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Sex, Drugs & Religion is 1 hour and 11 minutes long. The two main stars of this film guide its viewers on a comedic journey into the wacky world of religion. No one is safe from Betty Butterfield and Pastor Deacon Fred Smith, as they look into all of the major religions of the world including Catholics, Baptists, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Hebrews, Muslims, and even the Presbyterians.

The beginning title and credit roll for Sex, Drugs & Religion lasts for one minute and forty five seconds. Fading in from black the viewer is confronted with archived b/w footage from World War II Nazi Germany revealing Adolf Hitler and Ante Pavelich walking with a group of military following behind. The next scene shows Roman Catholic Clergy blessing Ustasha soldiers before battle. The title scene shows forced conversion of the Serbs and then transitions into footage from the Jasenovac Concentration camp. In the following scenes there are clips showing confiscated belongings and pulled gold teeth from the prisoners. Next scene shows Serbian Children from Kozara being forcibly converted to Christianity. In the last scene is clips of starved children and babies.

The opening scene features one of this films main stars, The Pastor Deacon Fred Smith (played by Chris Harper). Pastor Deacon Fred spends about the first minute describing his Landover Baptist Church and explaining that he is one of the most sought after men in all of Christian-dom. The second scene features the films other main star, Betty Butterfield (played by Chuck Knipp). Over the first ten minutes, Betty and Deacon Fred both speak about their experiences and thoughts on the Catholic religion. These clips are interwoven between actual real news snippets about sexual crimes committed by priests on young boys around the world and clips of Bill Maher on Larry King Live and clips of Bill Maher promoting his motion picture Religulous.

Act 2: Featuring clips from the Fox News show Hannity and Colmes who are interviewing Shirley Lynn Phelps-Roper , daughter of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps. The next several scenes bounce back and forth between news clips of Phelps picketing soldiers funerals and actual propaganda media released by Phelps and Westboro Church before losing an 11 million dollar lawsuit from a father of a dead soldier that was the focus of Phelps and his clan.

Act 3: Delving into the many failed Television ministries including Jimmy Swaggart and clips from Jim and Tammy Bakers PTL Club. The next scene is of Ole Anthony speaking about the greed involved with television ministries which transitions into a clip of Deacon Fred speaking about Wiccans. Next is a short clip of Bill Maher speaking about the Reverend Ted Haggard, who was caught using methamphetamine with a male prostitute.

Act 4: We now look at Pentecostals, who are the snake handling rock-n-rollers of religion. Bouncing back and forth between Betty Butterfield and archived news clips of Pentecostals handling snakes, dancing to rock music and drinking strychnine.

Act 5: Short clips of Betty, Fred and Bill Maher are edited between and around a Several longer clips, one of which features two young Mormons who ride up on a man in a parking lot to speak about John Smith but quickly find out this man know the bible inside and out.

Act 6: A quick clip of Tom Cruise referencing Scientology while making some very bizarre comments. . Act 7: The clips in act seven go back and forth showing a small glimpse of the conflict between Israel and Palestine and then goes on to look briefly into Islam and the Muslim faith.

Closing Scene starts out with two clips that feature Richard Dawkins speaking on topics such as faith and religious belief systems. In the last scene of the film Betty Butterfield talks about her experiences with Presbyterians and then asks the Lord to help her find a church.

Credit roll: The credit roll is a real fun to watch and features two Mormons dancing to the song Here It Goes by Jimmy Eats World. After the credits pass, there are messages from the director about his thoughts on religion that continue until the song ends. Fade to black.

Secret Hidden Music Video: Keep watching after the credits are finished, and you will see a special hidden music video short that is very funny. Fade To Black..... THE END.
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