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Promising show
I've watched the first two episodes of this show this afternoon.

To be honest, I gave it a try because it was Elisha Cuthbert, who I really liked since watching 'The girl next door'.

After the first couple of minutes I knew this might be a great show. The acting is great,each of the characters has something different and unique, the dialogs are funny and you get great moments of laugh. I hope this will not change later.

Overall, I highly recommend this show if you've watched 'The 70s show' or 'How I Met Your Mother'. I can hardly wait for more episodes. Hopefully this will not get canceled after a few episodes like a lot of other great shows were (like Firefly or Pushing Daisies.
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Geometrix27 April 2011
This show is simply superb. The deliverance, character development, and plots of each episode are amazing. Overall the show is hilariously quick-witted (similar to 30 Rock and Community).

The pilot doesn't really do the show justice though. All of the characters are quirky in their own way, and they all get into antic situations. I'd recommend watching at least the first two episodes to get a feel for what the show is really like. Honestly, I can't wait to see how the show evolves from here, I'm sure it will be amazing!

I recommend Happy Endings if you like shows like: Modern Family, 30 Rock, and Community. Do yourself a favour and WATCH THIS SHOW! I guarantee you wont be disappointed.
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Save this show! Watch it! JUST SAVE IT!!
I'm actually just writing this to save this show, as it might get canceled soon. I love this show, and it SO does deserve another season! As I live in Denmark I feel really powerless, because I cannot watch it and help the ratings. I love the characters and the plots of the episodes. This show and New Girl are the best new comedy shows and I really want them to continue. The cast is excellent and the writers are amazing and I simply cannot believe the ratings are that bad.

So I want to ask all that can have an influence in saving this show, to spend a little time and watch the show so it can survive. It will mean a lot to me and lots of other people.

Please just watch this show and help it survive! Please...
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Great start
robertarnts-19-64934626 April 2011
I read an earlier review comparing this show to 'Friends'. They couldn't be more wrong. Sure, its got the typical cast of 3 main female character and 3 main male characters, some who are in relationships and some who are single, but this seems to be the norm to most new sitcoms (ie. How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory etc.) This show on the other hand is quite refreshing in a way that makes it comparable to other popular past sitcoms, yet is original and different. Flashbacks during scenes remind you of Scrubs and Family Guy yet do it in a way that doesn't make it seem like they're stealing that idea. You've really got to see it to know what I mean.

So far, while writing this review only four episodes have been shown, and quite honestly, I can't wait for the next one to come out. The characters all have their own unique qualities that make them interesting and i'm sure that as the series goes on we'll get to know more about them.

In my own personal opinion I would definitely recommend Happy Ending to anyone willing to open themselves up to a new sit-com.
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Best comedy on TV
tfox45-575-289546 January 2013
This is the funniest sitcom since Arrested Development. It's witty, sharp, and twisted. It gets compared to Friends a lot but the characters are jerks to each other in a similar setup as Seinfeld or Curb your Enthusiasm.

Elisha Cuthbert who was the weakest link in season one has improved tremendously. She has great comic timing in playing the ditz Alex. Damon Wayons Jr. shines as Brad. He takes all the great comic attributes of his father and adds his own hilarious spin. I also love how Adam Pally as Max breaks the homosexual stereotype. He thinks just like a straight man and is rude, obnoxious, and hilarious.

Every member of the cast is great and the pop culture references are as Penny would say "Ahmazing" When you can have a sex dream about the mom on the 90's comedy dinosaurs you are a pretty funny show. Season one is good but season two and three are where the cast really shines. Check the show out if you love Community, Arrested Development, Peep Show and other witty comedies. I liked Friends but I prefer Happpy Enings!
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There have been a lot of Friends knockoffs over the past few years, most of them forgettable, some regrettable, but this is one funny show.

It's well written, fast paced, very funny. The characters are well defined individuals, each with their own quirks without being quirky.

