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Sex & Nudity

  • A nine-year-old (who is actually a centuries-old vampire) is almost constantly portrayed in a very sexual manner. She sometimes uses her sex appeal to make others uncomfortable. There is a scene where she is bathing and as she stands up her breasts and pubic region are briefly visible.
  • During the theme song sequence, a 9-year-old female vampire dances around with nothing but ribbons covering her nipples, and a skimpy skirt. Her buttocks are partially visible for a few seconds.
  • A man is a werewolf. In one scene he changes back into his human form, and although it is obvious he is nude, nothing except his chest and legs are seen.
  • Big-breasted women are occassionally seen with barely anything covering their chests.
  • A 9-year-old girl persuades a teenage boy to spread lotion over her. The girl is topless and only wearing a very small thong. This scene is somewhat sensual, although very brief. They are interupted, and are forced to fight enemies, which the girl does topless. However, this isn't particularly graphic because she has the appearance of a 9-year-old and is almost completely flat-chested.
  • Some sexual references and innuendo.
  • There are several scenes in which women fight completely nude.
  • There is an episode called "Interview with the Vampire", in which a scene from the movie of the same name is replicated into anime form. A vampire approaches a woman, bites her breast, and sucks blood from it. Her nipples are not visible.
  • A 9-year-old vampire transforms into a woman much older, with her buttocks, hips, and breasts increasing in size. She is seen completely nude during this scene, which lasts for about 5 minutes, maybe more. Her breasts and nipples are seen, as well as her buttocks and her vagina a few times.
  • A teenage boy and a girl crash through a ceiling. They are both completely nude. His chest, legs, and the side of his buttocks are seen. Her breasts and buttocks are seen also. They are in a sexual position for a few moments, though they were not having sex and did not intend to.
  • A female vampire uses her sex appeal to lure a boy into an alley. Her breasts are exposed and they begin making out. He makes the comment, "My, my, aren't you a dirty girl?" Soon after this, however, she bites him.
  • To test for "purity," a young female vampire is subjected to an "inquiry." It is implied that this is a very painful and degrading vaginal examination. It is not shown, although her facial reaction is, and she winces and cries.
  • A few other instances of nudity throughout the show.

Violence & Gore

  • Large amounts of violence and gore, especially towards the end of the show. Vampires get staked, stabbed, etc. A lot of dismemberment and graphic bloody violent content. Enough to get it a TV-MA rating.
  • A vampire has her internal organs removed so she can smuggle a bomb into a building in her body. Only the aftermath is seen (blood splattered around the room and internal organs on the table).
  • A girl slashes a man's face with a sword, right across his eye.
  • A girl chops off a creature's arm, and an impossibly large amount of blood begins spurting out. A man comes a little later and rips the creature's heart out, after which he disintegrates into dust.
  • A man is impaled with a large cross.
  • A vampire bites a boy and blood violently spurts out of his jugular vein.
  • A man swells and then "self-destructs."
  • A portion of a man's skull is sliced off and his brain is briefly visible.
  • A werewolf bites a girl's head off. There is an unrealistic amount of blood spurting from the wound.
  • There is a scene in which many people get slashed, decapitated, bisected, etc. Very graphic.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A girl begs a vampire to kill her because she is ashamed of her feelings for a boy much younger than herself; she wants to be killed before she "defiles" him. (Later, she and the boy both become vampires and enter into a romantic relationship.)

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