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Off the map is worth watching!!
Sara Jane Photogaphy14 January 2011
This was excellent. It kept me intrigued and interested through he whole pilot episode and left me with questions to be pondered at throughout the season as answers are given. It is unique, fun and the actors are amazing! I can't wait to watch more of this great show and begin to learn more about the characters. I am not sure why it's getting such lacking reviews. It had beautiful scenery, interesting story lines for a pilot episode and gave us some details about each new doctor as well as the older doctors. Hopefully people will respond better with the next few episodes. I see this being a very popular and well loved show in the future!
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Asproiu Liviu29 January 2011
I just finished watching the 3rd episode before writing this review. I think the show is displaying great potential. It's the story of 3 young doctors who, after finishing their residence, get to South America and start of new. Of course there are some bumps, but it's just at the beginning, actors still have to know each other in order to put better performances, not that the ones that are on display now are bad. The story is good, the plot is developing really nice and I am really intrigued on how the characters will evolve given their stories so far. There is a little bit of resemblance to House M.D. and a McGyver, but at this moment what shows can you actually say are 100% original.

I really don't get the people that are giving bad reviews to this show, especially after seeing the reasons. For the people that want to see the show for its entertainment and story i fully recommend it, for the people that want 100% real cases with no fiction to them: go watch doctors in an hospital.
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A truly enjoyable show
mel8217824 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Off the Map has turned out to be an excellent show so far. Many people have complained that it is a rehashing of Grey's Anatomy and House, but I find it stands on its own quite well. I have never watched Grey's so I can't compare them, but I don't find it anything like House (other than the fact that they both feature medical staff).

OTM centers around a trio of young doctors that have left their residencies in the US for one reason or another and decide to start over in South America. The reason behind their leaving have provided great story lines and the weekly medical cases are interesting. This is prime-time, network television, so I'm not expecting earth-shattering cases, but each episode deals with some of the problems that could be expected in the middle of the jungle. A couple of the cases have actually sparked my interest enough to look into them (ex. Chaga's Disease).

This is the only show that I watch within 24 hours of the original airing and I try to watch it "live" as I like it so much. The cast is great (I have loved Martin Henderson since Bride & Prejudice) and the scenery is gorgeous. If you are looking for an entertaining hour that draws you into the characters lives, I highly recommend OTM.

One warning though, this is extremely graphic when it comes to blood and medical procedures. I'm a little squeamish and have had to look away more than once during a procedure.
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Watch it for the Entertainment, not the reality factor.
nflores3421 February 2011
The reason anyone should watch TV is to leave the world of their hectic and stressful life. Its to enjoy an hour or so of entertainment, love, action, and even some horror. Most of the reviews are for the lack of reality and writing in the show; and to an extent I understand, but the average person doesn't have knowledge of what "real" doctors do, and unless the writing is like "how are people getting paid for this crap?" then I'll agree. But as a lover of fun TV I have to say I enjoyed this show, it was funny, sad, suspenseful, and very romantic. Yeah sure its a bit predictable, but if its played out well then I don't mind. I see no problems with the acting. Its not Oscar worthy but it gets the job done. The setting of the show is breathtaking. Yeah its faked to be made out in South America, but I think its well done. So with that I gave the show an 8 because While I scrammed around the day stressed out of my mind, I watched "off the map" for an hour and felt happy and stress free when it was over, which is the point of the show. All I know is i'll watch the show until the end, and my only hope is that it gets steamier,sexier, and doesn't get canceled.
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Off the map is worth watching!!
havenandlace16 March 2011
This is a great show that has wonderful character interaction and breath taking scenes. The new medical drama that comes with each new week is amazing and very unique! This is a show to watch from the beginning. I think it's beginning to catch it's groove. Everyone keeps complaining about this show being shot in the same location as where lost was shot at. Who cares? The shows have nothing to do with the other. Give this show a chance. I promise you'll slowly fall in love. Each new episode adds more drama and interweaves the story line even more. The actor/actresses that star in this show make it shine as well. They are very likable characters that make you care.
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Off the Map gets on air with a rough start.
TombRaider0916 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
**this review is written based on the pilot episode**

There is nothing better than a fresh start, which drives a bunch of doctors into South America to provide health care in a free clinic. And the word fresh indeed conjures images of oranges bathing in the sun in somewhere tropical, and into the tropics we go in a new Shonda Rhimes executive produced medical drama, Off the Map.

