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‘Thy Kingdom Come’ Is An Unconventional, Moving Terrence Malick Spin-Off Film [SXSW Review]

One of the more unexpected spin-offs in the last few years, Eugene Richards‘ “Thy Kingdom Come”, is a pseudo-documentary pieced together from excised footage of Javier Bardem’s character Father Quintana from Terrence Malick’s 2012 film, “To The Wonder.” Richards, a famous photographer in his own right, was contacted by Malick to find real people to interact with Bardem’s character.
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10 Films Premiering at SXSW '18 To Watch

  • Cinelinx
SXSW 2018 is upon us. Here are 10 films, without Tomatometers to guide us comfortably, premiering at this year's fest that you can bet on.

Relaxer - Joel Potrykus

Dogged to deteriorate ‘til he clobbers the unclobberable, Abby can’t flee his dent in the couch til he bests his brother’s bet to beat level 256 of Pac-Man. The stakes are, in that Potrykus way, only as strong as the disillusioned hero can envisage. Sleepless, stagnating, running on processed dairy, Abby’s obstacle might be Potrykus’s most menacing yet.


Don’t Leave Home - Michael Tully

Michael Tully’s first feature since the low-dose nostalgia trip Ping Pong Summer leaves comfort for myth and mystery, a curiosity and obsession that leads an artist away from the hearth.


Field Guide To Evil - Anthology

This ”Global dark folklore anthology” features shorts from The Lure director Agniezka Smoczynska, Goodnight Mommy’s
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‘Friday’s Child’ Clip: Tye Sheridan Goes On A Crime Spree In Visionary SXSW Drama

‘Friday’s Child’ Clip: Tye Sheridan Goes On A Crime Spree In Visionary SXSW Drama
Exclusive: Up and coming writer-director A.J. Edwards (The Better Angels) goes bold with his SXSW film Friday’s Child starring a roster of talented actors including Tye Sheridan, Imogen Poots, Caleb Landry Jones, and Jeffrey Wright. Edwards comes from the Terrence Malick camp, having worked with him on a number of films including To the Wonder and Song to Song — and it is evidenced in the exclusive clip which showcases his visual eye. Friday’s Child is part of…
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‘Thy Kingdom Come’ Clip: Javier Bardem Brings His ‘To The Wonder’ Character In Unique SXSW Film

Exclusive: Eugene Richards’ film Thy Kingdom Come is truly a unique piece of work that stems from Terrence Malick’s To The Wonder. Richards, a researcher and videographer on To The Wonder, created a standalone film from video he shot for Malick's production, a small amount which was actually used in the final film featuring Javier Bardem as the priest, which will make its world premiere at SXSW this week. The film follows a cancer patient mad at God; a Klansman seeking…
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Terrence Malick’s To the Wonder gets a spinoff short Thy Kingdom Come, watch the trailer here

As is usually the case with Terrence Malick movies, a lot of material from his 2012 drama To the Wonder ended up on the cutting room floor, much of which revolved around Javier Bardem’s character, a conflicted Catholic priest.

During production, Malick invited photojournalist Eugene Richards to shoot a selection of scenes where Bardem’s priest interviews actual residents of the town of Bartlesville, Oklahoma about their lives – including an elderly woman talking about her happy marriage, a former Ku Klux Klan member who renounces his past, and a mother who recalls the drowning of their child.

Well, it seems the footage is not going to waste, as Richards has secured permission from Malick to assemble the footage into a 43-minute short entitled Thy Kingdom Come, which will be premiering at SXSW this March. Check out a trailer for the project here…

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The post Terrence Malick’s To the Wonder
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Trailer Binge: ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’, ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, ‘Unbanned’, ‘Silicon Valley’ Season 5, ‘Dangerous Book for Boys’ & ‘Reboot: The Guardian Code’

Welcome to Trailer Binge, a recurring feature where we get a chance to catch up on some of the recent trailer releases in the past week. Whether it be indie releases, or recent movie and TV trailers that may have otherwise slipped through the cracks, Trailer Binge allows us to catch up on the seemingly constant onslaught of new new content being released each week.

