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25 Jan. 2010
The Kite Festival
Milli, Geo, and Bot must retrieve a missing kite and fly it safely back to their friend Jeannie in time for the Umi City Kite Festival.
25 Jan. 2010
The Aquarium Fix It
There's a big problem at the Umi City Aquarium. A crack in one of the tanks has put the seahorses in danger! Using their Mighty Math Powers, the Team repairs the tank and saves the seahorses.
26 Jan. 2010
While visiting the Umi City Carnival with his class, Jake loses his favorite stuffed animal, Bunny! Team Umizoomi must retrace Jake's steps around the rides and games to reunite their friend with his beloved toy.
27 Jan. 2010
Team Umizoomi is planning a picnic with their friend Anna, but Anna's lunch box and thermos are missing! The Team travels to Anna's house to retrace her steps, and with the help of Anna's dog Buster, they find the items and save the picnic!
28 Jan. 2010
Super Trip to the Supermarket
It's snack time and Samantha's baby brother doesn't have his favorite snack! Team Umizoomi explores the supermarket to tracks down the missing snack foods ingredients.
1 Feb. 2010
Subway Heroes
Daniel's birthday party is about to start, but his Dad is stuck on a broken subway train with the birthday cake. It's up to Team Umizoomi to travel through the subway system to get the train back on track.
2 Feb. 2010
The Milk Out
Kids from all over town are reporting that there's no milk anywhere in Umi City! Team Umizoomi must use their Mighty Math Powers to fill in for the sick farmer and deliver the milk so that all the kids can start their day.
3 Feb. 2010
The Dinosaur Museum Mishap
It's Dinosaur Day at the museum, but a thunderstorm has frightened the dinosaurs, and now they've scattered all over UmiCity! It's up to Team Umizoomi to find the dinosaurs and return them to the museum before the show starts.
4 Feb. 2010
The Rolling Toy Parade
Just as the Rolling Toy Parade is about to begin, Nick's lion toy tumbles down a hill! Team Umizoomi must use Mighty Math Powers to find the scattered pieces and fix the toy in time for the parade.
12 Feb. 2010
Special Delivery
It's Just Because I Love You Day and Anthony mailed a special package to his grandmother, but he forgot to put stamps on it! Team Umizoomi journeys through the post office to intercept the package and deliver it safely to Anthony's Grandma.
19 Feb. 2010
Ready for Take Off
Team Umizoomi's friend Andy is on a plane that's stuck at the airport, and now his family can't go on vacation! Using their Mighty Math Powers, the Team fills the plane with gas, fixes the luggage loader, and clears the runway for take off!
12 Apr. 2010
Ice Cream Truck
Geo's friend Dylan can't wait to get ice cream treats from the ice cream truck, but the truck is missing! It's up to Team Umizoomi to find the stranded truck, fix its flat tire, and make enough ice cream pizza for Dylan and his friends.
13 Apr. 2010
Wild West Toy Train Show
Uh oh! A gust of wind has blown Ethan's ticket to the top of Wild West Mountain, and now he can't go to the "Wild West Toy Train Show"! Using their Mighty Math Powers, Team Umizoomi must scale the mountain to rescue the ticket for Ethan.
14 Apr. 2010
The Butterfly Dance Show
Milli can't wait to see her friend Sophia dance in her school play, but Sophia can't go on stage because her butterfly costume is missing some of its parts! It's up to Team Umizoomi to finish Sophia's costume in time for the show.
15 Apr. 2010
The Elephant Sprinkler
Team Umizoomi's friend Kayla is having fun at the water playground until the water sprinkler stops working! To help Kayla, the Team builds a submarine and zoom through the underground water system to help get the water flowing again.
22 Apr. 2010
Playground Heroes
A big storm has left the sandbox, swings, slide, and bouncy bridge at the Umi City playground in disarray, and now the playground is closed! It's up to Milli, Geo, and Bot to fix the playground so they can play with their friends.
14 Sep. 2010
To the Library
Olivia is sleeping over at her Grandpa's house, but she forgot to bring her favorite bedtime story, "Goodnight Polka Dot Pirate"! Milli, Geo and Bot journey to the library to check out the book for Olivia before bedtime.
19 Oct. 2010
Favorite Things Show
Emily has sparkly shells she wants to show her class for "Favorite Things Day", but the shells have gone missing! The Team must find the shells and bring them back to Emily.
20 Oct. 2010
The Big Boat Race
Just before the Umi City Toy Boat Race begins, Sonya's boat sails out of control and falls apart. Team Umizoomi comes to the rescue to repair the boat in time for the race.
6 Dec. 2010
Santa's Little Fixers
It's Christmas Eve and there's trouble in the North Pole. Santa's Toy-Making Machine is broken! The Team must travel to Santa's workshop to fix the machine before his sleigh takes off.
18 Oct. 2010
Race Around Umi City
After a spoilsport Dump Truck pops Sam's balloon, Team Umizoomi and UmiCar join the Race Around Umi City to beat Dump Truck and win the grand prize - a bunch of balloons - for their friend Sam. Go, UmiCar, go!
21 Oct. 2010
Chicks in the City
Six baby chicks have just hatched in Colin's class, but when the wind blows their food away, the chicks chase the seeds out the window and into Umi City! It's up to Team Umizoomi to find all six chicks and bring them back safe and sound.
25 Oct. 2010
The Ghost Family Costume Party
It's Halloween, and Milli, Geo, and Bot have made a new friend - the hilarious Little Ghost! The Team helps Little Ghost solve four Halloween riddles as they journey through an old house on the way to the Ghost Family Costume Party.

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