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Fun demonic sitcom

Author: meshwo from United States
5 July 2010

So far the first three episodes have been enjoyable. Granted it is not the best show ever, but the characters have potential and it definitely has its worthwhile moments. Unlike the only other review so far, I actually prefer this to Family Guy. But I also prefer the Simpsons and American Dad over FG, I dunno maybe I am just too old for fart, puke and poop jokes. I really enjoy Tina and her lush-ness, Balthazar's dad isn't bad either by way of funny randomness. I could do without the dog-golf, but despite my love of dogs and hatred of anything that even resembles animal abuse, I still enjoyed the episode, and that has to count for something. Although I will forever miss King of the Hill, and Dale is by far the best character ever created. Throw in Balthazar's bolo tie and it adds up to a good Monday night.

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Funny as hell..

Author: troysanime from United States
23 June 2010

Don't know what the other peoples problems are but this show is actually really funny.. They just didn't understand the jokes and the point that it's suppose to be stupid. This is the best American cartoon/animation show in a long time. South Park/Family Guy/American Dad/Cleveland show all suck in comparison.

The sarcastic humor from the boss and all the racist jokes are hilarious I can't wait to see more...The only flaw is I can't see it going past 13 episodes or 1 season due the the plot line being "destroy the drill" which really shouldn't take very long.

I give it a 7/10 at the very least..Everyone should give this show a chance..It's almost as funny as God, the Devil and Bob/Drawn together...If you like those shows give this one a chance.

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Author: Ultros from Puerto Rico
13 June 2010

As soon as it started and heard the opening dialogue, I got a bad feeling. Not much of what happened the beginning of the show grasped my interest, and up to the end I realized, it never did. I actually guessed the torture scene with Britney Spear's "I did it Again" song. It gave me chills, to predict such a lame attempt at mocking someone. Last time I viewed a reference to someone being tortured to Britney Spears music was YEARS ago, where kids voicing a flash animated show did the EXACT same thing this show did. "How could it be?" ... I asked myself in disbelief.

I watched the whole thing. I always give shows a chance, especially when 2 people in it I am a fan of(specifically Kurtwood Smith and Patton Oswalt). But, it didn't help. I admit I uttered laughter at ONE line Kurtwood Smith's character said at ONE point. And the rest was just terrible. Too slow, not interesting, and lame references back and forth. I have never sat trough a show and feel shame/embarrassment just for watching it. This was me most of the show(confused facial expression) --> 0-o' . Maybe it's just the 1st episode that completely lacks interesting characters, dialogue, story, fails landing jokes and in more than one instance, is highly predictable. That said, I believe my last sentence is me being overly generous and optimistic.

This show sucked, and it was amazing how much so it did.

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Great show if u have a sense of humor

Author: nathan_hayes2
16 June 2012

i honesty think if watching something this funny made u lose IQ points pg then u have a problem . if it were trying to be serious i could see your review but u are more full of bull than a bull. The show itself was hilarious and it really showed how deplorable human kind has become when their evil surprises and sickens the new demon neighbors. I think its personally a great take on the sickness of mankind. The voice work is excellent in my opinion it should have gotten at least a second season. So if u like to laugh and u like raunchy comedy this is a good find i say watch it and laugh out loud.... though it is just my opinion and u should make your own.

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More like TV show from Hell (I couldn't resist)

Author: abrown975 from United States
25 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Oh "Neighbors From Hell", how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways:

#1- The characters are all clichéd. The father is an unbelievably stupid oaf, the mother is always drinking, the daughter thinks she's the center of the universe, the son is just like the father, the dog talks, and I guess as an added bonus there's the flamboyant British character whose either the youngest or the oldest of the family (in this case the oldest). Where have I seen this before? Oh yeah, Family Guy. Although it would make sense, considering this show was created by the same studio that created Family Guy as well. BUT GIVE ME SOMETHING I HAVEN'T SEEN BEFORE!

#2- The jokes are clichéd as well. Good lord, can someone please write some jokes that actually make me laugh? Plain bad jokes, I can handle. It's the bad jokes that seem so forced and clichéd that I can't stand (Just watch the part where the neighbor is talking about her dog and the late, late show. So unfunny, it was embarrassing). This is why I watch South Park, because in that show every joke is new and fresh.

#3- Marjoe from next door. I didn't think it was possible for one character to make me completely hate a show, but you won't hear me saying that again. Marjoe is very annoying in every way: annoying voice, annoying mannerisms, and annoying personality. I really do hate her and I might reconsider giving this show another chance if they killed her off (And yes, I realize that her personality is supposed to be ironic and satirical, but I still can't stand it.).