Actually, the show is very much off the map since it is filmed in Hawaii, but takes place "somewhere in South America", which made me curious if the writers of the show didn't have access to maps. Regardless, the show's setting is quite stunning and the ocean has never looked better.

But that is what strikes me as odd. Considering the show's premise, you would expect to see an overcrowded, run-down medical clinic with desperate patients and even more stressed out doctors in continuous crisis over shortage of medical supplies. Instead, everyone seems to be pretty well off, the clinic runs smoothly and nothing is broken down. It's all actually quite pretty.

But I am getting off-track here. The story introduces us to three new doctors whom have just arrived from the States. They are welcomed less than warmly by the another trio of doctors (do you see the match-making formula here?), whom have little faith in the newcomers, pointing out that in the tropics, they won't last a day. Perhaps the writers forgot to write in the hardships the new docs are supposed to encounter, since none are present in the pilot.

Emerging romances, conflicting personalities and painful past stories are laid down in the pilot of Off the Map. It's a Shonda Rhimes show. Even if she didn't actually create it. But as Shonda did with Private Practice, the rough start will eventually find its own footing, or at least we can hope.
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Love it!!!
racersis24 March 2011
I love this series and it's no different than Greys or ER was. I love the intertwined lives of the doctors and the jungle. The actors are decent and seem to play off of each other well. The location is believable enough, as I think they are supposedly in Peru somewhere. I've seen every episode and hope it continues on!!! It's one of those weekly shows that is totally a mix of McGyver and ER at times, in the way they save people, and their struggles in losing lives too. This week, the episode about a doctor who was doing surgery on black market for a man who needed kidney transplant (man was paying a lady for her kidney and the doctor to do the procedure) brought out the one aspect of this week's episode, which was "take a chance" on things - whether it be life, love, or otherwise. There is always an underlying message with this show.
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off the list of shows I consider good.
Andreas Zeller14 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Well. I don't really see how anybody can watch this, consider it 'good', even for dull entertainment only. Without wanting to sound sexist and without being a sexist at all, you can still tell that this has been written by a woman. Entirely.

Moreover, this is the most unnecessarily violent piece of *beep* I have ever seen. I watched the entire first season, because I was curious if it was actually going to surprise me at all or if the plot is as predictable as I thought it would be. And IF I give it a bad review, I want it to be justified.

I think, the shows 'problem' is that it doesn't seem to be intentionally set as a soap, but it turns out to be one. It's cheesy, it's predictable, everybody hooks up and every bad-ass guy in the show is actually a nice guy hiding under a shell of tough dude behavior. Every 14-year-olds dream. But for 14-year-old girls, the show is way too violent and for every mature woman it's way too cheesy and exhausting to watch. But judging by the reviews, it apparently is not. Some grown women are still blinded by this dull type of entertainment.

Every single situation, every conflict, every plot detail is over-complicated. Here goes spoiler #1: One of the main characters wife is in a coma. His daughter died in an accident. And the girl who he is in love with, he kept pushing away in the past, because he's 'not ready', because of his wife of course. And when he finally decides to move on, the plot reveals that she has a heart condition and is probably going to die soon, too. Oh my f. god, I can't do that to him again... wtf?! Who writes that?!

Anyways, moving on.

In the first two episodes, the 'new' characters have problems adjusting to the new environment, because they don't know any Spanish. Stupid to go to 'South America' in the first place (I don't think they ever mentioned where exactly this is supposed to be, I'm guessing for legal reasons :) ), but never mind. Everything is going to be fine, because after the first two episodes, all the natives speak English just fine, all of a sudden.

Well, let's see about some cliff-notes. Is it worth watching for the following reasons?

Educational: not at all. No lessons learned. Role Models: None whatsoever. There's a bitch, a tough guy, a black guy, a Spanish gigolo, the typical nice and educated girl from the city, a man-whore, but (!) all of them turn out to be nice people under their tough shell of course. Realism: Don't bother. Crashing helicopters, crazy currents, anaconda-bites, ... Don't even know where to start.

I'm not getting into that any more, it's just overly complicated for no apparent reason, it's bloody and violent, just to be sensational. That's pretty much it.

I am not giving it one single star, because the actors do a very good job, even considering the script. All of them are very likable and believable. Especially Jonathan Castellanos does an amazing job, even though his English is a little bit too good for a native 'south-american'. Cinematography is also not bad either, even the special effects are well done. It's just that the plot is so incredibly bad that I can't even put it into words.

It's like watching a Katherine Heigl movie, combined with Stephenie Meyers writing skills, just that you find yourself wondering how the hell they good get the actors to ruin their careers with that.

