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Courtney Moorehead Balaker’s “Little Pink House” to Open Athena Film Festival

Catherine Keener in “Maladies”: Tribeca Film Festival

The Athena Film Festival announced today that “Little Pink House,” written and directed by Courtney Moorehead Balaker, will screen on Thursday, February 9 as the fest’s Opening Night film.

Based on the true story of Susette Kelo, “Little Pink Houses” tells the story of a nurse who emerges as a reluctant leader of her working-class neighbors in their struggle to save their homes from political and corporate interests. Two-time Oscar nominee Catherine Keener (“Enough Said”) plays the title role. Jeanne Tripplehorn (“Criminal Minds”) co-stars.

Telling Kelo’s story has been a long time coming for Moorehead Balaker — and for the Athena Film Festival. The “Little Pink House” script was a finalist on the 2015 Athena List, a selection of screenplays with female leads or protagonists that have yet to be made into films.

“Bringing Susette’s story to the screen has been a passion of mine for years and I’m very honored by the Athena Film Festival’s invitation to open the festival,” said Moorehead Balaker in a statement. “Susette is a model of courage and defiance, and Catherine Keener’s outstanding performance perfectly embodies Susette’s spirit and drive. I’m grateful to the Athena Film Festival for showcasing her story and for giving ‘Little Pink House’ the opportunity to come full circle from Athena List Finalist to opening night film.”

Women and Hollywood’s Founder and Publisher, Melissa Silverstein, co-founded the Athena Film Festival and serves as its artistic director. She commented, “‘Little Pink House’ highlights an incredible message of woman’s courage against all odds and standing up for what is right. This is the first film from the Athena List program to be made and the fact that it will open the festival is an enormous thrill for all of us,” she emphasized.

After the Opening Night screening of “Little Pink House,” Moorehead Balaker and the real-life Susette Kelo will participate in an audience Q&A.

Little Pink House’s” official synopsis reads, “Susette’s battle goes all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and the controversial 5–4 decision in ‘Kelo vs. City of New London’ gave government officials the power to bulldoze a neighborhood for the benefit of a multibillion-dollar corporation. The decision outraged Americans across the political spectrum, and that passion fueled reforms that helped curb eminent domain abuse.”

The Athena Film Festival is four-day event honoring “courageous and audacious women in real life and the fictional world,” and includes features, documentaries, and shorts. The festival will run from February 9–12 at Barnard College in New York City.

Visit the festival’s website to purchase festival tickets and passes, or to find our more information.

Courtney Moorehead Balaker’s “Little Pink House” to Open Athena Film Festival was originally published in Women and Hollywood on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
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TheWrap’s Film Critics Pick 10 Worst Movies of 2014

  • The Wrap
TheWrap’s Film Critics Pick 10 Worst Movies of 2014
For every year that is packed with awards season fodder and memorable movies that will go down in history, there is an equal number of films we wish we could erase from our memories.

The Worst of 2014 includes both people who should know better and repeat offenders, artists with a vision and hucksters out for a quick buck.

Here’s hoping the responsible parties resolve to do better in 2015.

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Below, TheWrap‘s Reviews Editor Alonso Duralde, and reviewers Inkoo Kang and James Rocchi present their worst films of the year.
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Maybe Don’t Watch the ‘Kink’ Trailer At Work

Out this weekend in New York City, Kink seeks to tell the behind-the-scenes story of, a successful fetish website that trades in pornography where people let themselves go by being tied up. If the little hairs are starting to stand up, just wait until you get a load of a trailer filled with super sexy talking heads speaking with dry maturity about orgasmic necessities and liking what they do. Also, there’s going to be a lot of moaning. They really, really like what they do. The film comes from director Christina Voros, who has done a large amount of camera and cinematography work in only a little under a decade. She’s now a go-to Dp for James Franco’s projects (As I Lay Dying, Child of God, Maladies), and he’s also a producer on her sexploratory project here. Check out the trailer for yourself, and make sure your office door is closed
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Christian Slater Joins James Franco in 'The Adderall Diaries'

Christian Slater Joins James Franco in 'The Adderall Diaries'
Christian Slater has signed on to star alongside James Franco in an adaptation of the hit play The Adderall Diaries.

