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A terrific but uncompromising film that's definitely not for everyone.
Director Kim Jee-woon's astonishing story of a serial killer who picks the wrong man's fiancée to murder, is so extreme and intense that it had to be trimmed down in its native country before it was released to theaters. We lucky westerners get to see it in all its hair-raising, stomach-churning glory, and that's a wonderful thing.
Plenty of people die in I Saw the Devil, but it is that first attack on Ju-yeon in the movie's opening minutes that reverberates through the epic 141-minute running time.
Somewhere in all the blood (sickening realism is a selling point), a question is posed: When does the one fighting a monster become a monster himself?
You won't soon forget it -- if you have the guts to see it.
A typical mixture of the artful and the repellent.
A thriller that makes you wish you knew how to scream "O.M.G." in Korean.
Ultimately, the returns of the film's premise can't justify a nearly two-and-a-half-hour squirm. The savagery is honest, raw and hardly entertainment.
An artfully depraved piece of South Korean torture porn directed by Kim Ji-woon, is a skillful serial-killer thriller in keeping with the likes of "Saw."
But that ending is a whopper all the same: a heartless blast of tragedy, exploitation, amusement, and general flagrance.
The Hollywood Reporter
On any number of levels, "Devil" is troublesome at best, offensive at worst.

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