In this edition of Trailer Binge, we take a look at a new ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising‘ IMAX Trailer, a surprise trailer for the Javier Bardem-led film ‘Thy Kingdom Come‘, and a fascinating documentary exploring the cultural significance of the Air Jordan’s called ‘Unbanned: The Legend of AJ1′. In the TV realm, we have a new trailer of ‘Silicon Valley‘ Season 5, a nifty trailer for the new Amazon series ‘The Dangerous Book for Boys‘, and we leave off with an new trailer for the
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Javier Bardem stars in trailer for To The Wonder spin-off Thy Kingdom Come

  • HeyUGuys
Author: Zehra Phelan

A new trailer has emerged for the 43-minute short Thy Kingdom Come, a film made of the scenes that landed on the cutting room floor of Terence Malick’s To The Wonder.

To The Wonder told the story of four key characters with the focus on a love triangle between three of them – Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams and Olga Kurylenko. Javier Bardem as a priest was the fourth character, and this new short focuses on his character.

The short film which has been put together from footage taken at the time when the original feature began shooting back in late 2010 by Photojournalist Eugene Richards. Richards was hired by Malick to shoot scenes in which Bardem’s priest would interview the local residents of the town Bartlesville, Oklahoma where some of the story is set.

With Malick’s permission, Richards has assembled the film which will premiere at SXSW next month.
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‘Thy Kingdom Come’ Trailer: Surprise Terrence Malick Spinoff Film Focuses on Javier Bardem’s Priest From ‘To The Wonder’

‘Thy Kingdom Come’ Trailer: Surprise Terrence Malick Spinoff Film Focuses on Javier Bardem’s Priest From ‘To The Wonder’
Terrence Malick is one of the most notorious filmmakers when it comes to cutting footage. Not even being a household name guarantees you a spot in the final edit of a Malick movie (just ask Adrien Brody, Viggo Mortensen, and more). The director’s 2012 drama “To The Wonder” stars Javier Bardem in the brief role of a conflicted priest. The theatrical cut of the film features Bardem more in voiceover as his character meditates on the nature of faith and love, but it turns out that a lot more footage of the actor was shot that never saw the light of day. Until now.

One of the films world premiering at the upcoming South by Southwest Film Festival next month is “Thy Kingdom Come,” which has been revealed as a surprise spinoff of “To The Wonder.” The 43-minute film features Bardem’s priest as he interviews different Oklahoma natives about what is troubling them most.
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‘Thy Kingdom Come’ Trailer Reveals a Surprise Spinoff from Terrence Malick’s ‘To the Wonder’

Filmmaker Terrence Malick doesn’t strike one as the type to traffic in sequels and spinoffs, especially for his little-seen Ben Affleck/Rachel McAdams/Olga Kurylenko drama To the Wonder, but that’s exactly what’s happening. A trailer for a short film called Thy Kingdom Come has landed online, which effectively serves as a spinoff of the 2012 film and is made up of unused footage. Per The New Yorker (via The Playlist), photojournalist Eugene Richards was hired by Malick to join him on the Bartlesville, Oklahoma set of To the Wonder, where Richards was tasked with filming …
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First Trailer for 'Thy Kingdom Come' Made from Extra Malick Footage

"I also see how difficult it must be for you to survive..." A trailer has debuted for an intriguing film titled Thy Kingdom Come, which is premiering at the SXSW Film Festival in March in the "Visions" section. How many remember Terrence Malick's 2012 film To the Wonder, with all the twirling? Thy Kingdom Come is a film made up of extra footage from early research on To the Wonder. In 2010, photojournalist Eugene Richards was hired by Malick to go to the town Bartlesville, Oklahoma with Javier Bardem (who plays a priest in the film) and meet some of the local residents. Some knew who he was, others didn't. "Absolutely no one cared, in the end, who he was, except that he was there to listen." Richards eventually got the rights back and made this 43 minute film, which screens alongside Malick's Vr project Together. First look below. Here's the first
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‘Thy Kingdom Come’ Trailer: Terrence Malick’s ‘To The Wonder’ Gets A Spinoff Starring Javier Bardem