We haven't heard anything about the project since September 2010, when James Franco purchased the rights to Stephen Elliott's memoir, with plans to star, produce and direct. Now, he is only starring in the adaptation, playing a drug-addicted writer who becomes obsessed with a new murder trial, as he decides to base his new book on the mysterious case. Christian Slater is playing the man on trial, who is accused of murdering his ex-wife.

The book is based on Stephen Elliott's experiences following the Hans Reiser murder trial. Shortly after the proceedings began, the defendant's friend Sean Sturgeon confessed to a number of murders, although he did not admit to killing Hans Reiser's wife. Stephen Elliott was a part of the same Bsdm social circles as Sturgeon.

Pamela Romanowsky
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Peter Travers: Beware the Scum of March

It was Caesar's soothsayer who warned, "Beware the scum of March" – ok, maybe not in those exact words, but centuries later, the Ides isn't half as horrifying as the ten miserable movies Peter Travers tosses into this month's scum bucket. And please do "Boo" along at home, Travers requests. "They kind of give me strength."

Check Out Peter Travers' Top 10 Movies of 2013

First off is God's Not Dead, a new Christian indie film about students that buck against their professor who's teaching in his philosophy class that God no longer exists.
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‘Maladies’ the new entry in James Franco’s inexplicable filmography


Written and directed by Carter

USA, 2012

Somehow, the most inexplicable thing about Maladies is that it’s being released around the United States for release; considering the film’s deliberately experimental and impenetrable quality, this is no easy feat to achieve. But the overriding question upon watching Maladies is as follows: who is this movie for? Its star, James Franco, has become as well-known for his avant-garde work in cinema and modern art as well as he’s known for being a James Dean lookalike in the cult TV show Freaks and Geeks or for his work in Apatow-era mainstream comedies like Pineapple Express. So Maladies may be something he just wanted to do for kicks, but it’s hard to imagine this film raising any level of interest from all but the most dedicated of completists.

In Maladies, Franco stars as James, an actor of some renown and
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New VOD and Streaming Movies, Plus: How to Watch 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug' at Home Before Disc

Our resident VOD expert tells you what's new to rent and own this week on the various streaming services such as cable Movies On Demand, Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, and, of course, Netflix. Cable Movies On Demand: Same-day-as-disc releases, older titles and pretheatrical exclusives for rent, priced from $3-$10, in 24- or 48-hour periods The Book Thief (WWII-set drama; Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson; rated PG-13) The Wolf of Wall Street (Martin Scorsese-directed dramedy based on real-life Wall Street player; Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey; rated R) Chinese Zodiac (action; Jackie Chan; rated PG-13) Maladies (drama; James Franco, Catherine Keener; available in theaters and on Mod; unrated) The Past (drama; Bérénice Bejo, Tahar Rahim; rated...

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How Does James Franco Do It All? A Costar Explains

  • Popsugar
How Does James Franco Do It All? A Costar Explains
How does he do it? That's the question we've posed to actress Fallon Goodson, whose work opposite James in the movie Maladies is being called a breakout performance. We spoke to Fallon about making the film, which is out in limited release and on demand now, and developing a great working relationship with one of Hollywood's busiest actors. On Allie: Benson top, Richard Chai skirt
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How Does James Franco Do It All? A Costar Explains

How does he do it? That's the question we've posed to actress Fallon Goodson, whose work opposite James in the movie Maladies is being called a breakout performance. We spoke to Fallon about making the film, which is out in limited release and on demand now, and developing a great working relationship with one of Hollywood's busiest actors. On Allie: Benson top, Richard Chai skirt
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Maladies | Review