Seriously, I could imagine myself in a lot of guest roles in the most crappy shows and movies, just for the fun of it. But I would pass on playing a dead guy in that show, because I don't think anybody would like to have that show in their resumee anywhere.
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veeto722 July 2011
First, i must say there is something likable about this show, it kept me watching for all 13 episodes and i don't regret it. Maybe it was nature which is beautiful, i don't know. But on the other hand i found it kind of boring, not just because of the stories, true some of the episodes were interesting but there was quite a few boring ones in sense of predictability. After 10 minutes into the episode you knew exactly what is going to happen in the next 30 minutes and not just with medical part of the show, but with personal life of characters which are also very predictable. There is of course their love life and we all know that in this kind of TV series they usually pair up among group and that is also the case here, just enough that it becomes annoying and their life before they came to the clinic to make a fresh start is cliché if i summarize, i kind of liked it but if it were less predictable it could actually be a good TV series.

p.s. sorry for my poor English and also this is my first review so bare with me :)
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I can't believe I made it through 3 episodes
lombardo_mia26 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Doctors without Borders meets Greys Anatomy. OK, so I know that these TV shows are not realistic at all to real life. I am sure when doctors watch Greys Anatomy they can't stand how fake and dramatic they make the show, and that is the same for me when I watch this show. I am a returned Peace Corps volunteer and I worked with many Doctors working overseas as volunteers. This show made me realize why so many Peace Corps and volunteer workers drop like flies within the first couple of months, because shows like this romanticize working overseas. It is a shame I really thought I would like this show, but I guess I wasn't expecting so much fiction. I wish there was more about all the HIV, or the specific culture in the area. All they did was make fun of a medicine man, and say locals die of TB because they are too stubborn to take western drugs. They also need to do some more research on little details. Such as the couple in the most recent episode saying they were in Peace Corps, but the woman was pregnant. Pregnant woman are not allowed in Peace Corps and they are kicked out if they get pregnant while there. Maybe I am being too hard on a type of show like this, I just really hope that the people watching this show don't believe this is the reality of foreign aid.
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Shonda Rhimes' Grey's Anatomy in the jungle
SnoopyStyle8 September 2013
Various doctors work in a clinic in a non-specific South American country. Mamie Gummer, Caroline Dhavernas, and Jason George portray some of the doctors.

Shonda Rhimes was attempting another doctors show. It's an easy sell to the TV exec suits. Imagine Grey's Anatomy in the jungle. Non-specific is in fact the mantra for the whole show. The jungle in Hawaii just looks too pretty. The tiki bar is pulled out of numerous other shows. The whole show just feels fake. Add on Rachelle Lefevre, and it seem like some kind of Models for Doctors program. Shonda should have spend more time trying to give more realism to the show.
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Wicked show, give it a chance people !
constantino_30525 March 2011
AMAZING it grows on you. Some of the stuff that happens in the show maybe a bit eccentric and over the top but the message the show gives it more than what meets the eye. The is often watched by people who don't have open minds and care tooo much about the little details and are overwhelmed at small irreverent things. I'm a med student and understand that some stuff is a bit odd but overall its a great show! All I can say is watch it understand it don't judge it and over look the small stuff because in the end it is a drama after all and so does not have to be incredibility realistic sometimes its better to get away from the reality of it all!
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As a doctor show, I would rather watch something else
supermills0320 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I watched the second episode last night, and found myself really disliking this show. As a doctor show I found it completely unbelievable. The idea that this clinic in the jungle/beach of "South America" is filled with villagers and tourists with chronic and terrible health problems seems silly, and fill that with "20 something" doctors that seem straight out of med school, who are also geniuses, just sucked the credibility out of the show.

The characters really aren't very likable, the actors seem to be doing a good job with what they have, but the writing of the show is paltry. I'm not trying to bag on the show but i feel i have to compensate for those that will watch whatever is well promoted on ABC. I really hope it gets cancelled so my wife and her friends stop watching it. :)
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This show is execrable.
byamada-174-66469330 September 2011
...Think sorority girls and stud muffins play at being doctors in the jungle complete with simpleton "locals" and formulaic drama and that is all you need to know.

...Because this show is shot in Hawai'i, the scenery is spectacular. It will make you all the angrier that not more was done with the writing, casting, and scripts.

...I made it through 1 and 1/3 episodes, but no more. The acting is passable, but the music is sappy, the stories are predictable, and the casting is well, to be kind, extremely uninspired. This could easily have been the Disney Channel does jungle medicine with high schoolers.

