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Cancelled. Very bad choice
f-sarkis12 August 2011
It seems pathetic and nonsensical that this TV show has been cancelled. My guess is, since it does not have adult scenes, perverted language and swearing it is not cut out to be produced anymore.

No ordinary family has a great story plot and portrays a family with super powers. In their quest to find out what or how their powers work they are confronted by other individuals who also have powers.

This show is a great family show and as an avid follower it was a show where everyone in a family can relate to a character; a caring mother, the strong father, the smart children and the terrific friends.

Shame on you ABC, shame on you!
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More Fun Than You Would've Guessed
Stoli_Raz_N_720 February 2011
Wow! There's just so many positives to this show. The cast is perfect for the roles they've been given, the villains are intriguing, and the special effects are a hell of a lot better than most of the cheap-ass special effects that I've seen on other TV shows (including a lot of the shows that are on SyFy.) However, what's best about this show is the sarcasm from the sidekicks, as well as the son and the daughter on the show. Most of the humor for the mom and dad comes off as corny, but the humor from the others is both fresh and biting. My fiancé and I have both been watching the show since the beginning. The more we watch the show, the more that we get drawn in by the series. I can't believe it's getting canceled.
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Why are the TV execs so stupid to cancel this
dwk8992 December 2010
this is everything a show needs ...great actors...darkness (batman) comedy (Reaper) WHY would you cancel it for BIGGEST LOSER Does that tell you anything about our society?

Im 62 and in a large spending class,so I wonder if the braintrust marketers will figure that out......

Please show us your intelligence if u have any..

this show is a perfect blend of all that we want on TV...

I will never understand why these good shows are trashed for crap like biggest loser. Are we such a society that we can only boost our self esteem on others TV FALSE misfortunes?

How pathetic are we?

Please get your life back and watch this great show,,,,
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Highly entertaining.
johnnymacbest28 September 2010
Being a fan of superheroes and shows/movies based on them, I decided to give "No Ordinary Family" a chance and needless to say I was entertained. The show is lighthearted but there are some dark moments in it that really made it intense and kept my attention until the last few minutes of running time. The acting was for the most part above average, but it's the sense of intrigue that really makes the show; showing a family in crisis that are struggling to find common ground and I think that's one of the main themes in the show that makes it work. Heroes did this to a considerable degree but failed miserably in it's later seasons and I hope the show doesn't suffer that fate. The special effects were remarkable, thankfully not too much as to be a wannabe X-Men as I believe that less is more. But the highlights was the fight between Michael Chiklis's character and the guy who can disappear and faze through solid material. I'm just dying to see the next episode and the wild ride in the world of this (Ex)troardinary family.
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Fantastic Four meets Heroes
DarkVulcan295 October 2010
The story of Jim Powell(Michael Chiklis) and his wife Stephanie(Julie Benz) decide to take a family vacation, in hopes to do something has a family, and take there kids along, Daphne(Kay Panabaker) and JJ(James Bennett). But quickly have a plane accident, and land in a pond of special water, special because when they get back something strange comes on all of them, Jim has superhuman strength, and is almost unbreakable, Stephanie is super fast, pretty much faster than a speeding bullet, Dapine has the ability to read minds, and is overwhelmed by it, and JJs mind is like super computer. We wonder what adventures will come The Powells way?

An entertaining series, awesome effects, and good chemistry between the cast. It's easy to see the comparisons between Fantastic Four and Heroes. I hope it keeps getting clever has it goes on.
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Brilliant piece of Television
Stig101 January 2011
I love this show. It is easily in my top 5 shows currently airing at the moment (along with Chuck, Lie to Me, Sons of Anarchy and Previously Dark Blue before it was cancelled).

The show is very light hearted and manages to mix comedy with action and drama extremely well. The family are quite cliché and the powers aren't exactly 'original' but they make it work.

The cast do a great job portraying their characters, the only one I'm not a huge fan of is the antagonist Josh Stewart (but he's slowly starting to grow on me now). The rest, however, are awesome. Michael Chiklis (Star of The Shield and Fantastic Four) does a brilliant job as the father while Julie Benz (formerly Rita Morgan in Dexter) puts on a strong performance as the mother of the family. You also have Kay Panabaker and Jimmy Bennett as the kids.