Crazy, Stupid, Art: Carter’s Directorial Debut Less than the Sum of its Parts

Multimedia artist Carter makes his directorial debut with Maladies, an intriguing sounding project that stars James Franco, who collaborated with Carter back in 2008 on an experimental project called Erased James Franco, which, over the course of an hour, sees the actor re-enact scenes from his own filmography as well as a reinterpretation of Julianne Moore’s performance from the Todd Haynes film, Safe (1995). If you think that sounds lofty and ambiguous, then the meta-context attempted in their latest effort feels nearly mainstream in comparison (though, to be clear, sometimes reinterpretation is a euphemism for remake). Borrowing details from the similar events in Franco’s own life as it slips unexplainably between eras and anachronisms, a certain mystique fools us into thinking there’s something of actual substance going on under the vague veneer of mental illness
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Maladies – The Review

Perhaps Natasha Leggero said it best on Comedy Central’s Roast, when attempting to explain James Franco’s choice in artistic endeavors…

First I was wondering why James Franco would do this roast, and then I saw Spring Breakers and I was like, “Oh! He’ll do anything!”

Being fully aware I was choosing to watch a film starring James Franco, I was entirely unprepared for what I was getting into, which is a conundrum commonly associated with watching anything starring James Franco.

Maladies is written and directed by multimedia artist Carter. This is Carter’s first feature-length film. Combining the quirkiness of Spike Jonze — but more mellow — and complex philosophical musings like those of Charlie Kaufman — but less dizzying — Maladies manages first to catch me off guard, then just as my interest slowly begins to dwindle I am captured in a random moment of realization that I am enjoying the film.
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Capsule Movie Reviews (Mar. 19): 'Teenage' and four more


Not Rated, 1 Hr., 18 Mins.

Director Matt Wolf uses startling archival footage to capture the rise of pre-Elvis youth culture as the defining surge of the 20th century. He draws links between the flappers, the idle kids of the Depression, and even Hitler Youth to show us how teenagers first found a niche between alienation and ecstasy. B+ —Owen Gleiberman

New Release

Blood Ties

R, 2 HRs., 8 Mins.

A 1974-set New York crime tHRiller that evokes the brilliantly ramshackle, down-and-dirty spirit of Sidney Lumet. Clive Owen is mesmerizing as a hard case who has just gotten out of prison (the violence
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James Franco Plays Another Version of Himself in Maladies

James Franco Plays Another Version of Himself in Maladies
After convincing pomo stuntman James Franco into a guest turn on General Hospital and a career retrospective of sorts in Erased James Franco, an art film in which the Oscar nominee recreates performances from his filmography, multimedia artist Carter could perhaps make another feature about how he talked Franco and Catherine Keener into starring in a wilting frippery like his new mental-illness drama Maladies.

Franco plays a character named James who's a distant simulacrum of the performer himself — a former soap-opera actor who suffers from the same psychological sickness that afflicts so many other movie characters: He flinches when he's touched, listens to the dial tone when distressed, and hallucinates a voice that narrates what he does and how he...
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James Franco Searching For Creative Side in Maladies Film Release

  • ShockYa
James Franco Searching For Creative Side in Maladies Film Release
James Franco is exploring his creative side in the upcoming film ‘Maladies,’ which is set to be released in select theaters and On Demand this month. The drama will begin its theatrical release in Los Angeles on March 21, with its iTunes and VOD release to follow on March 25. ‘Maladies’ was written and directed by the internationally acclaimed multimedia artist, Carter. Besides Franco, the film also stars Fallon Goodson, who the actor became impressed with while they were shooting the drama. Following the ‘Maladies’ shoot, he cast her in his directorial efforts, ‘Child of God’ and ‘Black Dog, Red Dog.’ ‘Maladies’ also features Catherine Keener, David Strathairn and Alan [ Read More ]

The post James Franco Searching For Creative Side in Maladies Film Release appeared first on
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Watch: First Trailer for Artist Carter's 'Maladies' Starring James Franco

"This is the story of an actor, who is no longer acting." Not too long ago, we featured the full trailer for James Franco's adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's Child of God. Now Franco is back in front of the camera with another low profile release in Maladies. In the film, Franco appropriate plays an actor named James, an unstable former soap opera star in 1960’s New York as he tries to restart his floundering creative career. There's a seemingly omnipotent narrator that the lead character can apparently hear, and this feels a little odd. Catherine Keener and David Strathairn also star in the film that looks like another weird flick. Here's the very first trailer for Carter's Maladies, direct from Tribeca Films: Maladies is written and directed by multimedia artist Carter and charts the struggles of an unstable former soap opera star (James Franco) in 1960’s New
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Is James Franco Playing Himself in ‘Maladies’?

