a member of a family that is very much in the focus of the media, goes undercover and befriends a Mafia guy! No concerns that the wise guys may watch TV or read tabloids and recognize him. This is so idiotic, even most ten year olds must notice the absurdity. It's ridiculous.

So, this is entertainment for people who can really turn their brains off when watching TV. I still give it five stars for some good acting (excellent: Jennifer Esposito and Nicholas Turturro), for the camera work (solid, though not groundbreaking), stage design (it's obvious this ain't a cheap production) etc. But the stories only deserve one star, if at all.
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