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Following Dreams....
ruwanthak-20-76760815 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Contrary to the description given to this clip, I think it's all about class power and the imposition of adult views of success and realizing dreams on the young! The star, which is pleasing to all children (and thereby gives joy to many), that the 'princess' seeks for herself seems to me quite a selfish act. This takes her on a journey that clearly sets her apart from the other children and, for reasons beyond our comprehension, she's miraculously 'ignored' by the pirates who are kidnapping all the other children who are on the same course and is whisked away into the land of the star in which she finds, quite to my dismay, an 'artificial' star which clearly symbolizes superficiality! So what's the morale of the story? –Even though some moral fiber is required by all to seek out their dreams, if you come from a privileged background then 'luck' is on your side and while those less fortunate who have to battle 'pirates' to get there are hopelessly trapped in a forlorn state, those so called privileged are whisked away to success…. And the child to whom this story is 'forcibly' read has no interest in it at the end of it, while we are made to see that this was after all a mere dream of the adult reading out the story to the child…
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