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13 Apr. 2011
Forget who gets to keep the ring - when a couple splits, the real question is, who gets to keep the friends? Alex and Dave's wedding was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives, for them and their long-time friends... until Alex leaves groom-to-be Dave at the altar. The breakup, in the words of one pal, is a "huge game changer" that will complicate everyone's lives and make everyone question their own choices.
13 Apr. 2011
The Quicksand Girlfriend
Dave still hate deserted bride Alex but they agree to bury the hatchet for the gang's sake. Despite the implicit insult of being 'not really gay', Max arranges stereotypical queer Derrick for fickle birthday girl Paige, who thus learns steady Max is the right 'gay husband' in the long term. Despite breaking up tips from his mates, too-good polite Dave keeps getting romantically drawn ever deeper in a possessive one-night-stand 'chicksand', until the truth sets both free. Max duly warns Alex that her trophy date is a closet gay.
20 Apr. 2011
Your Couples Friends & Neighbors
Dave and Max are worried sick about mysterious thefts from their joint home. A video camera shows it's not Dave's sleepwalking, however weird, but their new upstairs neighbor sneaking in trough a ceiling panel to rob the fridge. After confronting 'thief'' Malcolm, Max is soon taken in by the adventurous and generous new friend, who also happens to be Alex's cool new date.
20 Apr. 2011
Mein Coming Out
Max panics when his parents come visit for the first time in years, as he never came out to them and blamed gay porn on Dave, who is a great sport, but the girls initially refuse to act as phony date, only to turn up competitively. Paige stands up her blind date -by remaining incognito- at first sight to hook up with stood-up hunky Doug, but starts doubting and going overboard when she sees his wallet states as actual last name Hitler.
27 Apr. 2011
Like Father, Like Gun
After a health scare, Brad's uptight dad now has a new lease on life and just wants to have fun, which Brad is having a difficult time dealing with; Penny starts to date an attractive Italian, but she can only speak his language when she's drunk; Dave and Max have fun in their apartment with dart guns.
4 May 2011
Of Mice & Jazz-Kwon-Do
Alex has a mouse in her apartment and asks Dave to come over and get rid of it humanely. While there, Dave falls in love with their old place. He lets the mouse go so he can spend more time there. Penny takes a Krav Maga class. Jane joins the class, is way too intense, and kicks the crap out of Penny. Max accuses Brad of being a "gay-cist".
4 May 2011
Dave of the Dead
A zombie movie gets the gang discussing who's most like or stand the best chance to survive a zombie attack. Being called a living zombie gives Dave the long-needed kick in the pants to resume his dream to start his own restaurant. Alas his project to offer 125 national cuisines on a 900 dishes menu earns only ridicule, no financing. Max dares Jane to tests who fights and resist zombies best, which go to each in turn. Penny meets 'cool' Toby in the launderette and waves Max's warnings he's a hipster who will drag her into his 'ironic' life of bagging on everything. ...
11 May 2011
The Girl with the David Tattoo
Alex and Dave are forced to confront memories of their relationship when they consider removing their his-and-hers tattoos. Jane pushes Max to go out with a guy who seems a perfect match but Max resists. Brad has to deal with the consequences when he gets a waiter fired.
11 May 2011
You've Got Male
Alex teams up with other small business owners to fight a chain coffee store that moves into the neighborhood, but things become complicated when Max finds out he's dating the store's owner (Max Greenfield); Dave is thrilled when his favorite high school teacher Alan (Rob Huebel) is back in town. But when Penny goes out on a date with Alan, she realizes he's not as perfect as he seems, but keeps the information a secret to avoid disappointing Dave; Brad and Jane make a bet to see who can get a job by using either their charm or being prepared.
18 May 2011
Bo Fight
As Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) and Dave (Zachary Knighton) struggle to move past their wedding day breakup with the support of their family and friends, Jane (Eliza Coupe) fears that her marriage to Brad (Damon Wayans, Jr.) is in danger of losing its spark. And as Dave reluctantly moves in with Max (Adam Pally), Penny grudgingly agrees to attend a cooking class with Alex.
18 May 2011
Barefoot Pedaler
When their favorite band is coming to Chicago, Dave (Zachary Knighton) and Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) refuse to let their recent break up stand in the way of everyone seeing them together. While Penny (Casey Wilson) is excited about reuniting with Tommy (guest star Nick Thune), a Barefoot Pedaler fiddler with whom she had a one-night stand, a YouTube video of the wedding day debacle reopens Dave's emotional wounds.
