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10 Jan. 2011
The Great UmiCar Rescue
The team must rush to save UmiCar when he gets stranded on a far away iceberg.
11 Jan. 2011
Purple Monkey Mission
Purple Monkey is the newest animal at the Umi City Zoo, and he can't wait to play in his new home, the Monkey Jungle. But when Purple Monkey gets stranded in the wrong exhibit, it's up to Team Umizoomi to get him safely home.
12 Jan. 2011
Day at the Museum
Team Umizoomi's friend Ellen can't wait to go on the rocket ship ride at the children's museum. But when her ride tokens go missing, Milli, Geo, and Bot must journey through the museum's exciting exhibits to find them.
13 Jan. 2011
Super Soap
While working on an art project, the Team's friend Silly Bear ends up covered in glue and everything he touches sticks to him! Team Umizoomi must deliver the one thing that can help Silly Bear out of this sticky situation - Super Soap.
25 Feb. 2011
Counting Comet
When a friendly comet crashes to Earth, the only thing that can bring him home is the Umi City Rocket Ship. Team Umizoomi must help their new friend reach the launch pad before the rocket blasts off.
21 Mar. 2011
Crazy Skates
Bot decides to give roller skating a try. But when he puts on a pair of "crazy skates" by accident, Bot starts rolling out-of-control all cross Umi City. Milli and Geo have to hurry to rescue their runaway robot pal.
22 Mar. 2011
Milli Saves the Day
While visiting the forest, Geo and Bot get stuck in globs of honey. Silly Bear then scoops them up by mistake while collecting honey for a honey cake. It's up to Milli to trek across the forest to help her friends.
23 Mar. 2011
Umi Fire Truck
There's an emergency in Umi City! A little girl is up in a tree house and she's too scared to climb down. Geo uses his super shapes to turn UmiCar into a fire truck, and then the Team Umizoomi firefighters are off to the rescue.
24 Mar. 2011
Ellee the Elephant
Ellee the Elephant is a talented juggler, bubble-blower, and tight-rope-walker, and she's making her debut at the circus today. But when Ellee gets lost, Team Umizoomi must guide her through Umi City to get to the big top in time.
15 Apr. 2011
Umi Egg Hunt
The rainbow eggs is the most special egg at the Umi City Egg Hunt, and it's fallen down a rabbit hole! The Team chases after the egg and discovers an underground rabbit city where they must hurry to save the egg from getting scrambled.
13 May 2011
The Legend of the Blue Mermaid
Team Umizoomi is on a quest to save the Blue Mermaid! Captured long ago by Squiddy the Squid, the Blue Mermaid leaves a trail of blue scales that the Team follows to Squiddy's secret sand castle at the bottom of the sea.
15 Jul. 2011
Shark Car
The Team's friend Jose has brought his favorite toy to the beach - Shark Car. When Shark Car accidentally falls out of Jose's bag, Team Umizoomi finds the car and must drive it all the way back to Jose before his ferryboat leaves.
3 Oct. 2011
Journey to Numberland
The Team visits the King of Numbers in his magical kingdom in Numberland. But when Zilch the Wizard locks the King in his tower, only Team Umizoomi can save the King and his kingdom by finding the three lost keys to the tower door!
11 Oct. 2011
Umi Toy Store
Team Umizoomi's friend Colin has just the right amount of money to buy a new toy from the toy store. But when a mishap causes his Umicents to go missing, the Team must journey through all the toys and games to track them down.
12 Oct. 2011
Buster the Lost Dog
Anna loves playing fetch with her dog Buster. But when a game of fetch goes awry, Buster finds himself stuck in a bucket at the top of a construction site, and only Team Umizoomi can save him.
14 Oct. 2011
The Incredible Presto
The team must use The Incredible Presto's wand to save him before his magic show.
13 Oct. 2011
Cuckoo Bears
The Cuckoo Bears are performing in Umi City. But when Team Umizoomi goes to meet them, the wind blows their gears away and they lose the power to play their instruments. It's up to the Team to get the gears back in time for the show.

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