Act of Valor (2012) Poster


Plot Keywords

seal mission
valor terrorist
navy seal cia
navy warrior
somalia attack
rescue combat
cia agent heroism
terrorist plot ukraine
boat chase diving suit
wheelchair reference to winston churchill
poem death of husband
cemetery funeral
photograph truck
showdown self sacrifice
pool of blood corpse
flash grenade church
village airfield
binoculars u boat
underwater scene fire
jungle news report
satellite drone
nosebleed male camaraderie
rescue mission blood
blood splatter gore
violence death
murder cell phone
punched in the face no title at beginning
war paint lens flare
honor no opening credits
shot through a door shot through a window
shot through a wall character's point of view camera shot
subjective camera night vision
jumping from an airplane airplane
massacre suicide bomber
exploding truck exploding car
exploding body explosion
hand grenade bazooka
rocket launcher exploding building
silencer sniper
shot in the leg shot to death
shot in the back shot in the chest
shot in the face bulletproof vest
shot in the forehead shot in the head
explosive bomb
home invasion hotel
held at gunpoint hostage
kidnapping battle
gunfight uzi
assault rifle helicopter
aircraft carrier slow motion
husband wife relationship map
commando raid captain
lieutenant commando mission
commando unit commando
soldier special forces
undercover agent undercover
female agent russian mafia
school subtitled scene
russian crime boss
gangster organized crime
drug smuggling drug smuggler
drugs drug dealer
surfboard campfire
beach bar
san diego california film starts with text
letter voice over narration
pregnancy ends with dedication
letter from father to son grave side ceremony
widow soldier in a wheelchair
eye patch 21 gun salute
flag draped coffin military funeral
jumping on a live grenade fragmentation grenade
woman crying tear on cheek
shot multiple times ak 47
blowing door in tunnel system
drug cartel rocket propelled grenade
mexicali ceramic ball bearing
interrogation newton's cradle
woman in a bikini harrier
u.s.s. bonhomme richard wooden crate
50 calibre machine gun douglas dc 3
grumman albatross advanced seal delivery system
scuba diver submarine rendezvous
explosive vest playing violin
car fire minigun
wounded soldier kicking out a windshield
anti tank missle car chase
confirming identity blood spatter
fire fight power drill
surveillance drone pbr pibber patrol boat
ch 47 chinook helicopter night parachute drop
mission briefing arms tied overhead
triangular folded american flag beach party
gold tooth pickup truck
wrapped in a carpet part narrated
scrabble the game uh 60 blackhawk helicopter
reference to tecumseh surgical mask
ice cream truck american flag
point of view halo jump
c 130 hercules seal team 7
starts with narration reference to star trek
stealth africa
torture cia officer
navy life parachuting
sniper rifle rifle
scuba diving counter plot
terror threat secret plot
army commendation medal bronze star
silver star purple heart
surfing skydiving
parachute las vegas nevada
costa rica mexico
submarine yacht
boat gatling gun
machine gun handgun
pistol pregnant wife
military life secret mission
gunfire gun
terrorism national security
military three word title
death of friend based on true story

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