‘Thy Kingdom Come’ Trailer: Terrence Malick’s ‘To The Wonder’ Gets A Spinoff Starring Javier Bardem
As we all know, Terrence Malick‘s process on each of his features has involved shooting thousands upon thousands of feet of footage, and then finding the film in the edit. This has led to countless actors being cut from his movies, and a plethora of unseen material never hitting the big screen. However, a fascinating slice from the director’s underrated 2012 effort “To The Wonder” will soon be seeing the light of day.
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Terrence Malick’s ‘To the Wonder’ Gets Expanded in First Trailer for ‘Thy Kingdom Come’

Considering how much footage is shot when it comes to the films of Terrence Malick, we often see varying editions (The New World) and versions (Voyage of Time), not to mention the numerous actors whose characters are completely cut out of the film. It was only a matter of time before an entirely different film was made of the unused footage, and now that’s the case when it comes to extra materials left in the editing bay from To the Wonder.

Back in 2010, photojournalist Eugene Richards was hired by Malick to venture into the town Bartlesville, Oklahoma with Javier Bardem as his priest character. Over the course of the shoot, they spoke to the townspeople, ranging from a former Ku Klux Klan leader to a woman who recounted her stories of sexual assault. While some of this was seen in the final film, of course, there was mountains of it left over.
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‘Not Directed by Terrence Malick’ Shows the Master Filmmaker’s Huge Influence — Watch

  • Indiewire
‘Not Directed by Terrence Malick’ Shows the Master Filmmaker’s Huge Influence — Watch
Terrence Malick is one of the most influential filmmakers alive, with everyone from Christopher Nolan and David Gordon Green to John Hillcoat and Andrew Dominik citing him as an inspiration. To show the extent to which the “Badlands,” “The Thin Red Line,” and “The Tree of Life” director has left his mark on a generation of directors, Vimeo user Jacob T. Swinney made a video called “Not Directed by Terrence Malick” made up of shots from other filmmakers whose work bears a distinct resemblance to Malick’s. Watch below.

Read More:Terrence Malick-Produced ‘Awaken’ Trailer: Awe-Inspiring Doc Follows Humans’ Relationship With Technology — Watch

Borrowing the music that graced the trailer for “To the Wonder,” the strikingly made video cuts between Malickian footage from a range of films: “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints,” “George Washington,” even “Man of Steel” (whose first teaser had a heavy Malick influence that was sorely lacking from
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The Most Critically Divisive Films of the Last 17 Years, According to Gizmodo Study

The Most Critically Divisive Films of the Last 17 Years, According to Gizmodo Study
When “mother!” opened nationwide last month, it divided critics in a way no film had in a very long time. For every review that called the movie a masterpiece, there was one detesting it as nothing but Darren Aronofsky’s sick, bloated metaphor. Such a polarizing response can be exciting, and it would appear based on a new study that Aronofsky’s latest really does rank as one of the most divisive films of the 21st century.

Read More:Denis Villeneuve, Sofia Coppola and More Filmmakers Pick the Best Films of the 21st Century

The Gizmodo UK team has released their official ranking of the 50 most critically divisive movies of the last 17 year, and it’s a list that includes the likes of such provocateurs as Lars von Trier, Terrence Malick, Jonathan Glazer, Harmony Korine, David O. Russell, and more. Gizmodo looked at over 9,000 films listed on Metacritic with at least 40 reviews.
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Ben Affleck Teases The Giant Scale Of Justice League

Of course, people that make movies are going to use superlatives when talking about their production – this is not unexpected. Whether a film’s low budget independent fare, or a giant tentpole upon which a major studio is hanging its entire year, these celluloid products are a labour of love for those that have spent time putting them together. So, as we buckle up for a tidal wave of Justice League promotion, ahead of its November 17th release date, we’re fully prepared to hear all about how we should definitely buy tickets to this already highly anticipated flick. But, having said that, when Ben Affleck says this thing “feels massive,” it’s time to sit up and take notice.

His widely reported comments come from an interview with Empire Magazine.

