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Peculiarly entertaining exercise in bare-bones, Hollywood-style action heroism.
When the bullets are flying, Act of Valor is undeniably tense and thrilling.
Act of Valor is gift-wrapped in patriotism. It was once intended as a recruitment film, and that's how it plays.
Employing Navy troops as stars is a clever idea for an action thriller. But the soldiers' awkward line readings are glaring enough to distract from the potency of the story.
The best I can say is that I was never bored, although I was never overwhelmed, either. There are enough small things to keep it interesting even when many of the big things fail.
Although the film has its undeniably immersive, convincing moments, the merging of dramatic re-creations and on-camera "performances" proves less seamlessly executed than those masterfully coordinated land, sea and air missions.
Los Angeles Times
This intriguing hybrid is dramatically involving only when the shooting - with real bullets, naturally - gets underway.
For what it is, it's well done, well filmed, well outfitted with ordnance and, well, exciting. However, in script, characters and plot, Act of Valor offers only the barest minimum.
The problem is that these stoic warriors infect Act of Valor with more wooden acting than you'd see at a ventriloquism school.
The plot might be summed up this way: America's having a war, and everybody's invited!
I don't know what to make of Act of Valor. It's like reviewing a recruiting poster.
Act of Valor is like watching the wrestlers in dramas produced by the WWE: They're great at what they do, but being in front of the camera isn't part of that.

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