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15 Sep. 2010
Playboy Supreme Court Justice Cyrus Garza has an epiphany -- which leads him to make a radical decision to step down and go into private practice. Garza's first case -- a last ditch attempt to save a condemned client from death - tests his mettle and resolve as they have never been tested before. Aided by a legal team comprised of his best friend, respected defense attorney Al Druzinsky, loyal law clerk Mereta Stockman, Yale-educated and conservative Eddie Franks and sassy private eye Lucinda Pearl, Garza seems likely to make his mark as a legal crusader. However, by ...
24 Sep. 2010
In Re: Officer Daniel Hale
Garza and his team head to Arizona when an immigration stop turns into a police shooting. Eddie agrees with the decision to take the controversial case, while Al wonders why he ever joined Garza's team. Meanwhile, Lucinda encourages Mereta to make her big move for Garza.
1 Oct. 2010
In Re: Jessica Davis
When a baby dies after being left in a hot car, Garza takes to the mother's defense under the Equal Protection Clause. However, saddled with an emotionally distant defendant, Garza might need more than Mereta and Al's help to prove his client's innocence. Meanwhile, Eddie and Lucinda branch off to cover one of Al's former clients.
8 Oct. 2010
In Re: Curtis Farwell
Garza and his team fight to expose the truth about car accidents that are being caused by tie rod defects, but Al questions Garza's motives in taking the case. Elsewhere, Mereta prepares for her first day in court, Eddie scores an interview with a big law firm, and Lucinda takes on a new "job." Meanwhile, Claire tries to get Garza to mend fences with Senator Vidalin at a fund-raiser, but Garza is hesitant to play nice while there is a mysterious man threatening the team.
16 Oct. 2010
In Re: Tracy Vidalin
Garza challenges the latest Miranda Rights ruling by defending an alleged cop killer's right to remain silent.
23 Oct. 2010
In Re: Tyler Banks
Foster children across the country are being removed from organ transplant lists and Justice Garza travels to Florida to fight to get one critically ill boy back on the list.
6 Nov. 2010
In Re: Kelvin Jones
After a black honors student is killed at school in Hastings County, Alabama, Cyrus Garza takes on the school board for segregating the students by color. He pleads the case with facts that one school district receives greater funds than the other, and that white students are bused to a majority white school while black students are bused to a majority black school, even though the races are evenly distributed across the school districts.
13 Nov. 2010
In Re: Tony Mejia
Cyrus Garza fights extradition on both sides of the border. David defends Mereta from health insurance fraud suit.

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