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Knock knock knockin' on heaven's door ...

Author: Chalice_Of_Evil from Australia
2 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Nice summary of all the times the boys have died previously. It had indeed been getting a little ridiculous how many times they'd both died and been brought back, so I'm glad the show acknowledged that. Also nice? Dean's amulet (that Sam gave him as a kid) getting some focus.

Dean didn't react nearly as much as I would have expected him to, considering he just witnessed his brother being murdered right in front of his eyes. Okay, so Dean had a gun aimed at him too, but I wouldn't expect that to stop Dean from hurling abuse and threats at the guys (at least he *did* make with the threats). I just didn't believe that he'd be as restrained as he was. And what is with the majority of hunters turning out to be a-holes? Yes, there are a few exceptions, but most hunters we've met on this show have given the term 'hunter' a bad name. Though the ones in this episode did earn a point for telling Sam that he can't just flip the light switch on the apocalypse/walk away. It's been a bit ridiculous, having numerous standalone episodes in the middle of the freaking APOCAYPSE. Best bit? Cutting from the guy firing the gun at Dean to the explosive blood title card instead of seeing blood exploding out of Dean as he was shot.

Nice scene between Dean and Young Sam (Colin Ford's always done a good job as Young Sam), and great use of 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door'. Showing Sam and Dean getting shot again and again was kind of overkill. I liked Castiel pulling a Knight Rider and speaking through the Impala, Dean saying he needs his "me time"/telling Castiel to stop poking around in his dreams and Castiel's simple "Condolences." when Dean realised that he was dead.

Sam's reaction to the horny young girl with braces squeezing his thigh? Pretty damn funny. Dean summed it up nicely ("Wow."). "Ass-full of angels", Dean? Thanks for conjuring up a disturbing mental image. Loved Castiel's "touchy" attitude towards Dean whilst he was on the TV. Even funnier was Sam pointing out to Dean that he apparently "Wuvs hugz"/Dean's bear shirt. Jared's delivery was what made it so funny.

Whoo! Samantha Smith! Always a pleasure seeing her on the show. She's so great as Mary. Her and Jensen Ackles are always awesome in their scenes together. I felt for Dean during the happy moment he was having (with Mary cutting off his crusts). Then felt sorry for Sam, since he wasn't getting to interact with her because it wasn't *his* dream. Then he annoyed me by bugging Dean when all Dean wanted was a minute with his mum. That was truly sad to hear that Mary and John's marriage "wasn't perfect until after she died". That's horrible. Thankfully, we moved on from that unpleasantness to the truly "aww"-worthy moment of Sam greeting his dog, Bones (you can tell Jared's a dog person, especially by how he greeted Bones and then the look on his face when he had to leave him behind. Sam calling him "Bonesy", telling him to stay and then hearing him bark as Sam left? *sniff*).

Interesting interpretation of Heaven that Ash gave. While I don't really have anything against seeing Ash again, I would have preferred to see Jo and/or Ellen instead (at least they got a mention. How their characters were wasted still ticks me off). Nice to see Pamela again, though (and with her eyes intact, no less). Dean only getting slapped upside the head (for getting her killed)? He did indeed get less than what he deserved. Odd seeing her play tonsil hockey with Dean, as I always got the feeling she had more of a thing for Sam when she was alive (wasn't it always *his* butt she was grabbing/slapping?).

Okay, this is why I love Samantha Smith. Because not only can she rock the kind-hearted motherly role, but she can turn on a dime and bring the creepy. The way she described her death (skin bubbling off, pot roast in the oven "but it was my meat")? Truly freaky. As was that smile she gave the boys. Being kissed by Zachariah? Poor Mary. If she'd been non-evil Mary, she would surely having been shuddering violently and throwing up in her mouth in response to his touch. Him referring to her as a "MILF" was disturbing (not that I disagree with his assessment, but coming from was just...wrong). Speaking of...QUIT IT with the ass talk! I don't want to know about you taking ANYTHING out of the boys' asses, Zach! Supernatural apparently has an unhealthy obsession with asses.

