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Imagine that one day your life's work will become worthless. Imagine approaching the eightieth year of your life and having no one continuing the work you have accomplished. This is the psychological burden that Zhora and Knyaz, the most celebrated tightrope dancers in Armenia, must cope with.

From a very young age both aspired to become tightrope dancers. One of them had always dreamt about being closer to the sky, while the other dreamt about fame and glory. Having fulfilled their wishes by mastering the tightrope, they soon became adversaries filled with envy and resentment. Feelings of jealousy and dislike for the opponent were cultivated through out their careers. Too old to perform, their rivalry has become even more intense and touches on the absurd. Gossiping and ridiculing each other's past performances, exploits, and students, may be the only psychological outlet through which they can vent their anger and disappointment.

Tightrope dancing has always been a calling for these two masters. Their lives are inseparable from the tightrope. But in order for this art form to remain alive, a next generation of dancers must be trained. In today's world, is it possible to find any young students that would embrace the tightrope with equal fervor? Times have changed and new technologies have brought new forms of entertainment that capture the imagination. People who were once astonished at the amazing acrobatic feats performed by tightrope dancers will nowadays pass by a performance indifferently, without even bothering to lift their heads. It is no longer prestigious to become a tightrope dancer in contemporary Armenia. Under these circumstances, it is not surprising that Mamikon, Knyaz's only student, abandoned the tightrope in search of a better life.

Zhora and Knyaz must overcome their stubborn pride, set their differences aside, and learn how to work together in order to convince Hovsep, the last student of the tightrope, to continue performing. This is the only way that these two masters can keep this holy art of tightrope dancing alive. Till now, Hovsep has been a very skilled dancer, willing to learn all the dexterous tricks required of the tightrope. But his motivation may be to merely please Zhora, his teacher and adopted grandfather.

Young Hovsep was never taught to make choices. Abandoned in an orphanage when he was six years old, he was picked up by Zhora three years later and destined to become a tightrope dancer. When he was younger, he loved the art, since through dancing on the rope he received a chance to grow up in a family, rather than in an orphanage. But as the years passed, he started to understand that the tightrope is a 'prison' for him; that he never gets the chance to decide what he wants to do Most importantly, he started to understand that he is not a 'beloved grandchild' for Zhora, but a 'tool' which helps the old man to continue his life's work. Now, for the first time in his life, this young boy is in a different position. Being the only student of the tightrope, he has the power to decide not only his destiny but the entire future of tightrope dancing in Armenia. Hovsep has become the lord of the once mighty kingdom of Armenian tightrope dancers, with no one to rule over except two old subjects, Zhora and Knyaz.

Now, after the recent death of his grandfather/teacher Zhora, Hovsep faces a much more difficult situation. He now stands before the hardest decisions of his life. On the one hand, since tightrope dancing has always been a heavy burden, Hovsep now feels free. But on the other hand, he still feels the obligation to continue his art in his master's memory. He now has the freedom to do whatever he wishesto escape from his past, but he is also left completely alone, without anyone who loves him and without any financial support to start a new life...

What will Hovsep's choice be? To become the keeper of ancient traditions, or to reject tightrope dancing altogether? Will he sacrifice his youth for the sake of the tightrope in memory of his master Zhora, will he perhaps organize his own troupe with Knyaz, or will he try to convince his mother, whom he recently rediscovered, to receive him and start a family over from the beginning? Will society be able find place for the fading holy art of tightrope dancing and its lonely knight Hovsep?
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