25 May 2011
The Shershow Redemption
Being invited to the wedding of old friend Shershow creates unexpected consequences and feelings among the group. Brad and Jane discover unsettling news about their marital status; Alex agrees to act as Dave's wingman at the wedding; Penny pretends to be engaged to Derrick; Shershow's fiancé thinks that Alex is a "wedding jinx".
24 Aug. 2011
Why Can't You Read Me?
Alex and Jane's sibling rivalry heats up; Dave dates an attractive woman (Bre Blair) with an unusual quirk; Penny gets an assistant.
28 Sep. 2011
Blax, Snake, Home
Penny buys her first home, an "amah-zing" condo complete with a wine fridge and Italian marble. But will the new digs really signal "the year of Penny" and turn her life around? And, on the year anniversary of their almost-marriage, Jane encourages Alex and Dave to finally be honest with each other -- not the best of ideas.
5 Oct. 2011
Baby Steps
Max can't even pay his rent after bad wagers, so after some begging, softy Dave, who was shocked to find his room rented to backpackers as shagging shack, engages Max to help out at the food truck 'Cocktail style', but isn't amused to find his customers abused and chased, the food scattered. Arrogant teen customers abuse both Alex's new baby T-shirts line and the very shop. Brad unwillingly triggers Jane's need to meet her egg 'daughter', and meddle despite a no meeting clause in her donation contract.
12 Oct. 2011
Penny's perpetually optimistic mom, Dana, is in town for a singing gig at a boat show. Her enthusiasm inspires the gang, but when Penny finds out she's hiding some less-than-happy news, she decides it's time to give mom a reality check.
19 Oct. 2011
Secrets and Limos
Dave reluctantly gives the gang a 'last chance' to meet his new girl Molly, despite telling experiences with her predecessors, whose many qualities don't avoid more blind bagging. Brad can't connect with his 'boring' new boss Forristal, but learning it's a vintage car fanatic, asks Max to chauffeur his classic limo, which is a hit, but even more Max's straightforwardness, as the man is sick of sycophants, yet Max goes to far for either's taste. Penny loses the faith it's 'her year' after handsome waiter Parker fails even to notice her, so Jane tries to boost her ...
26 Oct. 2011
Spooky Endings
*Dave's break-up allow him and Alex to try out solo dream costumes, but his Austin Powers attracts little attention, her Marilyn Monroe only a queer in search of a transvestite. Max soon regrets volunteering for a duo costume with Penny, as he's reduced to her baby, disabling either to properly seduce a potential date. Jane tricked Brad in advance into house-sitting in the suburbs, where trick or treat kids challenge her enthusiasm for the place to raise offs^ring and his reluctance for whet he believed too dull.
2 Nov. 2011
Lying Around
To counter competition from a hot dog stand with a cool TV commercial, Dave decides he must shoot his own for the steak sandwich food truck. A professional director couldn't overcome his crappy cramped-up acting, so Max takes over, but the cool new plot only attracts attention, no customers. and Dave's honesty ruins media exposure. Jane 'pases on' popular handsome colleague Liam to Alex, who finds the promising gentleman date a major disappointment. To dodge a weekend with Jane's insufferable annually visiting sorority friend, Brad pretends a work function and enjoys ...
16 Nov. 2011
The Code War
Max gets a surprise visit from his pre-gay-awareness high-school girlfriend Angie, but when Dave hits on her absurdly-jealously invokes the gays code, and when it's not observed, declares a pranking code war. Penny hides her jealousy by faking extreme fondness of Angie, while Alex simply gets a straight crush on Max. Brad's innocently flirtatious 'work wife' gets Jane jealous enough to hit on an innocent HR cutie.
23 Nov. 2011
Full Court Dress
Jane needs a dress to wear to her charity event, but she's a little leery when Alex offers to design one for her; Penny helps a panicked Max babysit his niece and nephew; and Dave and Brad's new friendship with their oddball mailman, Drew, isn't quite what they had hoped for.
7 Dec. 2011
Grinches Be Crazy
Penniless Max, who never liked children, grudgingly jumps at a chance to replace a mall Santa, but soon melts unexpectedly for infantile and knavish charms, yet erroneously thinks his Xmas-fatherly influence actually works on a juvenile purse-snatching mugger too. Brad kept the customary premium ready for star cleaner Gita, but Jane accidentally mixes it up with the fortune for their Antillian holiday trip, yet neither has the heart to tell the truth, so they try to steal the envelope back.

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