Catfish (2010) Poster


Plot Keywords

filmmaker love
deception photographer
michigan painting
photograph friendship
catfish facebook
beach house hoax
pseudo documentary snake
beach mail
toy car
horse farm false identity
food dupe
gullibility cellular phone
talking about sex horse riding
band reference to o henry the candy bar
feeding tube mentally challenged boy
swimming songwriter
singer husband wife relationship
sucker sadness
spit brother brother relationship
voice mail youtube
dance class phone
disappointment skateboarding
internet talking to the camera
looking at the camera singing
naivety gladstone michigan
apple computer family relationships
apology underwear
money e mail
google telephone
betrayal mysterious individual
physically challenged boy ballet class
drawing strand of hair
fake documentary hoaxer
musician faked footage
tears rocking chair
psychopath washing
sucker pitch guinea pig
knocking on a door airplane
horse chicago illinois
2000s mailbox
stepmother stepson relationship mouse
manhattan new york city restaurant
ski lift repeated scene
loneliness flattery
death of stepson eyeglasses
wheelchair cell phone
liar death
vail colorado cooking
ispheming michigan guitar
postcard safety helmet
artist split screen
subjective camera vail dance festival
eating social networking
t shirt whispering
chatting dancer
cod the fish montage
song screaming
laughing at one's self on line conversation
mental retardation painter
note digital camera
father daughter relationship new york sun the newspaper
telephone call dance
animal in title rehab
art gallery reading under the covers
doll car driving
social network actor playing himself
dna farm
reading aloud gift
birthday watercolor
underwater scene dancing
ballet uterine cancer
briefs driveway
hidden microphone mother daughter relationship
o'hare airport chicago cherry pie
map girl
video diary credulousness
subtitled scene woman with glasses
multiple personality medication
flashback toy rabbit
cyber romance talking while driving
plagiarism flirting
technology long distance relationship
package chicken
computer cancer
waitress one word title
flowers friend
text messaging man with glasses
man girl relationship hiding under the covers
filmmaking shower
texting stuffed toy rabbit
actor crying
reference to jcpenney broadway manhattan new york city
deceit handheld camera
chemotherapy looking through a window
lie new york city
skepticism inner title card
lying egg
reference to ann arbor michigan roll of paper towels
independent film surprise ending

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