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Beauty returns to French industrial town to turn heads again
Jan Monster5 December 2010
Sophie (Maruschka Detmers) returns in her late 40's to the town of her youth to investigate the violent death of a former lover. She rediscovers her old friends, but time has gone by, along with plenty of disappointments and disillusionment. And all the male friends still look at her as if she was 20-ish. Quickly, she realizes that her search is making more than one of them uncomfortable.

In Holland you have a series called: The most beautiful girl in our class. In this all class mates dig up memories of this one girl and you then see the real life story of this person.

This movie is a lengthy version of that premise. The search for the killer is supposed to be the story line, but that does not work. What does work is seeing how we all look at reality differently and therefore have different memories.

I thought it was nice to see the wonderful Maruschka Detmers again. Also a lot older than her first movies. She looks stunning for her age, but nonetheless she had aged. This made it real and give a nice "drama" for all of us.
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