The first five episodes have all been laugh out loud funny. The situations have been believable and relatable but go to very funny surreal places. It's creative but the creativity all comes organically from the characters so it never seems forced.

Also, no laugh track, no setup-punchline timing to make you feel stupid.
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Spectacular show
houseaddict23 April 2011
This show is simply spectacular. I've not had any high expectations when watching comedy pilots this TV year - especially not couples comedies.

I still thought I should give this a shot because I'm a fan of Coupe and Cuthbert. I can simply say that I loved it.

The chemistry between the actors are hard to put into words, their acting skills and the writing of the show all combined together make this into such a good show.

I'm so glad that this show has aired - and I can finally watch a new comedy that makes me really laugh hard when watching - yet enjoy the different aspects of the writing and still be humored by the quality of the episodes and their story lines.
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I Severely Miss this Show
jujii815 March 2014
This is my first review ever, so please bear with me.

Happy Endings was a terribly underrated and under-watched show that deserves very high praise. It blows both Friends and How I Met Your Mother completely out of the water (and trust me, I love both of those shows too). Each character was unique, well-developed, and hilarious! The show has a really distinct feeling to it. It was modern in the best kind of way. Penny, Max, Brad, and Jane were definitely standout characters for me. Alex and Dave were great too, but I have to admit they were not quite as interesting as the other four. Nevertheless, this show really let us get to know each character both individually and in the group setting. Plenty of memorable guest stars helped to round out the cast.

The writing is smart and funny. There are inside jokes that are recurring throughout the series. I keep finding great jokes upon multiple viewings. It's both laugh-out-loud funny and make-you-think-a- little funny.

This is the one show that I would pick if I could pick any show to come back onto the air. I would even give back season 4 of Arrested Development and the Veronica Mars movie (both of which I love) for more Happy Endings*. If you haven't seen this show, watch it right away and fall in love with this amazing group of friends like I did.

*EDIT: Okay, I may have been a bit over-dramatic with that statement...
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Surprisingly good - will even get better!
matrioshka27 April 2011
I have no faith in any new shows anymore, so I was pleasantly surprised when I watched Happy Endings. I get concerned when a new show gets slotted in between the hottest most popular shows. But I was hooked right away. There is definitely great chemistry amongst all cast members. The jokes are well written and the timing is well done. One area of concern is what's in store for the couple that fell apart at the altar - I am not sure how they will handle their relationship, but so far so good. They take risks, but they pay off. The result is sweet and funny and engaging. I think it will get even better with time. I am definitely continuing to watch it!
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Great show, do not compare it with Friends!
Annie D Laurin25 March 2012
I had my doubts about this show at the beginning. I started watching some episode because it aired right after Modern family. But after watching a couple of random episodes, I started to get interested.

The characters really grew on me, I really recognize my friends and I through them. It's funny, touching at times, well written and intelligent. They make lots of references to movies, TV shows, celebrities, so if you don't watch a lot of movies and television, you may have some trouble understanding everything.

It's refreshing to see a gay character who's not a drama queen, typical type of gay guy you see on TV. Adam Pally, who plays the gay character, is awesome and my favorite. It's also so refreshing to see an interracial couple (black and white), that openly make jokes about their differences.

The only thing I don't really like about this show, is Elisha Cuthbert. Although I like her and I think she is so pretty, I don't think she plays her character well. I feel like she can't find her place with the others and she doesn't really fit, like she's missing something. A lot of times, I just find her awkward. But that's just my opinion. I'll still watch the show. Maybe she'll get better with time.

So overall, I think it's a super cool show. And please do not compare this series with Friends, this has nothing to do with it. It's too easy to say they are friends and do stuff together, and compare characters. It's so much more than that. I never really liked Friends and I love this show. They can't re-invent the wheel. We all have friends, a lot of them resemble others, it's based on real life that's it.

I really recommend everyone to at least watch season 1 :) Then you can judge by yourself :)
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