...I can guarantee you that it is only a matter of time before one of the "doctors" has to land an airplane due to an accident with the pilot.

...yes it is that bad.

... The networks wonder why the cable channels have all the hits now-a-days. Well I give you "Off the Map" as exhibit Number 1.
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Love it!
lknight612-18 April 2011
I absolutely love this show. I started watching it because of Meryl Streep's daughter, whom I had seen in another show, but have continued watching every show. If I miss it during its regular broadcast, then I make sure I watch it On Demand. The acting is wonderful, the scenery is great and I love the story lines. I heard that it might not be renewed. If it's not renewed, I will be very disappointed. There are so few shows that I really like so I hope they give this one a chance. The only thing is that I could do without the close ups of the body parts and gross stuff during surgery. Don't really need to see that. Except for that, the show is wonderful!
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Same Ol' Prime Time Garbage... Embarrassingly Vapid
Mister Markster27 January 2011
Television has become a wasteland of uninspired, bland and repetitive shows. Why is it that practically every TV drama centers around a team of doctors & nurses, cops or lawyers? One would think these are the only professions that exist.

Off the Map is an incredibly cheesy, poorly written and acted version of Gray's Anatomy set in a third world jungle where "hunky" doctors walk around sweaty and shirtless and give blood transfusions with coconut juice (No kidding- watch episode 2)! The show follows the same cookie-cutter pattern as Gray's, House, Private Practice, etc: every week brings a new set of patients with mysterious ailments that get resolves in the final two minutes... yawn.

In a few more episodes they will all be sleeping together and saving the third world populace with coconuts and banana peels while their washboard abs glisten in the sunlight... yes, the show is that vapid.

It's absolutely amazing to see the vast difference between all the unoriginal trash airing on ABC, CBS and NBC compared with superior, original gems airing on FX, AMC and HBO (such as Boardwalk Empire, Lights Out, Mad Man, Walking Dead, and older shows like Rescue Me and the Shield, etc).
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Great Show!
alib112131 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I don't care how "realistic" this show is. The truth is, I know nothing of working in foreign countries and even less about being a doctor. I think most viewers are in this boat with me. We wouldn't know what's real and what's off-base anyway, and that's not really why we watch it (if I wanted a true to life documentary, I'd watch one). What makes this show great is that it has a compelling story line, true heart, great-looking actors (which never hurts) and plenty of drama. It is not meant to be a documentary of practicing medicine in a is a medical drama! The only reason I gave it a nine out of ten is that I do not love the story line with Brenner falling in love with Mateo and helping him harvest the Coca plant, despite her principles against the growing of cocaine. Otherwise, it's a very fun and compelling show to watch. Enjoyable and entirely engaging! Another hit for Shonda Rimes!
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Too Painful to Watch
giapetto226 January 2011
I've watched at least 3 episodes now and although I found the premise of the show interesting, it has been a real disappointment. The writing is amateurish and uses every old plot and story line in the book "Writing a TV Series for Dummies". Soooo predictable, and not believable. The acting is sad, - sad that the actors have to actually try to make it work. Like I said, it was PAINFUL to watch. Too bad. I expected it to be about something like Doctors Without Borders - real people who volunteer to go into poor countries and bring needed medical care - not phony medical emergencies and MacGyver- like medical students saving people in the jungle with coconut milk. Duh. Time for Netflix.
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Merideth of the Jungle
Dan27 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Well, it's Shonda Rimes, so what's new?? Lily=Merideth of the Jungle. Ben=Derek of the Jungle. Otis=Burke of the Jungle. Tommy=Sloan (sometimes O'Malley) of the Jungle, Mina=Yang/Izzie of the Jungle, and on and on and on. There's even a hint of Addy of the Jungle with one character who suggests she had a relationship with Ben. Thankfully,there are no idiotic pseudo-deep monologues at the beginning or end,and the tropical setting is interesting. Please, Shonda, avoid the cross-overs. No need for Yang or Addy or whoever to show up.

It's probably not as bad as I make it, it's just NOT original, and VERY predictable.
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HAD potential- Why was it cancelled!?
Sam Louise23 September 2015
After coming down with a pretty bad case of the flu, I logged into my Amazon Prime to find something to watch and this is what i found.

Off the Map comes from the creators of Grey's Anatomy and so from the beginning the expectations are set against the show. whilst it does have an air of cheapness to it (not so great SFX although could be because its a few years old) the acting is pretty good on the whole.

