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11 Jan. 2010
No More Freebies
As the season begins, Fantasia is in the studio recording her hot new track, "Move On Me." And with six people living off her dwindling income, she needs a hit... now! Back at her sprawling North Carolina mansion is the entire Barrino clan. And when Fantasia and her manager, Brian go on the road to test her new song, Fantasia hopes that her no-nonsense Aunt Bunny will keep the homefront in order. But when her under-employed, over-confident brother, Teeny gets a brilliant idea to convert the pool house into a recording studio, all heck breaks lose.
18 Jan. 2010
Tough Love
A reluctant Fantasia gives her brother, Teeny an $8,000 budget to construct a recording studio in her backyard before jet setting to New York for a record company meeting. Later, Fantasia has a private rehearsal with her The Color Purple director. Fantasia sings her show-stopping number, "I'm Here," and for a moment, all is right in her world. But when Fantasia's accountants tell her that Teeny has spent a whopping $40,000 on the studio, she loses it! Fantasia kicks Teeny out of the house, igniting a family feud.
25 Jan. 2010
The Breakdown
After a triumphant return to The Color Purple, Fantasia finds herself back at home negotiating her family drama. And what better way to decompress than to do a little birthday shopping! Fantasia and her brother, Ricco fly off to New York to perform at the world-famous Apollo theater. The audience is filled with her idols, including Prince and Quincy Jones, and Fantasia brings down the house! Back home in Charlotte, however, Fantasia extends an olive branch to Teeny, only to be met by hysterics.
1 Feb. 2010
Come Together
Fantasia's squabble with her brother, Teeny has come to a head and her mother, Diane calls in the big gun...Grandma. But a belligerent Teeny is a no-show to Grandma's rousing, family unity sermon. Fantasia meets with a life coach for support, while Teeny sends a wayward friend to Fantasia's house to apologize for him. Fantasia's not having it! Fantasia performs The Color Purple in her hometown, and when Teeny sees her moving performance, he makes an attempt to get back into Fantasia's heart...and of course, back into her house.
15 Feb. 2010
The Barrinos Are Back... or Are They?
An impatient Fantasia returns to New York to speak with the President of J Records about her album. The meeting's a success...time to make some music! But when Fantasia learns that her daughter, Zion is struggling in school, she's motivated to break the Barrino "generational curse" of abandoning their education. Fantasia's ready to get her GED. Meanwhile, Ricco is testing his solo waters and invites Fantasia to sing on his new song. But when Fantasia insists that Teeny be included, Ricco and Teeny have a showdown in the studio. Against everyone's better judgment, ...
8 Mar. 2010
Fantasia 2.0
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