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Lois Lane: [sees Oliver and Chloe] Hey guys! Come here. Sit with us.

Clark Kent: [speaking to Chloe] Quiet weekend at home, huh?

Chloe Sullivan: Trust me, we had no idea the two of you would be here.

Lois Lane: And we had no idea there was even a "you two," which I think is perfect. I think fate has brought us together.

Oliver Queen: Well it's ah...

[everyone exchanges awkward looks]

Oliver Queen: It's a little less fate, actually.

Chloe Sullivan: More fame.

Oliver Queen: [agreeing with Chloe] Fame.

Chloe Sullivan: This is so far off the beaten path that even the society pages couldn't find Star City's most eligible bachelor here.

Lois Lane: You mean *ex-bachelor*.

Chloe Sullivan: Okay, enough about that. How did you guys manage to find the road less traveled?

Clark Kent: Well, I found their brochure at the apartment. I figured Lois wanted to come here.

Lois Lane: What brochure?

Chloe Sullivan: That wasn't Lois' brochure, Clark. That was mine.

[awkward looks are again exchanged]

Clark Kent: How was I supposed to know that Oliver...?

Chloe Sullivan: You weren't. That's the point.

Oliver Queen: [Clark looks over at Oliver for help] Oh, don't look at me. I learned long ago not to assume what belongs to who in that apartment. You gotta use context clues.

Lois Lane: Yeah, speaking of clues let's talk about Mr. Green, in the bedroom, with my cousin.

Oliver Queen: There it is.

Clark Kent: Lois, I think they came here for brunch.

Lois Lane: Good point.

[smiles some what threateningly at Chloe]

Lois Lane: Look Chloe, there's food.

Chloe Sullivan: [Lois grabs Chloe by the arm and drags her outside] Woah!

Oliver Queen: [Clark and Oliver are at a loss for words] There's little jellies.

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Clark Kent: [singing in the shower] I can't tell you, Lois.

[Chloe, possessed by the Silver Banshee enters, wearing only a towel. Clark throws back the shower curtain]

Clark Kent: Chloe?

[quickly wraps himself up in the shower curtain]

Clark Kent: What are you doing in here?

Chloe Sullivan: Well, I thought I would join you.

[drops her towel]

Clark Kent: [instantly averts his eyes] Yeah, I can see that.

[grabs a towel]

Clark Kent: At least, I'm trying not to see that. Um... you know, I'm done here, so the shower is yours.

[grabs another towel and tries to cover Chloe up with out actually looking at her]

Clark Kent: Chloe, how much wine did you have to drink at dinner?

Chloe Sullivan: Why? You wanna share another bottle?

[moves in very close to Clark forcing him to drop his towel]

Chloe Sullivan: Or we could just go for a moonlit walk in the woods.

Clark Kent: I don't think that Oliver would appreciate it.

Lois Lane: [Lois enters the bathroom dressed up like a scottish lass complete with kilt and is holding a bottle of bubble bath] Okay I just...

Clark Kent: [shocked at Lois' attire yet completely entagled with a naked Chloe] Lois?

Lois Lane: Oh, my God.

Clark Kent: I can explain this, sort of.

[tries to get free from Chloe but she won't let him go]

Clark Kent: Chloe?

Lois Lane: Shh. You do that. Try to explain it over breakfast maybe next century.

[looks her bubble bath]

Lois Lane: This, I won't be needing.

[hands it to Chloe and as their hands touch the Silver Banshee transfers to Lois and leaves the room]

Clark Kent: Lois?

Clark Kent: [Chloe faints and Clark catches her] Chloe. Chloe? Chloe?

Chloe Sullivan: [Chloe wakes up and realizes they are both naked] Clark? What are you doing?

Clark Kent: What are *you* doing?

Chloe Sullivan: Where are my clothes?

Clark Kent: I don't know.

Chloe Sullivan: What's going on?

[shoves the bubble bath into Clark's hands and runs out of the room]

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Clark Kent: Chloe, what possessed you to come into the bathroom like that?

Chloe Sullivan: I don't remember. I just completely blanked out.

Clark Kent: You don't remember seeing?

[gestures towards his body]

Chloe Sullivan: No, God, I definitely don't remember seeing that. Wait a minute. Was I? Did you see?

[realizes Clark saw her naked]

Chloe Sullivan: Oh, God. This is our last couples vacation together.

Clark Kent: If I don't find Lois, this will be the last vacation I take with anyone.

Chloe Sullivan: Okay, so not that I haven't seen enough of Clark Kent's private life tonight...

Clark Kent: I don't like where this is going.

Chloe Sullivan: You took Lois on a romantic getaway to some sort of bed and breakfast. And while I doubt the breakfest part poses problems, correct me if I am wrong. I seem to recall you having some kind of concern about the beds, and non-powered people, and what would happen in the beds with the non-powered people if...

Clark Kent: Okay, stop.

Chloe Sullivan: Thank you.

Clark Kent: My training with Jor-El has helped me to manage my powers better.

[Chloe looks confused]

Clark Kent: Let's just say that I'm in control. Of everything.

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Tess Mercer: In every relationship, one person stands while the other one kneels. I will not be forced down again.

Zod: I wouldn't want you to be.

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Silver Banshee: I was denied vengeance, just as I was denied power. But now I shall have both.

Oliver Queen: I'm all about the girl power really, but, I got to be honest with you, I don't see you breaking through any glass ceilings with that hair.

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Silver Banshee: You know who I am.

Clark Kent: And I know your story. But killing men won't make up for what was done to you.

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Zod: How did you weaken me in the barn?

Tess Mercer: You have your secrets and I have mine. Now we're even.

Zod: I've waited a long time to savor the power of my Kryptonian birthright, and I will do anything what it takes to protect it. You must know that.

Tess Mercer: In case if you hadn't noticed, Zod, there a few that can stop you.

Zod: Which is why the information you have is so valuable.

Tess Mercer: You talk like we're on different sides.

Zod: You tell me. We are partners, after all.

Tess Mercer: I doubt that you've only used yours powers for seduction.

Zod: They certainly come in useful, especially when it comes to keeping an ear and an eye out for my competition.

Tess Mercer: If you're referring to Clark, you may have met your match, but he's not your competition. *He's* one of *you*.

Zod: But he stands apart. Read your own newspaper, Tess. With the help of a certain lovely reporter, The Blur has becomes humanity's new Messiah. Now, I may be able to fly, but the world would willingly follow him on foot.

Tess Mercer: You're jealous.

Zod: I want to know what gives him that power. And I want to know what will take it away. But you'll never tell me.

Tess Mercer: Information is also power. But you understand that better than anyone.

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