I am sorry to say that I respect every actor/actress in this show less now that they have appeared in this. Will Sasso, Molly Shannon, and Patton Oswalt: I like your work and I think you all are very funny, but the writers are holding you back. Either get new writers so then you might seem funnier than you are at the moment or quit and put this God-forsaken show out of its misery. I give this monstrosity a 2/10, and the only thing keeping it from becoming a 1/10 (there is no 0 on the voting scale unfortunately) is Kurtwood Smith's character, the only remotely funny character in the whole bunch. But one show cannot sustain itself on the comical voice-over of Mr. Smith. Like I said before, either get new writers or abandon ship, because either way something needs to change.

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Hilarious Satire with great narrative and voice talents

Author: Randy Singer from Seattle
28 July 2010

This show is not for the faint of heart. It is gross out comedy for sure but if you can handle that, it is quite thoughtful and full of hilarious pop culture references. It is about demons sent by Satan to stop a drill from striking Hell. It turns out that the demons are more normal and perhaps moral than most of the people they interact with in this Texas company town. The neighbors and co-workers at the behemoth Corporation are usually more absurd than the Hellman family, except maybe for the perverse uncle and dog like Pazuzu. Will Sasso, Molly Shannon, Patton Oswalt, et al, are great with the voice work. Its great fun and I am pleasantly surprised each with how funny it goes and as the characters grow into sensitive caring beings.

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Wasted promise

Author: raymondthefrog from United States
29 July 2010

I really wanted to like this show. The previews looked as though it could have been genuinely funny, a clever mashup of traditional family sitcom clichés and "demons on earth" craziness. Sadly, after catching an episode or two, I have to report that this is not the case. The commercials boast that NFH is produced by the studio that brought you Family Guy. However, when the similarities between the two shows are so glaring, it may not be a great idea to point that out. If you've seen one episode of Family Guy, you know who these characters are supposed to be: fat, stupid "relatable" dad; hot, sometimes-caring-and-sometimes-amoral mom; self-centered teen daughter; younger-version-of-dad son; talking dog; "wacky", flamboyantly gay and inexplicably British-accented final family member. Wow, they're all here! Even cast member Patton Oswalt, who's normally great, sounds like he's channeling Family Guy's Mr. Herbert when voicing family mutt Pazuzu. (Not that Family Guy isn't equally guilty of recycling sitcom tropes, but not usually this blatantly.) Unfortunately, the jokes and the supporting cast, which often save Family Guy from mediocrity, are not nearly as strong and produce few laughs. If there's one saving grace of the show, it's the animation, which is better than the average cartoon fare and more textured and nuanced than the "McFarlane House Style" (which I actually love, but that's not the point.) If anything, the decent animation serves to remind us of the disappointment of the other aspects of the show, and makes us wish someone took the same care and effort writing the comedy contained within. Neighbors from Hell is anything but groundbreaking, and only mildly and sporadically entertaining.

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Get out the broom . . .

Author: inVville from United States
25 June 2010

Despite the promo "from the studios that brought you Family Guy," this formulaic and unfunny show falls far short of Seth MacFarlane's clever work.

"Neighbors from Hell" is my signal to get up and do housework until the next show comes on. It's a weak message piece ("oil is bad") trying to fly on the coattails of the likes of Family Guy, couched in unsophisticated and sometimes even scatological humor a 10-year-old would find boring, and voiced by veteran comics who I believe are painfully aware of how poorly this thing is premised and written. What a shame.

On the upside, however, each week my house is 30 minutes cleaner than it was before!

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An insultingly stupid, unwatchable mess

Author: pgbrush from New York
12 June 2010

I made it through ten minutes; consequently, I lost twelve IQ points and I have forgotten how to conjugate verbs in the past tense. There is not one redeeming quality to this show - no interesting characters, no snappy dialogue, no unique storyline, no groundbreaking art. However, if you're a fan of fart jokes, you might as well reserve the first season on DVD right now. In fact, if you were able to watch the entire first episode without feeling at least the slightest pang of embarrassment for being a member of the same species as the creator and writers of this show, you should take a long hard look in the mirror and contemplate the meaning of your existence.

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Neighbors from hell ... dumb title right there.

Author: swagg_kings92 from United States
16 July 2010

wow, seriously ... what the hell were they thinking to actually put this disgrace of comedy on tbs. tbs... and their catchphrase is "very funny"? did they take stupid pills or something cause for one thing the show serves no purpose, none of the jokes are funny and what is their audience .. i mean really ? like it seemed like a show kinda of like family guy or it was supposed to be . they messed up real bad with this one .. i sat through about 5 minutes and it just bored me to death... if you want an audience or at least some viewers for this crap (TBS) then rewrite it or at least watch it before you broadcast it. because i mean i know we are not paying to watch this like a theatrical movie or anything but we are wasting precious time , when we could be watching something more worth while. i remember seeing it advertised and thinking "ehh maybe it's worth a shot to watch this.." i must have been on something serious to say that. so that is my message to either TBS or just networks and the writers of the show. either come up with something that will at least make people laugh or please take the show off so i don't have to suffer seeing it advertised when watching FAMILY GUY on TBS .

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