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29 Jan. 2010
Alex is moving with his pregnant girlfriend Anna from Stockholm City to his childhood home in Saltsjöbaden, a wealthy suburb at the sea. They are welcomed by Alex's childhood friend Fredde and his wife Mickan, who live in the most luxurious house in the area with their two children, Victor and Ebba. When Anna is entering her new home, she finds to her astonishment that her mother-in-law, the widow Margaretha, is still there, although she should have moved out by now. The problem is that Alex hasn't dared to tell his mother clearly that he and Anna want to live alone. ...
5 Feb. 2010
Är jag pappa till barnet?
At an ultrasonic examination Alex and Anna are told that their baby will be delivered on August 4th. When Fredde tells Alex that 20 % of all fathers in Sweden aren't the real fathers of their children, Alex gets worried. He counts 40 weeks backwards from August 4th, and finds out that the baby must have been procreated in the end of November. But in that period Anna spent three weeks in Skåne, making a new movie. Alex finds out that the film contains erotic scenes between Anna and the actor Ola Rapace. Now he is quite sure that Ola Rapace is the real father of his ...
12 Feb. 2010
Namndiskussion och tråkiga grannar
Alex and Anna are discussing possible names for their unborn baby, and immediately find out that their opinions are contradictory. Alex finds Anna's names too peculiar, and she finds his too old-fashioned. Alex is unpacking a new high-pressure cleaner, when his neighbor Ove Sundberg turns up and wants to borrow it. Alex tries to say no in a polite, indirect way, but Ove quickly walks away with the new machine. Fredde warns Alex against lending anything to Ove, because it's very hard to get it back. The only strategy that works is to contra-borrow something of the same...
19 Feb. 2010
Alex and Anna have invited Fredde and Mickan to Sunday dinner. Alex has prepared a very special risotto, and worked hard on it, but Fredde dismisses the dish with ironic remarks. He finishes the ensuing discussion by inviting Alex and Anna to lunch the coming Wednesday. Alex is offended by Fredde's ironies, and understands the lunch invitation as a declaration of war. The Wednesday lunch is an artisanal extravagance, although Fredde declares that he prepared it in haste. What he doesn't tell Alex and Anna is that he actually hired a chef for the cooking. Alex is ...
26 Feb. 2010
Alex hatar Ove
Alex hates Ove, and tries to avoid him. But Alex cannot speak out, so he often ends up in Ove's company nevertheless. In the middle of a quarrel between Alex and Anna the doorbell rings. When Alex opens the door and sees Ove, he gets furious, and shouts to Ove to go away. He screams that Ove is annoying and greedy, and slams the door. Alex's mother Margaretha tells Alex that she wants to become a member of the local golf club, but it will take 22 years, because the queue of applicants is very long. She asks Alex to influence some of his friends in the board to help ...
5 Mar. 2010
Alex is shopping in a super market, when he bumps into a woman called Sofi, who he hasn't met since they left school. She was the most gorgeous girl in their class, but now Alex thinks she has lost almost all her beauty. On his way home Alex starts thinking if he also has become old and unattractive. He tries to convince his wife Anna that they should go to a disco, like they did when they were young, but she refuses. He asks Fredde to join him, but Fredde has to prepare the birthday party for his 5 year old son Victor the following day. Fredde is desperate, because ...
12 Mar. 2010
Nya vänner
At an art gallery Anna bumps into her old friend Petra, who she hasn't met since they left theatre school eight years ago. Petra presents her boyfriend Rodney, literary critic at Dagens Nyheter. They have just moved to Saltsjöbaden, which prompts Anna and Alex to invite their new neighbors to dinner next Saturday. Alex's interest in culture is very low, but he thinks he must avoid exposing his lack of knowledge for their new highbrow friends. He finds an article on Orhan Pamuk, and tries to remember all facts and opinions about this Turkish author. The conversation ...
19 Mar. 2010
Kim på middag
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26 Mar. 2010
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9 Apr. 2010
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