Warm Bodies (2013) Poster


Plot Keywords

zombie undead
wall memory
love scavenger
living dead love at first sight
record player narrated by character
shield wall record
fireworks shakespeare adaptation
reference to william shakespeare shakespeare's romeo and juliet
black panties woman in bra and panties
bra girl with socks on
female feet in socks girl in bra and panties
close up of eyes director cameo
underwater scene falling from height
rescue head bashed in
hit on the head with a fire extinguisher falling through a rooftop window
subway station male in shower
makeover hope
looking at self in mirror transformation
assault rifle destroyed wall
highway dream sequence
reference to kim kardashian polaroid
polaroid camera abandoned house
convertible rain
throat slitting death of boyfriend
reference to guns 'n' roses boyfriend girlfriend relationship
bmw beer
pretending to be dead blood on face
watching someone sleep foot chase
pistol snowglobe
knife throwing knife in the chest
watch shot in the head
lens flare character repeating someone else's dialogue
character's point of view camera shot character says i love you
punched in the face young version of character
eating brains hunger
freeze frame eaten alive
bitten on the arm split screen
shot to death shot in the forehead
slow motion scene shot in the chest
shot in the shoulder kicked in the chest
shotgun father daughter relationship
machine gun playing a video game
deserted city corpse
written by director vinyl
airplane zombie child
scene during opening credits skeleton
skull gash in the face
flashback hoodie
box office hit voice over narration
jumping from height baseball stadium
attraction airport
flesh eating zombie walking dead
dystopia post apocalypse
zombie apocalypse two word title
death of father based on novel

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