I particularly liked that they deal with "field" treatment in tropical climates. How to save lives without modern technology, using native medicines in conjunction with modern medicines.

i am currently on episode 11 and really disappointed that i won't be seeing much more. It was moving in the right direction and i was hoping to see more of the two worlds meeting each other. BAD MOVE ABC! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!
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It's All About What You Like? You decide.
willywonka7826 February 2011
First of all, let us discuss the sexual orientation, use of profane language, gore, and an overall review.

Sexual Orientation - The sexual innuendo consists of groping, kissing, closed doors, noises, etc - you name it. Anything you would expect to witness on cable TV in today's world. There isn't much sex in it compared to shows which need sexuality to get ratings, period. Sex seems to be on the down-low at the moment, but I have come to find that as a show progresses into one season after another it tends to get worse, as time has proved to provide as well. There are many sexual references though. That, you can count on.

Use of Profane Language - There is a typical amount of cursing in this show. Of course, saying the F word isn't allowed on today's networks, but normal curse words are used in typical communication. I think I'm so used to what I would call, "the norm" that cursing seems to fly right past without notice or second glance. Sad, but true. There is cursing, and that's all one needs to know.

Gore - If you don't like seeing blood, or "prop" blood, I suggest you don't watch this show. It does get very bloody. I don't even want to explain what I saw on last weeks episode. I don't think I have seen one doctor show that is as open with injuries, etc, as "Off the Map" is and can be. Let's just say that if seeing a drop of blood makes you nauceous, you're going to be in the bathroom for a while.

My Overall Review - Okay, for starters the characters seem to be very stiff and have a rudeness about them. Could it be a disregard for others that I'm sensing? I don't know. I like this show, because it is unique. I can't recall many shows which possess the same qualities as this does. Fighting to survive and take care of yourself and others while in the jungle with no luxury? I like that. I'm a big "LOST" fan, and since that has ended I have to take what I can get and the show that seems to at least reach some height is "Off the Map" so far, although it in no way compares or reaches the "LOST" potential. Like I said, the characters are snobs and for that I might just be done with this show, but overall, I have no intentions of giving up on it just yet.

You decide.
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weak start
kmball19802 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
this show is stupid. why would you go to a Spanish speaking country to work as a doctor if you can't speak Spanish. stupid. the cute girl batting her eyes and falling for the heart throb. stupid. getting all weepy because he doesn't like you. stupid. but you know they will hook up eventually because they have the "sexual tension". weak show, weak characters. was hoping for a good medical drama, got another soap show. maybe abc needs to extend beyond the doctors and all there drama. this could have been a good show, but its not. i know they don't want to be another ER but its OK to be another Greys Anatomy? just in the "jungle". well if you like mindless unintelligent entertainment then this one is for you. enjoy.
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disappointing story turn after this weeks episode
wmcdonough4 February 2011
How disappointing was this weeks' episode? Adding the whole aging Nazi thing was not necessary. This doctor (Mina Minard )is extremely unlikable at best, tonight just convinced me of how very unlikable. Tonight's episode has made me wonder if I will watch again. This could have been a great show. With a real change of scenery and multicultural cast it was a pleasant change.I don't believe it was meant to be taken too seriously. Yes, the story line is weak, but it is a good way to escape from reality for an hour. This week the story line was just too controversial. We do not need another show with a resident bitch! Such a shame.
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Off the Map
cseguin-967-7764012 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Off the Map could be good. Good actors, good idea but the writing is terrible. Nothing to do with Grey's writing (which I really like). Off the Map is off the mark, the episode where they are trying to find a way to get the snake off the guy who is being crush to death? And all they can find is to sedate the snake? Really? What about killing it? And this last show where the doctor has to have a tooth fixed but refuses the drugs to help him feel no pain because he doesn't want to abuse narcotic again? Come on, where do they find these writers? That makes no sense at all. Too bad because I am really trying to like this show but every time, I am disappointed. Let's hope the fix their stories because if they don't, Off the Map will be Off the air soon...
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Love it
Lionsden196 April 2011
I watched the first episode and thought it was alright. I missed the next few, then I caught up on line, now I am completely addicted. Yes, it is greys anatomy meets the jungle but whatever, it is totally worth watching. The characters are fun, good looking, and it is fun and different learning the ways the jungle contributes to part of their healing solutions. I know all the medical stuff is far fetched with what-are-the-chances solutions, it is a show of entertainment. And it certainly entertains.

I looked forward to watching it every week. Now that I just watched the finale I hope there will be a season two. I miss it already.
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