“You don’t need any help thinking abstractly, James.” Multi-hyphenate James Franco and his apparent quest to do everything has long bled over into the sense that the actor-turned-whatever is doing actual performance art in his own life – particularly when it comes to stuff like his soap opera stint on General Hospital and his weirdly compelling turn in Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers. Franco may be ostensibly interested in reaching out beyond the norm, but he paradoxically seems to do that sort of thing while also still being so very James Franco. Franco’s latest project (and, when it comes to Franco, this stuff is always a “project” with a capital P) is a film called Maladies, an almost suffocatingly arty affair in which Franco appears to be playing a version of himself. In the film, Franco stars as a failed actor named James who abandons Hollywood for small town life, the
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Trailer of the Week: James Franco Plays James Franco in Deranged Comedy 'Maladies'

  • Indiewire
Trailer of the Week: James Franco Plays James Franco in Deranged Comedy 'Maladies'
Before the Trailer, We Thought: A story about a successful actor who is forced to retire at a young age because of a mental illness seems like a sort of joke for someone like James Franco, who at his young age has done more than most do in a lifetime. Still, the fact that this the film is directed by mysterious multimedia artist Carter and stars a wonderful cast including Catherine Keener and David Strathairrn has us interested. For more indie film trailers check out Indiewire's trailer page, sponsored by Sony Picture Classics. And Now? Despite the somewhat campy premise, we're always interested in what James Franco will do next. "Maladies," the trailer, narrated by a voice in James' (played by James Franco) head, makes the film out to be a comedy, which just seems all the more palpable with Franco as its lead. Look out for Franco's on screen sister Fallon Goodson,
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Watch: James Franco Isn't Feeling Well In Trailer For 'Maladies'

In the upcoming "Maladies," James Franco plays a former soap opera actor named James who gets lost within his own mind. And while we're not suggesting Franco is mentally unstable, the other details do lend something of a meta quality to the latest Thing That Franco Did, which seems about right for the multi-hyphenate who likes to play with the perception of his persona. And so, here's the trailer, which at first, seems like it's mostly "The James Franco Story: The Period Version" before it reveals itself to be something a little more. The film follows James, who lives with his mentally detached sister Patricia (Fallon Goodson) and his cross-dressing best friend Catherine (Catherine Keener) in the same house. The three struggle to co-exist on the fringes of society, while James becomes obsessed with finishing his life's work—a grand memoir. So, yes, it's meta but does it all hang together?
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James Franco plays a crazy actor named James in weird trailer for Maladies

  • JoBlo
James Franco is at it again! In his latest art film effort, Maladies, James Franco portrays a former soap star named James (natch!) who is struggling to become a writer and also with falling over in stores. He's joined by a solid blend of co-stars, including David Strathairn, Catherine Keener, Alan Cumming, and Fallon Goodson, who all help contribute to the oddity that is this trailer, which definitely fits in the long list of "art school" projects Franco tends to...
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Trailer for James Franco's Maladies

Today we have the trailer for the upcoming "Maladies" drama, starring James Franco, Catherine Keener and David Strathairn. It's directed by an artist known as Carter and is set to hit theaters on March 21st, in limited release. Check out the trailer below. "Maladies" stars Franco as James, a talented and successful actor who retires at a young age due to a perceived mental illness. He moves in with his unbalanced sister (Fallon Goodson) and an understanding friend (Keener). James begins to hear voices as he struggles to keep himself together and restart his life. "Carter is my double," Franco said about the director. "Whatever I'm thinking, Carter has thought about it, too. In 'Maladies' the two characters (Franco, Keener) make a pact that if one of them dies the other will finish the dead person's work. I would be honored to make such a pact with Carter,
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