"Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town" Big City Smack Down (TV Episode 2010) Poster

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The trial of Crim for the murder of Larry Bowman will soon get underway, with the lawyers on both sides making preparations. Crim's lawyer, Sam Murray, has other more pressing issues on his mind. Orchestrated by Heather for her own professional and personal gains, news of Corrinda's pregnancy spreads throughout Shuckton. Despite not wanting a child, the one person who does not seem phased by the news is the father, Shaye. And Marilyn takes over her new duties as the Mayor of Shuckton. When Marilyn learns what the Green Committee entries in Larry's day planner are, Marilyn believes she has a new suspect for Larry's murder. But Ricky also believes he's getting closer to figuring out the murder, especially after he receives a note on his front lawn. He also makes a decision about his own life.

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