The character development in this series is great and although the story is predictable (for the most part), it is still highly entertaining. The characters relationships are believable and very engrossing. I think the pairing of Jim Powell (Michael Chiklis) and George St. Cloud (Romany Malco) is one of my favourite bromance relationships right now on TV. Romany Malco is AWESOME in this series. I've never really seen him act before so I'm not sure if it's the script, his acting or a mix of both. But he is extremely funny in this show, he is constantly shooting out one liners which make me literally laugh out loud, although it has to be said I feel his acting in the more serious scenes is lacking at times. The second prize for most hilarious character in this show has to go to Stephanie Powells best friend and work colleague Katie Andrews (Played by Autumn Reeser), she is incredibly geeky and so socially awkward, hilarious to watch.

I'd say this show could pull in a pretty wide audience (I can just as easily imagine a 14 year old watching this as I can a 50 year old). It's light hearted, fun and easy to watch. Yes it has the sci-fi/fantasy element to it which is akin to shows like Chuck, Heroes, Supernatural, Buffy, Smallville etc. But it also has a more family oriented feel to it at times and what this show does brilliantly is applying super powers to every day events.

I'm struggling to describe the feel of this show. I'd suggest everyone checks out the pilot to get an idea for what it's like themselves rather than relying on the reviews posted here.

A lot of people have been comparing it heroes but I find it far to light hearted to be compared to heroes. It's nowhere near as dark and serious and has far more comedy integrated throughout. I'd say it's more like Chuck than Heroes.

I've only seen the first 8 episodes (it's still on it's first season) but so far I'd give this show a 9/10. Yes it has it's clichés (the family couldn't be any more of a stereotype) and it has it's flaws, plus the special effects aren't the best (but are still impressive for a TV show). But overall this show is funny, charming, easy to watch and above all entertaining.
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Easily one of the best new shows.
Chris Williams7 December 2010
I am a huge fan of No Ordinary Family it is a fresh original show the whole family can enjoy. The acting is incredible the story is believable. The show has Michael Chiklis from shows like "The Commish & The Shield" two very entertaining shows in their own rights. Plus he was also in the Fantastic Four movies. Also it has the truly delightful Autum Reeser from The O.C.. Really the only downside to this show is the rather plain and drab performance put for forth by Stephen Collins. He just doesn't have the acting chops necessary to play the villain. But over all I truly enjoy this show and hope to see it for many years to come.
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If You Like Superheroes, This Is Your Show...
Passionate_Gal27 September 2010
I'm a huge Marvel fan, and I found myself fascinated with the Pilot. As the other reviewer mention it feels rush, but that is always the problem with pilots, so I tried to see past that and enjoyed it already knowing what to expect from a pilot episode.

The acting was great, the visual effects were great, maybe in the theaters they would've looked fake but for a TV show they were topnotch, the writing was 'meh', but it has the potential for improvement.

Can't wait to see if they can grab all the potential the pilot showed and turned it into a classic. Hopefully it won't end up like Heroes.

And I wouldn't say it's a mix between Heroes and The Incredibles, IMO it's actually more like The Incredibles meets Fantastic 4.
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Someone mentioned this show it getting canceled in an earlier review
muddernewf7917 January 2011
It is NOT being canceled.

I had my doubts about No Ordinary Family when I first saw the trailer for it. I mean, it looked good and all but I just wasn't sure whether it would be my sort of show. How wrong I was, because I liked it from the first few seconds! In fact, this is one of the best pilot episodes of a series that I've ever seen. From my own experience, I find that they're normally a little rough around the edges and often feel like I need to watch subsequent episodes before deciding whether I'll stick with it. Not here though. The whole episode had a very cinematic feel about it and was brilliantly directed. There's no long and drawn out origins story here - they're involved in a plane accident on holiday and each family member then spends the episode discovering their powers and testing them out with some great results. (but more on that later)
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jeanney-bravo25 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This has to be one of the best shows on TV at the moment. It has superhero figures, i've always been into that. And they're basing it all in the real modernized world we are living in right now. A lot of us will be able to relate to their everyday problems, such as family, school, and things like that. (Though we don't have to worry about having powers and keeping our secret identities... i think.)

No Ordinary Family is great. I absolutely love it, best thing i've seen in a while since all my other shows have all finished their seasons. I'm 14, and this for sure isn't the best review ever, but my point is, YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS. YOU'LL LOVE IT.
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