“The movie’s bigger in scale than any movie I’ve been involved with in my career. It feels
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Win Song to Song starring Ryan Gosling on DVD

Studiocanal is pleased to announce that from cinematic master Terrence Malick (The Tree of Life, To The Wonder), comes Song To Song – a story of a lyrical love triangle – that will be available on DVD and Digital Download from 25th September 2017. To celebrate, we’re giving away a DVD to two lucky winners!

Bv (Ryan Gosling) and Faye (Rooney Mara) are a song-writing couple trying to forge their way in the Austin music scene. However, their relationship grows complicated when they fall into the orbit of a big-shot producer (Michael Fassbender) and his waitress muse (Natalie Portman).

With cameos from music scene stars including Florence Welch, Iggy Pop and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and a soundtrack including Bob Dylan and Patti Smith, Song To Song a vibrant and alluring exploration into music, love and the turbulent Texan rock and roll scene.

Check out this clip of Actress Natalie Portman
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Not Reconciled: Close-Up on Eric Rohmer’s "The Romance of Astrea and Celadon"

  • MUBI
Close-Up is a feature that spotlights films now playing on Mubi. Eric Rohmer's The Romance of Astrea and Celadon (2007) is playing August 12 - September 11, 2017 on Mubi in the United KingdomThe Romance of Astrea and Celadon was the final feature Rohmer completed before his death, and his 5th period piece (following The Marquis of O, Perceval, The Lady and the Duke and Triple Agent). It is constructed around a handful of aesthetic principles: its action is confined to a handful of locations, mostly pastoral exteriors; the camera is either static or moving along a brief lateral pan; dialogues are captured in wide masters, cushioned by a border of negative space; alternate angles and reverse shots are rare; non-diegetic sound is avoided in favor of foregrounding the ambient sounds of the natural environment—the rustling of leaves, water running in a stream, distant birdsong (and this birdsong was the only element of the audio added in post-production,
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Today in Movie Culture: Terrence Malick's 'Wonder Woman,' 'John Wick 2' Kill Count and More

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture: Alternative Universe Movie of the Day: Here's a recut trailer for Wonder Woman to make it look like it was made by To the Wonder and Tree of Life director Terrence Malick: Movie Science of the Day: Kyle Hill scientifically discusses how Mary Poppins explains the power of Yondu's arrow in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies: Mashup of the Day: Speaking of Yondu and Mary Poppins, ya'll, here's another mashup of them from BossLogic parodying the latest Entertainment Weekly cover: Had to do it Xd @Guardians @JamesGunn — BossLogic (@Bosslogic) June 7...

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Great Job, Internet!: To The Wonder Woman reimagines the blockbuster as a dreamy Terrence Malick film

Look, you don’t need us to tell you that Wonder Woman is a good movie (though we have, a few times, actually). Just look at its Rotten Tomatoes score, which sits at an admirable 93 percent. You know who might be jealous? Terrence Malick, whose last three (non-documentary) feature films—Song To Song, Knight Of Cups, and To The Wonder—average out at a tepid 45-percent approval rating.

So, should Malick maybe lend his inimitable style the superhero world? Hey, it’s not so far-fetched. Video artist Nelson Carvajal proves it with To The Wonder Woman, an impressive trailer that pairs the audio from To The Wonder with visuals from Wonder Woman:

By emphasizing Wonder Woman’s love story and scenic tableau over its action, the footage dovetails intriguingly with Javier Bardem’s solemn, starry-eyed monologue and Hanan Townshend’s stirring orchestral score.

Mostly, though, it serves as a ...
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Gemma Arterton Says ‘Runner Runner’ Made Her Want To Stop Being An Actor

Following “The Town,” Ben Affleck gave himself the Terrence Malick experience with “To The Wonder,” and teamed up with David Fincher for the razor sharp thriller “Gone Girl.” But sandwiched between those films was the forgettable “Runner Runner.” While the actor might’ve relished chewing the scenery (and boy, did he ever), the low grade B-movie failed to be elevated by its stars which included Justin Timberlake and Gemma Arterton.

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