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Good doc but......
bazmitch2315 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Neveldine and Taylor's jokes are AWFUL! They tell jokey misinformation throughout the whole thing:

-"The first Crank was a hit you know."

-"Dude, Amy Smart should change her name to 'Amy Hot'. Cause she's not that smart. I'm kidding. She's like super smart."

-"Efren has a twin brother, you know. They both look like Pedro. They came from the same egg."

-"We really lit Jason on fire."

-"We shot this movie Gamer, not with Corey Haimer."

UGH! These jokes just make me wanna punch their faces! If their interview was cut out of this doc, that would've been better. However, it was interesting to know that this film was shot with HD camcorders. I did not know that until I saw this doc. Also, many tiny cameras were used in action scenes getting the angles that N/T wanted. For the bullet time shots, tiny cameras were put on a bent bar and just shot around the actors. When I tell people this they go "Are you serious?" Almost anything is possible in filmmaking.

Jason said that filming Crank 1 was the most fun he ever had. Lionsgate wanted Neveldine and Taylor to make a sequel and the boys said that they'll write it but they wouldn't direct it. It wasn't until they wrote the script that they decided they wanted to direct it.

They also talk about getting Porn actors for the Porn strike scene and how Ron Jeremy cast himself in that scene. There was also trouble with the paparazzi during the filming of the movie. They would be in the shot. We see Neveldine getting angry at people during the filming of the park scene.

The VFX supervisor talks about how the film crew were digitally removed in some shots and that the shot of Chev on fire at the end is not Jason Statham, but a full CGI model of him. Fooled me.

Overall a good doc, but Neveldine and Taylor's jokes are the worst and you will cringe when you watch their interview. Just don't watch their DVD commentary, it's even worse!
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