I do hope we see Samantha Smith again before the series is over, and that we see her in a GOOD light again, and not playing some evil twisted version of Mary.

Goddamn you, Dean! Tossing away the amulet Sam gave you for Christmas? I was SO hoping he wouldn't, then when he did, I felt terribly sorry for Sam (I'd said "Bite your tongue!" when Castiel deemed the amulet "worthless"). This was a pretty good episode (especially after last week's crappy bore-fest). Both Jared and Jensen did an excellent job. Having said that, this episode could have been better. Having Adrianne Palicki as Jessica and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John making an appearance would have elevated the episode from "pretty good" to "Friggin' great!". It just didn't seem right that they were not in this episode. If there's to be no more Adrianne/Jessica, then JDM at least better make a guest appearance (and no stupid phone calls this time) before the show's over.

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Knockin' on Heaven's door

Author: zombiehigh18 from Egypt
10 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't like this episode simply because Supernatural has gone too far with the idea on God and even though I'm fully aware it is just fictional and can't be taken seriously, I still find it insulting. So I'm going to ignore the utterly silly conversation with Joshua and skip to the good stuff. And I have to admit the good stuff is the reason why I gave this episode 5 out of 10 because otherwise I would give it a big scratch.

- I was shocked to see Dean restrained upon seeing Sam dead, However I can understand why. I think it is because he knows they will be back or he had given up on every thing because he is dead from the inside as Famine referred earlier, so seeing Sam die has now little effect on him.

- The boys reaching Heaven, Does that mean they willingly accepted to go with the reaper? And it was interesting to know they went to Heaven before but the Angels scrubbed their minds clean. However I find it even more interesting that the boys find it hard to believe they actually made it to Heaven.

- It is no surprise that Dean's happy memories are with his family as it is no surprise to see Sam's happy ones when he was away living a normal life,(But I wonder doesn't Sam have any happy memories with Dean or Jessica?) Yet it is heartbreaking to see Dean realize that now of all times when he is already on edge and it was sad that those happy moments for Sam were actually the worst days in Dean's life. I liked the fireworks scene and the touching scene with Dean and Mary (I always thought Samantha Smith fit her role right as the boys' mother, she has a tenderness in her as well as an amazing motherly chemistry with Jensen even though she is not that old) It was a surprise to know that the Mary/John marriage wasn't that perfect and that Dean has been cleaning his dad's messes since forever. (Jensen Ackles delivery of that scene was touching, he had all the cuteness and the innocence of a four year old boy in his eyes)

- It is good to see Ash again and know he is all right and that he still keeps is goofy geeky happy attitude. As for Pamela I was glad to see her happy and satisfied with her Heaven. It is the first time on the show that we actually see somebody get a happy ending, Yet it was weird to see her convincing Dean to say the big Yes, she should know better, However her advice might have some effect on the man.

- Torturing Dean with this distorted image of his mother was very mean even for a dick like Zach, Now I hate him even more and I wish Dean kills that ugly guy.

- Finally, I was very disturbed when Dean threw away his amulet. I know he lost his faith and he was very hurt with Sam's happy memories but does it mean he lost faith on Sam too? I really hope Sam fetched the amulet back from the trash since it was a symbol of the brotherly bond.

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Another Pointless Episode

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
24 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Dean and Sam are killed by the hunters Walt and Roy. The awake in heaven and Castiel contacts Dean and asks him to seek out the angel Joshua. Meanwhile Zachariah is chasing them in Heaven to force Dean to be Michael's vessel.

"Dark Side of the Moon" is another pointless episode of Supernatural. The terrible Fifth Season has been in stall for a long time with this silly story of the war between angels and Lucifer and the Apocalypse. Now there is the revelation that Dean and Sam died several times and came back to life (fortunately without turning into zombies). I hope this season ends asap. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "O Lado Escuro da Lua" ("The Dark Side of the Moon")

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