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Great Episode

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
27 July 2013

Sheila gives the location of Bonnie to Stefan and he rescues Elena and Bonnie from Ben. Meanwhile, Anna is invited to go to the Duke's party by Jeremy while she is walking to meet Damon trying to make an agreement with him to open the tomb. Stefan convinces Sheila and Bonnie to help Damon to release Katherine from the tomb, and the witches accept the deal. When Damon enters the tomb, he discovers that Katherine is not there. Anna rescues her mother and discloses a secret about Katherine to Damon.

"Fool Me Once" is a great episode of "The Vampire Diaries", maybe the best so far. The revelation of the fate of Katherine to Damon will probably affect him somehow. I will miss Sheila, one of the best characters of this series. What is the bond between Isabel and Katherine? Fortunately I have the boxes of the four season of this good show. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Fool Me Once"

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Duke is a douche, an ass and goes to Duke...

Author: Chalice_Of_Evil from Australia
1 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Elena did a good job of thinking on her feet and pretending that Bartender Vamp's attempt at compelling her was actually working (too bad Anna was there to prevent her escape).

Nice job from Damon of not saying much in his scene with Stefan, but what he *did* say having maximum effect. His "I mean this sincerely...I hope Elena dies." was pretty damn cold (but then, Stefan should have realised that trying to trick Damon/betraying him would have consequences. Afterall, Damon had held onto his grudge against Stefan - for his, in large part, being responsible for Katherine's capture/imprisonment - all this time...and yet Stefan didn't think that double-crossing Damon again would result in the same? He should have, given Elena's life was at risk).

Oh no, Tyler's back. Did I express my utter lack of noticing/missing you in the past episodes? Well, I didn't (miss you, that is). Why are you back? Have to agree with what Matt said to Tyler: "Do you ever get bored of it?" (in reference to Tyler himself). Was kind of funny, hearing about this infamous "Duke" person, but never getting to meet him. Maybe in a future episode? I can't see how he could be more of an ass than Tyler, honestly.

Good job, Bonnie's Gran, inflicting massive pain on Damon (he certainly deserved it)! The face Ian Somerhalder made was equal parts hilarious and doing a convincing job of conveying extreme pain. Though, given what he did to Gina Torres's character...perhaps not such a bright idea to tick him off after all (despite the momentary satisfaction you get from it)?

Loved Anna describing Damon as a "love-struck idiot" (since that's what he is oftentimes). First time I've liked anything she's said/done (oh and her "Compulsion won't work, just use violence." line to Bartender Vamp earlier). I liked Elena showing she really does sympathise with anyone who has lost their mum (whether they be human or vampire) during their "dead mum bonding".

Damon was clearly making his anger at Stefan known ("Go ahead, grovel again. Oh, wait, no...I don't care."), and as much as I sympathised with Stefan...he did kind of bring this on himself by trying to trick his not-easily-tricked evil murderous brother.

Points for effort in your flame-y escape plan, Bonnie.

Anna doesn't work alone? Um...what about Bartender Vamp? Least she had Damon & Stefan's numbers when she called them on being "truly pathetic when it comes to women".

Nice door-smashing, Stefan! Wish you'd made Bartender Vamp go up in flame (he's such a weenie), though.

Excellent scene between Elena and Damon. So many things going on between them. While she may not have fully thought through her actions (in removing her Vervain necklace), it did prove a point to Damon. She obviously knows about their "understanding" they have and wasn't unaware of what he could have done. It was interesting to hear him first suggest that he may well have compelled her on their road trip, but then stating that he *didn't* in fact compel her (because they were having "fun"/he wanted it to be "real"). Nice job between these two.

Heh, Damon being a jerk to Matt was amusing, as was his "Brother, witches..." greeting to Stefan, Bonnie and her Gran upon joining them at the tomb.

Jeremy kind of reminds me of Jared Padalecki/Sam from Supernatural sometimes (especially in that wool cap of his). His getting knocked out was funny, at least.

Whoo! Finally got to see Bartender Vamp go up in flames! Apparently...he really *was* that stupid (not realising Anna was setting him up/how he disposable he was to her? Yeah, he deserved to get fried).

So much stuff went by so fast in the tomb - but I must particularly note Stefan going in after Elena (despite the warning of him being stuck inside), Elena wanting to honour her promise to Damon and get him out of there (then going in after Stefan), Damon's anger at not finding Katherine/throwing the bag o' blood, Anna just wanting her mum back and promising to leave Jeremy alone - all of that was good. The real spine-tingling moment, though, had to be when Elena hugged Damon and told him she was sorry (and seemed totally genuine about it). I wasn't quite sure what was going to happen/what he was going to do.

At last Jeremy's storyline is finally going somewhere (with him looking up vampires on the net. Surprised the words 'Twilight' or 'Edward Cullen' didn't come up as search results).

Ian Somerhalder did excellent work in the scene where Anna and Anna's mum informed him Katherine is actually out there somewhere and that she didn't "care" enough about him to find him. The look he gave them as he walked out? Pretty much said it all. Liked seeing Stefan sitting next to him by the fireplace. No matter what he says, he still cares about his brother (at least a little bit).

This was a really good episode, for the most part. The Tyler/Caroline/Matt stuff bored me, but killing off Bonnie's Gran proves this show's continued ballsy nature of killing off characters we don't expect to be offed. Whilst the vampires being released from the tomb should prove interesting, what I'm most looking forward to is Katherine eventually returning (because you just KNOW she will eventually). I've really grown attached to this show. It's gotten so good as the season's progressed. Damn the long wait until we get a new episode!

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